Mass Effect In-depth Combat trailer

Combat in the Mass Effect series has always been secondary to the story and relationships. However, I appears that Bioware has put a great deal of focus in the combat this time around.

Combat is faster and more fluid

Movement in the ME series has always been slow, but this game features quicker movement. Players are given a jet pack for jumping, dodging and the ability to take cover anywhere. Button-prompt cover has been removed for a more automatically system.

Bigger better arsenal

Mass Effect Andromeda will feature four gun types, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. All characters will have the ability to wield any type of gun. These guns have different types of ammo like, plasma, bullets and energy weapons. Melee attacks have been enhanced, you can now use weapons such as hammers and swords.

Skills galore

Unlike the previous games in the series, Mass Effect Andromeda, no longer restricts skills to a certain class. The three main categories still remain, biotics, tech and combat. The options to choose from seem massive and varied. The skill tree’s are in-depth, allowing the player to customize characters abilities.

Source: Gamesradar

Akko meets a potential enemy

In episode 6 of Little Witch Academia, several new characters are introduced, potentially revealing a new enemy.

Akko still needs practice

We begin with the students of Luna Nova practicing a spell, Metamorphie Faciesse. Lotte goes first, changing a rat into a Beaver, Sucy changes the rat into a bat and finally Diana turn it into a horse. Professor Badcock is impressed until Akko tries and only manages to turn her own ears. Prof. Badcock is displeased with Akko’s progress and tells her that she can’t attend the upcoming welcoming party for the Earl of Hanbridge.


Instead Akko will be required to stay inside her room until she masters the Metamorphie Faciesse spell. As the festivities begin, Akko tries the spell again. However, she only manages to turn her ears into rabbit ears. Meanwhile, the Earl of Hanbridge is clearly bored and so is his son. The friend of his son, Frank, sets his sights on Diana. The Earl asks if his son could be given a tour of the Academy, Headmistress Holbrooke gives the task to Diana.


Lord Andrew hates magic

Diana and Lord Andrew appear to have a relationship from childhood. Andrew dismisses magic as being “uninteresting, and old.” Diana considers Andrew views on magic to be “futile.” Lord Andrew sees magic as being an obsolete, and isn’t surprised by Luna Nova financial troubles. However, Diana appears untroubled by his criticism.


Andrew notices Akko sneaking past into a prohibited area. She attempts to hide and Andrew pulls on her new rabbit ears. Andrew shares his anti-magic rhetoric with Akko, who responds that magic “won’t go away, is neither antiquated nor worthless.” She attempts to show him some magic and only manages to give him donkey ears and a tail. He accompanies Akko to the Fountain of Polaris, while there they run into Arcas, a polar bear like creature.

How to Draw Manga Super Deform Pose – Chibi Character ver.

Akko is not ready yet

Arcas chases them to the fountain, on the way there they fall and are saved. Akko heads towards the Big Dipper Arc, where she sees the past of Chariot. From the flashbacks it appears that Chariot wasn’t the most talented witch from the beginning, making many mistakes. However, she studies and eventually excels. She is finally given the power from the Fountain of Polaris. Akko learns that she needs to become a more powerful witch before she can gain the magic.


Lord Andrew agrees to keep the events of the night a secret. As he’s returning home with his father, Lord Earl states that he hated the evening and that it confirmed his view that witches “have no purpose in this era.” Andrew questions why his father wasted his time with the witches, he responds that “it is important to place enemies in your debt.”


Another fun episode of Little Witch Academia, we were given the usual comedy from Akko. This time we are of course introduced to potential new antagonists in the Earl and his son. I think that the new threat to Luna Nova is interesting because it might be difficult to fight against humans. I don’t think the conflict will be violent, but probably in the form of financial abuse.


Sanji and Luffy reunite

This chapter mostly centered on Sanji, finally finding Luffy. Sanji tells a emaciated Luffy that “he never told Luffy to wait there.” He gives Luffy the bento box and Luffy eats the food. He claims that the food is “delicious,” noting that Sanji put all the favorite foods of the crew in the bento box. Luffy regains his strength and Sanji tells him that he should leave.


Luffy tells Sanji that he should return with him, but Sanji says that there are three reasons he cannot return. First, “he attacked and disrespected Luffy, his captain, despite the latter coming to save him.” Second, “Zeff is still being held as a hostage,” and finally, “he still does not have the conscience to let his family be murdered tomorrow.” Luffy becomes upset and slaps Sanji into King Baum’s remains. He asks Sanji to “tell the truth,” and Sanji finally relents, stating “that he wants to return to the crew.” Luffy tells Sanji that they can work together to wreck this wedding.

Chapter notes:

  1. Pekom is still alive
  2. Bobbin is ambushed by unknown assailants
  3. Jinbei informs the Strawhat’s that the wedding will not go a planned


Akko shows us the beauty of the Pappiliodya

Akko and the Shiny Rod

The second episode of the Little Witch Academia, begins with Akko dreaming herself using the The Shiny Rod. She awakes, exited to the fact that she has the Shiny Rod and is attending the Luna Nova, witch academy. She still doesn’t have any knowledge of how to utilizes the Shiny Rod.


Akko is bored at Luna Nova

Unsurprisingly, Akko and Sucy find the lessons at Luna Nova to be boring. The first class studies the “luna alphabet,” “a traditional writing system that was used by ancient witches.” It’s considered a form of “phonemic orthography.” When the Professor if “anybody can read what’s written on the board,” Diana Cavendish raises her hand. She impresses the Professor who states that, “for as long as I have been a teacher, you are the first person able to read this.”


The next class is the potion class, which Sucy seems to enjoy. The following class explains the some have a theory that the, Pythagoras “laid the foundations of sorcery and divination.” Akko and Sucy are also bored in this class, Diana once again shows that she is smarter than everyone, when she corrects the Professor. At lunch Akko complains that school isn’t how she though it was. Diana and Akko clash over their opinions of Chariot. Of course Akko fails to make the statue move with the Shiny Rod, but Diana manages to do it herself.


The Jennifer Memorial Tree

The professors gather around the Jennifer Memorial tree, they are concerned with it’s seeming weakened state. They assume that it’s dying due to old age, Diana arrives and explains that the tree of life was left behind by the great witch Jennifer. Diana attempts to revitalize the tree with magic. She aims to provide the tree with nourishment using the spell, Louperial Ral. However, the spell causes the eggs of the Pappiliodya to begin hatching.


Diana, Akko and the others assume that they are pest and Diana begins killing them. Akko releases that they aren’t pests and step in to save them. She releases that they are “papilliodya chrysalises,” the Papilliodya “only emerge once every hundred-twenty years,” according to Akko. The Shiny Rod begins to glow and Akko uses the Papilliodya spell, Diana helps her with the pronunciation. The Papilliodya are released and they fly through the air.


This episode was interesting mostly for how the characters were presented. The typical templates were established, Diana the pretty, know it all mean girl. Lotte the good, nerdy friend, Sucy is sarcastic, talented but ultimately dismissive. Finally, there’s Akko, starry eyed and inspired, she doesn’t pay attention to anything in class but does have some magic knowledge. However, Diana was more surprising, as she wasn’t really as mean of a character. She’s not too full of her self, but is more capable than the others.



The Strawhat’s save Brooke, Sanji finds Luffy

011-10The Strawhat’s come to Brooke’s rescue

In the Mirror-world, Chopper, Nami, Carrot, Pedro, and Jinbei finally find Brooke. Big Mom, Zeus, Prometheus, Napoleon and Brooke are all asleep. The fact that Brooke is comfortable that he could sleep in the arms of Big Mom was funny. Brulee attempts and fails to get Big Mom’s attention, but Big Mom does notice a fly. She displays her massive strength when she tries to kill it. Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon wake, attacking the point they believe the danger is coming from.



Brooke get’s the Poneglyph

The Strawhat’s devise a plan to trick Big Mom, by creating a fake Brooke, with a skeleton and seaweed. Chopper attempts to save Brooke, but sneezes, causing Big Mom to attack again. Carrot tries, but also fails. Big Mom finally lets go of Brooke, and Nami tries to get him. Brooke almost get’s them caught, but Jinbei comes to their rescue. Brooke is surprised that he was saved, he does reveal that however, that he did manage to copy the Poneglyph.


The most interesting part of this chapter is the successful rescue of Brooke. It combined the best elements of the One Piece series, humor and dangerous tension. I wasn’t surprised with the outcome, but wasn’t certain that it was going to happen. Big Mom is going to be PISSED, and we’ll see how quickly she releases that Brooke is gone. Furthermore the fact that Brooke got the Poneglyph, is a great achievement. It appears that the Strawhat’s have been largely successful in this arc, but the fact that Brulee and Diesel are aware that they have the Poneglyph is going to be a long term problem.

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Samurai Jack season 5 trailer

Samurai Jack, returns March 11th, the time traveling warrior is back for a fifth season. It will premiere on Toonami’s programming block Adult Swim, the new season will be more mature and have a more cohesive story. This season follows Jack fifty years into the future, he hasn’t aged. According to wikipedia, “Every episode will have a “reveal” that further unravels the mystery of the series and takes it in a different direction.” One major change is that Jack will finally face the prospect of having to kill a human, as to killing robots.

Minecraft fans create 60 hour Pokemon game

Fans have created a 60-80 hour Pokemon game in Minecraft. The Mod is titled Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst, anyone that has Minecraft version 1.8.8 can download and play the mod. The game features little villages, a complete training and battle system, and about 136 Pokemon. The game will have an entire storyline. According to the lead producer, Phoenix SC, the game took 31 months to complete.

Sources: Kotaku, Eurogamer 

Chopper and Carrot begin to rescue the Strawhats

Chopper and Carrot to the rescue

Jinbe and Nami are surrounded by the forces of Big Mom, Nami defeats several of them with her Thundercloud Rod. However, she accidental shocks Chopper as well. Nami and Jinbe enter the mirror world, where they join Pedro, and Carrot. Brulee realizes that Jinbe has rebelled against Big Mom. Jinbe had previously backed out of the “roulette.” He confirms this, by noting that the wheel is rigged to always result in the spinners death. Brulee admits that Big Mom never lets anyone leave.


Big Mom and Brooke

Big Mom carriers Brooke around by a string. She commends Brooke on his fighting ability, managing to damage Prometheus. Pudding displays her true nature, shocking Brooke with her “bluntness.” Big Mom states that she will “will carry him around instead of putting him in the museum for the time being.” Brooke is understandably afraid of his current state. Big Mom foolishly tells her plan for the Vinsmoke Family in front of Brooke. He is obviously shocked by this reveal, and Big Mom is excited about the upcoming wedding assassination.


Big Mom’s soldiers miss count

A Chess Soldier checks on Sanji and incorrectly confirms that Sanji is asleep. Meanwhile, in a meeting room Mont-d’Or goes over the Sanji retrieval team’s statues. They begin with the knowledge that Pudding lured six people to Whole Cake Island. They know that Brooke is with Big Mom, they believe that Pedro blew himself up. They believe that the report from Brulee is current, that Carrot and Chopper. Opera lies to save himself from death, and tells everyone that he killed them both.


Sanji excepts his fate

Sanji sits on a bench, reflecting on his the meal he made for Pudding. He resigns himself to his death, he thinks that it is better for “Germa would be exterminated and Big Mom would free his crew-mates.” Bobbin then catches Sanji, remembering that Luffy won’t eat without Sanji feeding them. Sanji attacks Bobbin, knocking him to the ground and fleeing.


Chopper and Carrot are staring to slowly save the Strawhat’s. They will continue to be successful as the Big Mom pirates have assumed that they all have either been killed or captured. Saving Brooke could be a challenge, however, I would imagine that Big Mom would put him down at some point. Big Mom telling Brooke about her plans will probably backfire on her. I find the fact that the Vinsmoke family are becoming somewhat sympathetic figures to be an intriguing dynamic.




Yuri vs Yuuri, they final face-off

The Yuri’s learn the new choreography

Viktor demonstrates the choreography for the two different arrangements, Yuri quickly memorizes the routine after seeing it only once. Yuuri on the other hand is insecure about his ability to successfully perform the choreography. Viktor reassure’s Yuuri that he will put “him on the medal stand.”


The Yuri’s bond and train together

Yuri and Yuuri start to get closer during their training. Yuuri even asks Yuri to teach him some of the more complex moves, that Yuri has mastered. They both seem to have difficulty comprehending the meaning of their respective songs. Yuuri has difficulty figuring out the meaning of begin “sexy.” Yuri doesn’t get the concept of “unconditional, all-encompassing love.”


The Onsen on Ice

The contest between the Yuri’s are about to begin, with the stipulation that if Yuri wins, Viktor will return to Russia, to aid him with his Senior Debut. When Viktor asks Yuuri what he wants, he responds “ …I want you to stay, and I want us to eat katsudon together.” Yuri is first to go, he is impressive, but he releases that he has failed to grasp the concept of agape. Yuuri performs next and messes up the routine, but manages to please Viktor and the crowd. It is clear to everyone including Yuri that, Viktor has chosen Yuuri.


The outcome of the episode was rather predictable. While Yuri is clearly the better skater (for now), Yuuri has more heart. I like the fact that Yuuri and Yuri have been a little closer and hope that they become genuine competitors if not good friends. I don’t think that Yuuri will win any real tournaments if he doesn’t actually become a better skate or at least more consistent. Anyway, another great episode even if it was predictable.


Ash faces off against Kahuna Hala

Ash and Hala aim to begin their battle. First they pray that Tapu Koko blesses their battle and Professor Kukui asks Ash if he knows the Normal-Z move. Ash says that he has mastered it and is ready for the Grand Trail. The prepare to battle, as Kukui will be the ref. The battle between Ash and Hala begins. Ash sends Rowlet and Hala uses Crabrawler.


Rotom tells Ash that Rowlet has the type advantage. Crabrawler uses Bubble Beam, Rowlet quickly dodges and uses Peck. The hit lands and Ash has Rowlet use it again. However, Crabrawler catches Rowlet, then uses Brutal Swing, followed by Power-up Punch. Rowlet then uses Leafage, but its countered by Bubble Beam. Ash has Rowlet use the same attack again, but this time he tells Rowlet to “surprise” Crabrawler.


After the attacks collide, Rowlet “surprises” Crabrawler with his speed, using Peck consistently. Rowlet tries it once more, but fails to land the hit. Crabrawler uses Power-up Punch again, but Rowlet dodges successfully. Crabrawler attempts to grab Rowlet again but it dodges and uses tackle, defeating Crabrawler. Rowlet fails asleep in mid-air and Ash recalls Rowlet.


Pikachu is up next, facing off against Hariyama. Pikachu uses Iron Tail and Hariyama counters with Fake Out. It then uses Knock Off, smashing Pikachu into the ground. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, it fails and Hariyama uses Arm Thrust. Pikachu dodges the barrage, then uses Thunderbolt. No attack from Pikachu seems to work, Hariyama uses Belly Drum. Then Hala and Hariyama use their Z-Move, Ash has Pikachu use Quick Attack, he manages to dodge most of the hits, but some of them hit.


Ash decides to use quick attack, rounding circles around Hariyama then uses Iron Tail. The hit lands and Ash along with Pikachu decided to use their Z-Move. Pikachu uses Ultra Light Dash, landing a devastating blow against Hariyama. Ash wins the first Grand Trail, while Tapu Koko watches. This episode was excellent. It quickly got to the battle and the battle was epic. Ash and Pikachu using the Z-Move was really fun to watch. The battle is better when watching, the animation was great as always.