Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 007

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 007Transmission 1 ~Winter Break~,” begins a new arc, the Telepathic Mini-Arc. Tome announces that the Telepathy Club will disband after graduation. She’s disappointed that they haven’t be able to “contact aliens.” The lack of response from the other members causes Tome to dissolve the club. Mameta, Saruta, and Haruto go to Mob’s house to get him to help contact UFO’s telepathically. Unfortunately, Mob can’t use telepathy.

Ritsu mentions that a couple of siblings, Daichi and Kaito can use telepathy but only between them. They can combine their powers to “attract another telepath,” by making a signal. Mob decides to help. Mob acts as an amplifier, attracting Takenaka, a former member of the telepathy club. He downplays his powers at first but eventually admits that he’s a telepath. He exploited his powers and decided that he shouldn’t use his powers. Mob managers to convince him to help them out.

Reigen get roped into the plan. Takenaka over sleeps but makes it just in time. Tome meets up with the guys and they wait for the UFO’s at Mt. Mudboat. After the intense and heartbreaking end to the last arc, a silly one is refreshing. Including the other characters in this arc is fun, most of the secondary or tertiary haven’t been important and I hope they get more time. Tome in particular has been a constant in the series and I have found her to be hilarious. She’s a real believer in the supernatural but I doubt she’ll get to see real aliens. Ghosts are not out of the question though.


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7, “Disaster Walker,” Endeavor repeatedly strikes at Tomura, while the villain grins menacingly. Ignoring Endeavor, Tomura heads for Eraserhead. Before Tomura can reach Eraserhead, Deku intercepts him. Without Tomura’s having access to his Quirks, Deku and later Bakugo figure they can risk it. Bakugo attacks with AP Machine Gun but it has no effect. Using his Blackwhips, Deku tries and fails to restrain Tomura. However, Endeavor arrives to send the villain flying backwards.

Endeavor again fails to stop Tomura leaving Gran Torino to try to stop him. Tomura easily slips past them both and once again chases Deku. Endeavor strikes Tomura with a brutal attack called Vanishing Fist. Elsewhere, Gigantomachia finally awakes and rushes to his masters side. The remaining members of the PLF climb on his back. However, Mt. Lady desperately tries to stop him but he’s too strong and large.

After Mt. Lady is literally tosses aside by Gigantomachia, Midnight tries to put his asleep with her Somnambulist Quirk. Unfortunately, Mr. Compress hits her with debris, causing her significant damage. Humiliated and bleeding, she calls Creati. With Gigantomachia still raging and the pros occupied, it’s left up to the students to stop the giant. Can Creati lead them?


Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 6

Kobeni panics as Himeno investigate further. Himeno heads downstairs but she comes out from upstairs. Aki enters one of the rooms and discovers that the windows connect to room across the hall. They conclude that this must be the ability of the Devil they are hunting. The character of Kobeni takes precedence in this episode. She’s reveals that she never wanted to be a devil hunter but was forced into it by her own parents. Apparently, her brother is held in higher regard that she, and her parents wanted her to finance his education.

The world in Chainsaw Man isn’t we established yet, but we do know that civilians are directly effect (killed) by Devil. Obviously, the devils themselves are born out of human fears. As a result, Kobeni fear keeps feeding the devil. She also starts to lose her sense of reality blaming Power for creating this situation despite the fact that Power is the Blood Devil. Himeno noted in the last episode that Kobeni is a capable hunter but it’s difficult to imagine how that matters if she can’t get over her own fear.

The eternity devil

The eternity devil bursts into the hallway. A mass of heads, arms, legs, and flesh, the devil demands Denji, dead or alive. Kobeni hearing this slowly walks out of the room armed with a butchers knife. She demands Denji let the eternity devil eat him. Of course this isn’t going to happen but it’s interesting the reason Aki doesn’t want Denji dead. He needs Denji to kill the Gun Devil, which we learned earlier was responsible for killing his father, mother, and brother (and millions).

Another interest thing to note in this episode is Aki’s sword. I assumed that it was just a normal sword but apparently it’s so powerful that it could have ended this dire situation but at the expense of Aki’s well being. With Power’s weirdness, Kobeni and Hirokazu encouraging everyone else to kill Denji, and Himeno’s hesitation Aki get’s stabbed by Kobeni. Denji finally decides to do the “right” thing and “kill himself” by jumping into the eternity devil’s mouth. We know he’s going to survive but I wonder how he’ll kill the devil.


Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 06

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 06, The Fire, is the episode I have been dreading. I have always loved Genryusai Yamamoto, he’s stern, disciplined, powerful, and sometimes cruel head of the Gotei 13. He plays no games and doesn’t waste time with his opponents. On top of that his abilities were just cool. So when we finally got to see him fight fully and reveal his Bankai, I was excited. It was worth the wait until the end of the fight. I’ve mentioned this before and anyone that has watched anime or read manga knows that the main character must defeat the main villain. So Yamamoto could never actually kill Yhwach, in fact no one but Ichigo can. 

Knowing this can undermine one’s enjoyment of a fight. You’re anticipating the moment the villain pulls something that saves them from defeat. Furthermore, Yamamoto is too strong to be challenged by anyone but Yhwach so he must be taken off the board. This leads to the unsatisfying end of this fight. Granted Yamamoto had exhausted  most of his powers, Yhwach so effortlessly defeats him it feels almost disrespectful. This problem appears again later in this arc. I don’t have a solution to this problem by the way. If Yamamoto did defeat Yhwach would that actually be better? 

I was both dreading this episode and anticipating it. Despite the ending, the fight itself didn’t disappoint. Seeing it animated was exciting. The way the flames surrounded Yamamoto was epic and I loved the fluid movement. You could get a sense of his Bankai’s power through how its effect was represented throughout Soul Society. I’ll be rewatching this fight for years even if I hate how it ended. So how did you feel about this episode? Did you like the fight between Yhwach (fake) and Yamamoto? Is there a better way to use powerful secondary characters? 

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Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 006

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 006 opens with Mob recalling his experiences both buying and being ridiculed for his monkey shirt, Mob releases all his remaining psychic energy. Dimple is both surprised and insulted by this action. How dare Mob abandon his powers when facing him, a “tough enemy of unprecedented strength.” Suddenly, Mob starts talking. He tells Dimple that they would only be able to talk if he doesn’t have powers. Surprisingly he tells Dimple that he “knew he could trust him.” Dimple is rude but that’s because he’s so honest. He told Mob the truth of the monkey shirt or at least what Dimple thinks of the shirt.

Dimple tries to convince Mob that he’s “dangerous.” However, Mob thinks Dimple just “got carried away.” For Mob they’re similar. Mob got too conceited when he thought girls were looking at him. He apologizes for ignoring Dimple and being so rude. Mob realized that Dimple didn’t need him to take over the Divine Tree but asked him to join him anyway. He thanks Dimple for trusting him. Dimple is “creeped” out by Mob’s demeanor. Dimple notes that Mob had acknowledged him and influenced him. Mob is “selfless,” and as a result Dimple was losing his selfishness. 

That means I would lose my reason to exist

What is Dimple without his ambition? Anyway, Dimple gives up on his Godhood and followers. They bore him anyway. Mob collapses but Dimple carries him on his back. They still have a problem. What do they do with the Divine Tree? Before they can decide Mob passes out and the Divine Tree gains sentience. It takes the creepy Mob form and tries to take Mob for nourishment. The Divine Tree attacks Mob, but Dimple interferes. He tries hard but he’s being swarmed by fake Mob’s while having his energy being drained. 

This episode is a high octane affair, full of bright colors, and explosions. However, the goal of this episode is to send the message that Mob is impressive because he can control himself (mostly) despite having so much power. Dimple specifically makes this point. Dimple wakes Mob up. His Golden body was broken, missing pieces of his arm and legs. However, from Mob’s perspective Dimple looked like his normal green ghost form. It’s not too clear but the feeling I got was Dimple died. If true, it was a remarkable end for an anti-hero. Dimple was made better by his friendship with Mob. That’s Mob’s real power. 


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 6

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 6 Tomura Shigaraki goes on a tear to find One For All. He uses Ragdoll’s (Tomoko Shiretoko) stolen Quirk, Search. This Quirk allows the “user to monitor and observe up to a hundred people at a time. This includes knowing their locations and weak points”. Before he can take off he’s attacked by Endeavor. He bombards Tomura with flames but Tomura seems to have resistance to the temperature. He lunges at Endeavor, trying to use his decay on the number one hero. To make matters worse Tomura can heal quickly.

Endeavor contacts the other heroes and tells “anyone who can move without touching the ground,” should come quickly. Tomura tries to touch him again, but Endeavor stops him. He uses another Quirk that sends Endeavor flying. According to Tomura the Quirks that have been stockpiled in such a way that he knows how to use each of them. He compares it to “omnipotence.” Despite all his power Tomura isn’t satisfied. He wants One For All.

The Search for One For All

When Tomura finally gets free he seeks put Deku. Overhearing that Tomura is looking for One For All, Deku takes off to create a distance between himself and the civilians. Kacchan is one of the few people that know Deku received One For All from All Might. Endeavor seems to start to put two and two together before he rushes to help Deku. Tomura’s presence petrifies Deku and Kacchan. Before Tomura can touch them, Gran Torino grabs them.

With Eraserhead present, Shigaraki’s many Quirks are shutoff. Endeavor arrives and attacks Tomura but the villain dodges with just his strength. Endeavor compares his strength to All Might. Gran Torino drops Deku and Kacchan. He argues that if they go too far they’ll give Tomura too much “freedom.” Besides all the remaining heroes are heading to fight Tomura. However, Tomura awaken a massive number of Nomu who cut off the heroes.


Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 5

In my review of Chainsaw Man Episode 4 I wondered if we would get a Big Bad in this series and I think in this episode we got it, the Gun Devil. The last episode ended with Power offering Denji 3 feels of her breasts. After the groping Denji feels dejected. Coping a feel isn’t what he thought. He’s disappointed. I wasn’t sure when this series was going let Denji succeed in his life long mission to cop a feel, so I was surprised and relieved, that it ended this episode. However, I was surprised that Denji was so miserable afterward.

Considering the fact that most people in the series and out (like myself) thought his dream was too stupid, I thought the series would disagree. It seems that Chainsaw Man is arguing that Denji’s dream was shallow and he would need something more significant to motivate him in life. Makima takes advantage of his somber mood. She seductively takes his hand and tells him “it” would have felt better if he “knew the person better.” Denji may have been disappointed by the breast gropes but he’s still a horn dog.

The Gun Devil

The master manipulator she is Makima pivots to her desire. She asks Denji to defeat the Gun Devil. This Devil is particularly strong due to guns being used to kill devils originally. It appeared in America 13 years ago and after a terrorist attack that used guns the Gun Devil appears. During her story we see Aki’s backstory. He wants to play catch with his father but his brother Taiyo is sick and his parents tell him to “play alone.” His brother says he wants to play and goes with Aki. Outside the brothers engage in a snowball fight. Aki tells his brother to go inside since its getting cold. After he gets inside the entire house is blown away.

Makima explains that the Gun Devil killed 1.2 million people with 5 mins. Since then the Gun Devil has disappeared. With the fear of Devils increasing so has their power. To decrease the power of the Gun Devil, the government banned guns and limited news reports on gun involved crimes. But first they need to find the Gun Devil. Makima shows Denji some bullets made from the Gun Devils flesh. When a Devil eats one of the bullets they get stronger. Makima notes that the bullets stick together and when the piece gets big enough they’ll return to the Gun Devil. So the goal is set, find the Gun Devil by killing Devils that have swallowed a piece of it.

Aki, Don’t Die

The Public Safety have a new mission. A devil has taken over the Hotel Morin. Several civil devil hunters have been killed trying to stop this devil and its suspected that the devil has consumed a piece of the Gun Devil. Makima has assigned six Devil Hunters to this task, Denji, Power, Hirokazu, Aki, Himeno, and Kobeni. Hirokazu is your typical uptight, follow the rules, maintain your honor type of guy. Naturally he doesn’t trust Denji or Power. Kobeni on the other had is a bit of a coward. Himeno calms that Kobeni is strong but if she won’t use her power what good is strength.

Himeno appears to be calm and mature. I expect her to take the lead on these missions and keep everyone focuses. Like Aki, Himeno has suffered lost due to the Devils. She says that they died because “they were garbage.” That seems harsh and I think she probably hiding her pain. Regardless, the team encounter a weird devil, that’s just a head with hands. When it lunges at Kobeni, Himeno uses her Ghost Devil to kill it. By creating a contract with the Ghost Devil she sacrificed her right eye in exchange for use of it’s right had. The hand can touch others but cannot be grabbed. As the team walks through the Hotel, Hirokazu notices they’re going in circles. He heads downstairs to test his theory and is seen coming downstairs by the rest of the team.

I think the Gun Devil is clearly a commentary on Americas gun culture and the destruction it’s inflicted on American society. My theory that weapons of mass destruction being sources of powerful Devils is making more sense. There has to been a nuclear weapon devil right? I trying to figure out the power system and clearly the amount society fears something is determine the unofficial power level of the Devils. What do you think, is the Gun Devil a commentary on American gun culture? Is there a nuclear bomb Devil? Should there be?

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Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 05

A mysterious stranger arrives

Rin Tsubokura reveals that Ichigo is on his way to soul society and his Bankai cannot be solen. The Gotei 13 are either shocked or elated by this information. They assume that once Ichigo arrives the dynamic in battle will shift in their favor. However, Ichigo is trapped by Opie. Gifted with the letter “J” for The Jail, Opie can construct a Reishi cage that traps opponents. Ichigo franticly tries to break it with his Getsuga Tensho. When Opie turns his attention to Sado, Orihime, Nel, and Urahara he’s cut in half by a mysterious stranger with a Zanpakuto.

Byakuya Kuchiki vs As Nodt

After having his Bankai stolen by As Nodt, Byakuya is struggling to fight off the Quincy. As Nodt cuts Byakuya’s shoulder sending blood spraying. Byakuya is out of his element and senses something odd about fighting As Nodt. He theorizes that the Reishi Thorns are coated with poison. As Nodt corrects him, telling him that there no poison, his thorns induce fear. Byakuya resists but eventually begins hallucinating Rukia as a decaying corpse. Using the Medallion, As activates Senbonzakura Kageyoshi and brutally shreds Byakuya with his own Bankai. Byakuya collapses.

Genryusai Rages

Shuhei Hisagi faces off against Driscoll Berci “The Overkill,” and he’s not doing well. Driscoll’s ability allows him to grow stronger with each person he kills and he notes that he’s already killed over a hundred Shinigami. Driscoll is the one who murdered Chojiro Sasakibe with the javelin. Before he can do the same to Hisagi, Captain Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto deflects the Heilig Pfeil. Driscoll is excited to see Yamamoto and is eager to use Chojiro’s Bankai against his former Captain. He activates Chojiro’s Bankai, Koko Gonryo Rikyu.

We get a flashback of Chojiro and Yamamoto when they were younger. Chojiro tells him that he want to be his “right hand man,” and shows him his Bankai for the first time. He’s not strong enough to defeat Yamamoto but manages to give him a second permanent scar. In the present, Yamamoto is appalled at how “weak,” Chojiro’s Bankai is in the hands of Driscoll. He incinerates Driscoll with his Shikai, Ryujin Jakka. Yamamoto promises that all the Quincy will die by his hands and flies off like a comet. His rage encourages the remaining Shinigami, who get a second wind.


Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 005

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 005 opens with Mob confronting Dimple who continues to try to use more of his power. Obviously, Mob refuses. Dimple tells him that through their “faith in Psycho Helmet” Mob’s friends and family have found happiness. Mob is the “only” one left and Mob should just “give up.” Mob is mad. He demands that Dimple release everyone back to their senses. Dimple explains that through touching the Divine Tree, eating food from the Tree, or being overwhelmed by “the passion of the masses,” he was able to ensnare the entire town.

Dimples goal is simple, world domination. By spreading the message of the Divine Tree around the world eventually Dimple will become a God. Mob finds the plan be “pointless.” He demands Dimple undo the brainwashing. He’s outraged at Dimples behavior and compares it to “cheating.” Dimples view is that if they can’t defy laws they won’t know anything wrong. Dimple attempts to use Teruki Hanazawa to manipulate Mob. Mob’s anger reaches 70%, he begins attacking the fake Mob’s. Brainwashed, Hanazawa defends Dimple by assaulting Mob. When it seems Mob easily stopped his friend, Hanazawa attacks with power from the Divine Tree.

Hanazawa vs Mob

Using his new found power, Hanazawa pushes Mob deep through the Divine Tree. Mob counters by sending Hanazawa flying outside the Divine Tree. Dimple begins a futile fight against Mob causing his meter to pas 90%. Mob wonders if Dimple is too scared of him to attack him face to face. Suddenly, Mob begs Dimple to stop as he start crying, clutching his chest. Mob powers are being drained by the Divine Tree.

Dimple finally tries to use Tsubomi to convince Mob one more time to join the Religion. This angers Mob further and he explodes with even more power. Seeing Mob is still a threat Dimple goes through a Sailor Moon transformation and becomes God Dimple, a golden version of his origin form. He hits Mob with a series of attacks, Godly Punch, Godly Dash, and Godly Smash. Mob’s meter reaches 98%. Mob doesn’t seem to care about Dimples transformation but Dimple has calculated Mob’s limit after witnessing his fight with Claw.

He’s not invincible

Mob gets up. He asks Dimple if that his “real,” form and he refuses to accept it. Mob seems to trigger Dimple, who uses his Goldy Beam and directly hits Mob. Dimple is remorseful for using too much energy but Mob has had enough. He asks Dimple to tell him how he really feels. Dimple claims that he’s been trying to take advantage of Mob the entire time. He seems too sad while saying it so I don’t think he’s sincere. When Mob prepares to attack, Dimple bulks up and attacks. Before he strikes Mob he sees Mob’s ugly shirt, calls it lame shocking Mob who reaches 100%.

That was an interesting end to this episode. I conflicted about Dimple and I think we’re suppose to be. Dimple was always a manipulator but he has helped Mob on a number of occasions. Throughout this fight you could feel Mob’s hesitation and I don’t think it’s going to end with Dimple being destroyed. Do you think both Dimple and Mob regret this fight? Do you think Dimple will die? What do you think of Dimples golden Frieza look?

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 5

X-Less is the first casualty of the newly awakened Tomura in My Hero Academia Episode 5. Elsewhere, Crust fights the Eleph Nomu, while Eraser Head tries to focus on keeping three Nomu powers at bay with his Erasure Quirk. Endeavor is fighting Woman, while trying to defend Mirko. He uses his Ultimate Move Hell Spider, a technique that emits beams of fire that slices through a target. Woman dodges the attack without much difficulty but is hit by Gran Torino before she can reach Endeavor. 

Three minutes earlier at the Villa, Tsukuyomi spots Hawks, and rushes to help him. Just as Dabi is about to finish Hawks, Tsukuyomi knocks the villain away. Dark Shadow tells him that almost all of Hawks feathers are gone. Dabi is surprised that the Heroes use students in this war and makes a point of telling Tsukuyomi that Hawks killed Twice. Dabi’s general goal is to undermine and ultimately destroy the image of Heroes. 

Tsukuyomi escapes with Hawks

Before Tsukuyomi can contemplate what Dabi told him, Dabi attacks. Both Hawks and Tsukuyomi are weak to fire. Tsukuyomi’s Dark Shadow main weakness is light and Hawks is fire. During the fight, Hawks informs Tsukuyomi that Dabi runs his mouth to stall for time. He assumes that he does this to “charge” his fire. They manage to escape but Hawks get knocked out during it. However, Dabi is still able to locate them. Before he can finish them Geten uses his ice to create a massive pillar of ice, allowing Tsukuyomi and Hawks escape. 

The evacuation is going smoothly in Jaku City until Tomura unleashes an awakened Decay attack. Deku is contacted by the first user of One For All  who tells him that “he” has awakened. The heroes inside the lab flees. Eraser Head is grabbed by one of the High-Ends as they leave, before the Decay can reach Eraser Head, Crust interferes and gives a thumbs up as he dies. Panic spreads as fast as the decay, with heroes dying and failing to stop the spread. In the crater that was once the hospital, Tomura opens up a machine that houses the Quirk- Destroying Drug. Tomura makes a call to Gigantomachia and tells him to “destroy” exciting the beast. 

There wasn’t much to comment on in this episode. I am really excited for the next few episodes. The fight between Tomura and the heroes was intense. So far this season hasn’t disappointed me and I don’t expect it to now.