Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 15: I don’t want more burdens

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 15, “Storm”, we see Arnheid, a former slave, trying to tend to her wounded husband Gardar, who is being held captive by Snake and his men. However, Snake refuses to allow Arnheid to see her husband, but his men eventually allow her to tend to Gardar’s wounds.

As the night progresses, Gardar breaks free from his restraints and kills one of Snake’s men, who had prevented Arnheid from treating Gardar’s wounds. The man bleeds out as the rest of Snake’s men arrive. Gardar yells at Arnheid to cut him loose. Snake and Fox return to carnage and Gardar missing. Snake, now pissed, takes his remaining crew to search for Gardar.

Dreams of peace

Meanwhile, Thorfinn and Einar discuss their plans to find a peaceful place where they can live without the constant threat of war and slavery. Thorfinn wants to atone for his pass crimes and wishes to “eliminate war,” from the world. Thorfinn recalls the land Leif told him about were they could be safe from violence. However, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Fox and his men, who are searching for Gardar.

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Vinland Saga continues to explore themes of war, slavery, and the search for peace. Despite Thorfinn’s dream of peace, he may need to engage in war or at least violence once more if he’s going to reach a peaceful land. The conflict between Snake and Gardar highlights the brutal nature of Viking life and the danger of being caught in the middle of it.

Arnheid is also caught in the middle of the violence of this world, her story is a powerful reminder of the horrors of slavery. Despite being a slave, she is still capable of kindness and care for her husband. Gardar on the other hand appears to have become a monster as a result of the brutality he suffered. This episode of Vinland Saga, highlights the violent nature of Viking life and the struggle for peace in a world where war and slavery are prevalent.

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