My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 25: Class 1-A reaches new heights

My Hero Academia Season 5 was a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong I still love the series, but this season was underwhelming. It’s possible being a manga reader has set my expectations too high. However, the pervious seasons were better. The final episode needs to end the season while setting up the next. My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 25, “The High, Deep Blue Sky,” wraps up the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Tomura Shigaraki is crowned the Grand Commander, while Hawks watches in the crowd. Before this moment, Dabi and Hawks meet. While Dabi is tight lipped about the events of Deika City, he unzips a duffel bag with the corpse of Best Jeanist. We are quickly assured that Hawks didn’t actually kill the number four hero, when Dabi notes that “even if (the body) isn’t Jeanist, Hawks “definitely killed someone.”

The skeptism from Dabi is obviously warranted because we know Hawks is a double agent, but this narrative is undercooked. I often forget it’s even going on. Regardless, Hawks has work to do. He needs to find out who is the “backer” of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Tomura meets with Doctor Ujiko, who discusses how Quirks have evolved and will eventually become too much for the human body. As generations go on, Quirks continue to merge, becoming more complex. He reintroduces the theory, Quirk Singularity. Dr. Garaki wasn’t taken serious by other, except All For One. He understood that controlling more Quirks is difficult on the body. The ignorance of the society is shocking considering it’s obvious that Quirks are getting stronger. I guess they’ll notice when someone pulls a meteor from the sky.

Class 1-A improves

The rest of the episode focuses on Class 1-A. All the members show of how they improved under the tutelage of Pro Heroes during their work studies. Izuku successfully uses his Blackwhip Quirk. This section of the episode let’s us know that even thought Tomura and the Paranormal Liberation War Arc have gotten stronger the heroes are improving as well. All Might meets with Izuku and Katsuki to discuss One For All. He’s done research into the past users, except he couldn’t find anything on the second and third users. The former user of the Blackwhip Quirk is Daigoro Banjo (Lariat). According to All Might the next Quirk Deku will learn is Nana Shimura: Float. Later, Class 1-A enjoy dinner, while, Eraser Head talks to All Might outside. He’s still adapting to being “powerless.” He’s decided he wants to live.


One Piece Chapter 1026: Momo bites Kaido, Luffy inspires, and Orochi lives.

As Onigashima heads toward the Flower Capital, Luffy and the newly matured Momonosuke fight Kaido. In One Piece Chapter 1026 “Tennozan: Turning Point,” Momo and Kiado cloud the skies creating thunderstorms. Kiado attacks with Blast Breath. At this point Momo is too frighten to do much but dodge. Luffy hammers Kaido with Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. Recalling his Kaido’s brutal attack on his mother, Momo bites Kaido. Luffy strikes Kaido once again.

Meanwhile, at the Treasure Repository Dome, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi revert from their Sulong forms after the clouds begin covering the moon. Perospero and Jack gloat. After biting Kaido, Luffy asks Momo if “anything in the world still feels scary?” He tells Momo to stop Onigashima. Luffy announces that he will “definitely beat Kaido.” The allied forces cheer hearing Luffy. Kaido transforms form his dragon form and he and Luffy clash with Haki. When they do they split the clouds, revealing the moon.

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are able to return to their Sulong form. They both use Oden One-Sword Style: Grinning Cat Claw and Decapitating Dog Fleche, respectively. Perospero and Jack are both defeated. Kurozumi Orochi is a witness to their defeat. I still think Orochi has multiple lives and each head (down from nine to seven) represents one life. Unfortunate for him, he also seems to be weak. His only means of survival is to scheme. With Kaido’s betrayal, he might join the alliance.


My Hero Academia: Season 5, Episode 7: Shoto stumbles, Tenya rises

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 7 begins with a break in the action. Kinoko Komori’s mushrooms take about two hours to disappear. I was instantly concern for Fumikage, with his lungs full of split gill mushrooms. For her part, Kinoko offers him a cough drop, which Fumikage refuses. He turns out to be fine, but if he didn’t have quick medical assistance I’m not sure he’d survive. The third match between Class 1-B, Pony Tsunotori, Sen Kaibara, Juzo Honenuki, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, and Class 1-A, Shoto Todoroki, Mashirao Ojiro, Tenya Ida, and Mezo Shoji begins.

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 7 plays with us a little. We assume it will be an episode focused on Shoto, but it turns out (at least in this episode) that it’s about Tenya. With such a large cast of characters, My Hero Academia often leaves many students out. It’s understandable but comes at a cost. Tenya has always been an intense character. His sense of justice is comparable to none, and he takes everything seriously. As a result, Tenya was always going to put his best foot forward in the joint training. Regardless, Tenya is in a good mood entering the training, his brother, Tensei is recovering.

Tenya rises from the mud

Class 1-B has less to prove after it’s winning the last round. However, they barely got the victory. Most viewers would assume that Shoto will dominate the fight, he doesn’t. I think My Hero Academia is deliberately trying to make the case that Class 1-B shouldn’t be overlooked. Juzo Honenuki (Mudman) turns out to have a good Quirk, and he’s brilliant. Juzo was a recommended student, meaning he has a high skill level. He’s able to quickly analyze the situation and develop a plan. He uses his Quirk to soft the ice and surrounding area. He successfully traps Tenya in the now soften ice and ground breathe.

However, Tenya activates his Recipro Turbo. In a flashback, Tenya is told that he can “tune his engine,” if he “pulls his mufflers out and train.” Watching Tenya pulls his mufflers out was uncomfortable. It’s clearly painful, and I could almost feel it. My Hero Academia has a lot of strange characters. Their race or species aren’t really explained. Tenya and his family appear mostly human, so it rarely occurs to us to think of them as not human-like stranger characters like Manga. However, Tenya and his family literally have mufflers growing out of their bodies. We’ll probably never get an answer to the species question (I don’t think there is one), but it’s clear that Tenya’s mufflers are larger. Would they get bigger if he did it again? Is there a limit? Let’s hope this is it.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 9: Recap and Review

Episode 9 – “Brave Volunteers”

Brave Volunteers is the 9th episode of Attack on Titan season 4. Armin is talking to the crystallized Annie Leonhart, he explains what happened three years prior. The Scout Regiment captures the crew of a Marleyan ship thanks to the betrayal of Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. In the last episode, they introduced us to Yelena. She’s leading the revolt. Naturally, the Scouts don’t trust her. She meets with Hange and Levi inside a tent.

While Hange marvels at the Marleyan pistol, Yelena explains the size and scope of the Marleyan military. It shocks Hange to learn that the Marleyan army has aerial capability. She asks, “why they haven’t attacked then.” Yelena tells her that “the Pure Titans that had been unleashed would have hindered a land assault and that Marley is currently already at war with multiple countries.” After the Scouts defeated and took the Colossal and Female Titan, Marley’s enemies to advantaged and declared war.

We will become devils

They forced Yelena and Onyankopon into the Marleyan military after they conquered their nations. Zeke inspired Yelena, and she shot their superiors on his orders. Their goal is to “free the Eldian people.” We cut to Hange, revealing the demands of Zeke Jaeger to Historia Reiss and the Military. Unsurprisingly, they’re resistant. After Eren reveals that a Titan of royal blood would work around the “vow renouncing war, and with that power they could wake the millions of Titans sleeping within the Walls.”

This was the secret that Eren kept from the Scouts last season. He feared it would cause problems for Historia. The military won’t use Marleyan soldiers, so Hange says they need to find volunteers. These volunteers use radios to trap Marleyan ships, allowing Armin’s Colossal Titan to destroy the ships. With Zeke’s life reaching its last years, Eren becomes concern they’re running out of time. Armin fears using the rumbling will make them into the “devils” they’re perceived as.

We have to fight

In the present, the Scouts deal with fallout from Sasha’s death. Armin doesn’t believe that he “understands” Eren anymore. At the gravesite, Conny and Jean stop a Military Police officer from beating Nicolo. The Braun family arrives to grieve. Nicolo offers a dinner invitation to Sasha’s family. Levi brings Zeke to his “hotel” which is a forest with giant trees. Yelena and the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers are being detained by Pyxis.

They don’t trust Zeke and need to keep him on “a short leash.” Yelena has given Pyxis Titan serum. It’s unclear why they want the serum, but I don’t think it’s good. Elsewhere, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren all accept that violence is necessary or they can’t win. Peace is no longer a possibility. Attack on Titan episode 9 marks the end of hope. The Marleyan military has been severely hampered, but as Yelena stated, their military might be great. The imperialism that Marley engaged in has created many enemies. If these forces join with the Scout Regiment, they could destroy Marley.

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100 Day Anime Challenge–Day 11

Favorite Mech Anime (Evangelion)

I once wrote about the “mecha” genre for the Artifice in an article called Mechas: Disassociation from Science Fiction. Mecha anime is one of the most valued subgenres. The genre is further split into three sub-categories, Super Robot, Real Robot, and Hybrid Robot. There are four “types” of mecha’s: “sentient, remote-controlled, wearable, and piloted.” Neon Genesis Evangelion is a “Hybrid Robot” series that aims to “deconstruct” the mecha genre. Gainax created Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hideaki Anno wrote and directed the series.

Evangelion is an apocalyptic anime that focuses on a teenage boy named Shinji Ikari. They give him the opportunity to save the world using a mecha called an “Eva.” He uses this giant robot to defeat enemies called Angels. It’s considered one of the most successful anime of all time, grossing over 150 Billion yen. I think Evangelion is one of the most impressive intellectual and though provoking anime ever created. Evangelion has tremendous action sequences and complicated themes based on religion and philosophy. The series can be violent, so caution should be taken if your easily offended. You can miss the underlining symbolism that Evangelion features so I would recommend watching the series several times.