Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 8

Well that was a great episode. Prior to this episode Chainsaw Man was a amazingly animated anime, with some interesting story moments, and epic action. However, I wasn’t sure what the bigger picture was. Obviously, the Gun Devil was presented as the main villain but this episode not only confirms that he’s after Denji’s heart but introduces other hunters. The first half of Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 8 is a more subdued affair.

The first part focuses on Himeno and Denji at her apartment. Himeno is trying to seduce Denji but passes out. In the morning, she and Denji have breakfast. Himeno is self aware enough to know that having sex with a minor is at least illegal as Denji informs her of the events from the previous night. They discuss Denji’s feels for Makima and she offers an alliance: she’ll help Denji with Makima if Denji helps her with Aki. As I mentioned in my review of the previous episode most anime (especially Shonen) don’t touch the topic of sex. At least not seriously. While there’s some humorous and gross aspects to this series sexual moments I think there’s more potential here.

Division 4’s get slaughtered

Makima and her assistant heads to meet with her bosses. She finds them “scary.” Subtly the men in front and behind them on the train reach down for something. The camera focuses on the unaware Makima as she stares outside the window. Suddenly, she and her assistant are shot multiple times at point blank range. To say this was a shock would be a understatement. I don’t think Makima is dead, she feel like a devil to me (its the eyes). Still this moment is shocking and had me sitting up on my seat.

Just when I thought Makima and her assistant were the only victims, the other members of the 4th Division are shot at. I say shot at because we don’t see them actually get hit with bullet which usually means they survived but with this series I’m not sure. A man in the ramen shop, interrupts Denji, Himeno, Aki, and Powers lunch. He tells them the story of his murdering Yakuza grandfather which turns out to be the man Denji use to work for and ultimately killed (after the Zombie Devil did it).

Himeno’s sacrifice

It seems that this man is under the impression that Denji is responsible. He pulls a gun and shoots Denji in the forehead, Himeno in the chest, but Aki and Power avoid getting hit. Aki uses the Fox Devil to eat the mysterious man, only for the Fox Devil to tell Aki that whatever is in her mouth it isn’t, “human, nor a devil.” Surprisingly, the man turns into a Katana Man, a cuts his way out of the Fox Devil. Aki pulls his sword out, which is a large nail, and begins attack the Katana Man with it. Each time he pierces the Katana Man, a Curse Devil counts down from three to one.

Eventually, the Curse hits “zero” and grabs the Katana Man killing him. Or at least until a mysterious young woman appears. She resurrects the Katana Man who then attacks Aki causing a wound that gushes with blood. Before he could “finish” Aki, Himeno sacrifices herself asking the Ghost Devil to help. At first it refuses claiming that the “girl is dreadful,” but when Himeno offers herself the Ghost Devil reveals itself. It process to overwhelm the Katana Man but before it gets the kill the mysterious woman summons the Snake Devil to decapitate the Ghost Devil. With the Ghost Devil defeated Aki turns to Himeno who has completely disappear except for her clothing.

This episode really opened the Chainsaw Man universe. We don’t know who the attackers are but we know that humans are also threats towards Division 4. The presence of the Katana Man means that there are others like Denji and the mysterious woman, and Aki suggests that hunters can have a variety of powers. I’m eager to see Denji fight the Katana Man. That fight will probably be different that what happens usually. However, the Katana Man seems poorly trained. Aki bested him and so did the Ghost Devil. He seems too privileged to have the type of toughness Denji has. We’ll see. I can’t wait.


Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 08

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 08 follows the Gotei 13 and Ichigo as they deal with the aftermath of Yhwach’s invasion and Yamamoto’s death. Seireitei lies in ruin, while critical patients are being rushed to the hospital. Isane Kotetsu asks Retsu Unohana if it was “the right choice” for them to remain in the barracks. She has guilt. Feeling that she and Unohana could have saved more lives. She’s right but as Unohana notes they were ordered not to leave “no matter what.”

Ichigo and Shinji Hirako visit Renji and Rukia who have become stable after surgery. Rukia thanks him for helping, but Ichigo acknowledges that he really didn’t do much. The meeting is interrupted when Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi calls for him. Mayuri tells Ichigo that his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, “cannot be repaired.” Mayuri and Ichigo mention that Mayuri “modifies” his Zanpakuto which is different that its destruction. I would have preferred a more detailed explanation on the difference. Anyway, Mayuri gets a message the Zero Squad (Royal Guard) has arrived.

Meeting the Royal Guard

The royal guard are five former Gotei 13 Captain that protect the Soul King and his Palace. Ichibe Hyosube, Kirio Hikifune, Oetsu Nimaiya, Senjumaru Shutara, and Tenjiro Kirinji arrive in dramatic fashion and proceed to embarrass the remaining members of the Gotei 13. When Sui Fang demands they stop joking around and asks why they didn’t help, Kirinji swiftly moves behind her. Sui Fang is suppose to be one of the fastest Shinigami in all of Seireitei, but Kirinji is faster. Furthermore, he taught Unohana all her healing techniques.

Senjumaru invades Mayuri’s lab to retrieve Ichigo’s Bankai and takes Rukia, Renji, and Byakuya placing them in three weird orbs. Despite Unohana’s healing ability she’s not good enough to heal them. Senjumaru notes that “security is a lot weaker than it was when she was last here.” I think the Gotei 13 got complacent and lazy especially with Yamamoto as their leader and were caught off guard by the Quincy. The devastation to Soul Society is the result.

What do you think of the Zero Squad? Which ones your favorite? Who’s the strongest? Does Kirinji have the best anime hair? Like and Comment.


Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 008

Mob Psycho 100 Episode 008 opens with the Telepathy Club members, Mob, and Takenaka heading to Mt. Mudboat with Reigen. The car ride is miserable, Tome has a bad attitude, Mob is car sick, they miss their turn, and Reigen crashes the car into a tree. Saruta has to pee, so he a Mob (sent by Reigen) head off. After some time, Mob and Saruta don’t return. The group search for them in the forest but get they all get lost. As they head to the mountain top, Mameta forgets the spell to summon aliens and Tome has a meltdown.

At the summit, Takenaka performs the Alien Summoning ritual. Tome encourages everyone to perform the spell as well. Takenaka reveals that the author of the spell book was arrested for fraud. The spell isn’t real. When the group consider leaving Mob tells them they should summon the aliens on their own. The group joins hands and sends out a telepathic message. He summons a alien ship and three aliens beam down. The aliens beam them up to their ship. The group show the aliens games, pass times, and when it’s time to go they all give the aliens something as thanks. The aliens in turn give Tome a gem. The return to Earth leaving Mameta behind. He does return a week later though.

This episode wasn’t your typical Mob Psycho affair but I liked it. It had a lot of small comedic moments. Tome asking if Mob and Saruta were going number 2, the bickering in the car, Haruto falling during the track up the mountain, and apparently Mameta got high on something and performed naked for a stadium of aliens. Tome may have seemed ungrateful but I think she didn’t trust the guys from the Telepathy Club to care about her dreams. They never took them seriously before and she wasn’t sure they did this time.

What do you think? Did you like the little comedic moments? What about Mameta time with the aliens in the after credits? Why do you think Tome was so upset? Like and Comment.


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8 Creati encourages the other young heroes to work together to stop Gigantomachia. The plan to put him to sleep with a sedative she creates. Juzo Honenuki (Mudman) soften the land hoping to trap the giant, meanwhile, Mineta uses his sticky Pop Off’s to create a net. Suddenly, Gigantomachia comes rushing towards them with Mt. Lady holding on to dear life. Gigantomachia runs directly into the trap and falls.

Hanta Sero (Tape), Jurota Shishida (Beast), Rikido Sato (Sugar Rush), and Ibara Shiozaki (Vines) all try to pull Gigantomachia at once. It’s not enough. While the giant is distracted, Mezo Shoji (Dupli-Arms), Yuga Aoyama (Navel Laser), Reiko Yanagi (Poltergeist), Denki Kaminari (Electrification) climb on his back to attack on the villains. Denki tries to use his electricity but Mr. Compress uses the last of his debris to knock Denki out.

Gigantomachia vs the UA students

The heroes finally get Gigantomachia mouth open and they toss multiple canisters of the sedative towards his mouth. Gigantomachia blows them and the canisters away giving Dabi a opportunity to use his blue flame. The flames cover the forest, but the heroes aren’t afraid. Mt. Lady grabs Gigantomachia and forcible holds open his mouth. Pinky shielded by her acid armor, get close to Gigantomachia. The giant releases that he’s been “wasting time,” trying to bulldoze through the heroes. He needs to stop “wasting his time on insects.”

It’s not enough. While Pinky releases that Gigantomachia was the man that attacked her years ago, he tosses Mt. Lady once again. Before he can attack Pinky, Red Riot interferes saving her and grabbing her canister. He successfully climbs up the giants arm and tosses the canister into its mouth. The sedative will take time to take effect. Angry, Gigantomachia adds some armor and prepares to kill the heroes. Elsewhere, Tomura seems to be reaching his limit.

One of the things I love about Tomura is his unhinged faces. It unsettling but appealing at the same time. He withstands another Endeavor attack but before he can reach the number one hero, Gran Torino interferes. Running on fumes, Tomura’s seems to be like a wild animal. After a flashback, showing Shimura’s agony as she gives up custody of her son, Kotaro, Tomura impales Gran Torino. Deku becomes enraged and rushes to attack Tomura. The villain pushes past Deku to target Eraserhead with the Quirk-killing drug. He manages to get the shot off before the episode ends.


Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 7

The 7th episode of Chainsaw Man, The Taste of a Kiss, concludes the Eternity Devil Arc and exposes some questionable sexual behaviors of Himeno. The episode opens with Denji hacking away at viscera of the Eternity Devil. Despite this, Denji is constantly being bitten by various heads gnawing at his body. As he bleeds he loses power. When Denji’s arm Chainsaw’s retract he being to bite and drink the blood of the Eternity Devil. After each assault from Denji, the Eternity Devil feels pain, something that Denji takes joy in causing.

Denji enjoys it so much that he appears to be insane. Himeno recalls a conversation with Kishibe about the “sanity” of a devil hunter. He claims that if a devil hunter is too “sane,” they’re more likely to die. He has a point. Facing death, especially from monstrous beings like Devils wouldn’t be something that “normal” people would choose to do. Kobeni seems to be a prime example of what happens when a normal person tries this job. Although she no longer seems sane to me. Denji continues to attack the Eternity Devil and eating its blood. This goes on for three days.

Eternity Devil gives up

Eventually, the Eternity Devil gives up and begs Denji to kill it. The devil hunters leave the hotel exhausted. The episode quickly pivots to a group dinner were all of Division 4 gather. Himeno and Denji flirt throughout and it ends with a vile moment of Himeno vomiting in Denji’s mouth. Personally, I have an aversion to vomit (like most people I assume) and had to skip that part. I’m troubled by the ending. Himeno takes Denji home and he’s seem out of it and she’s still drunk. When he asks for water she gives him beer (Denji’s 16) out her mouth. She then asks him if “they should do it.”

I’m not that offended by underage drinking (some might be though) but Himeno is sexually inappropriate. I tried to find out how old she is but I’m sure she’s older. I doubt they’ll have sex, Himeno will sober up. That said I think Chainsaw Man is more concerned with sex than most anime. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. The series seems to be implying that sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, specifically with the groping (Denji was disappointed) and the kiss (well you know how that ended). I’m not sure were this series is headed but I’m mildly interested. Just no more vomit.


Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 07

Prior to Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 07 fans were treated to an image drawn by Tite Kubo of the original Gotei 13. They confronted Yhwach when he originally invaded Soul Society thousands of years ago. In the brief scene, the Gotei 13 slaughter the Quincy without mercy. It’s not made clear why Yamamoto didn’t kill Yhwach then. I would have preferred a more elaborate flashback. I can’t speak to the rest of this series or season but I find that this is a missed opportunity to show (especially manga readers) something we did have a chance to see in the previous anime.

After Yamamoto death, Yhwach chastises him for not getting Orhime to heal him. I’ve always found this criticism strange. Or to be more specific I don’t understand what the issue is. Yamamoto only needed one arm to fight and it didn’t seem that he was hindered in anyway. Yamamoto’s issue was wasting his energy on the fake Yhwach. With the destruction of Yamamoto’s remains, Yhwach orders his Soldat to slaughter the remaining Shinigami. They brutally cut, impale, shoot, and otherwise kill the unseated Shinigami. Elsewhere, Ichigo Kurosaki senses the dying Shinigami and begs them to live.

Ichigo’s mother was a Quincy

Enraged, Ichigo finally breaks the Reishi cage and arrives in Soul Society. He quickly gets the attention of Yhwach, the remaining Gotei 13, and the Wandenreich. As Haschwalth and Yhwach prepare to leave, Ichigo prevents them from doing so. He angrily challenges Yhwach, demanding to know if he’s responsible for “wrecking Soul Society.” Yhwach answers in the affirmative. What follows is a epic clash between the two. Yhwach gets the better of Ichigo of course, but Ichigo is then humiliated by Haschwalth, who easily cut his sword in half. Yhwach tells him to heal his wounds and wait.

During the conflict between Ichigo and Yhwach, we learn that Ichigo’s mother is a Quincy. I personally found the fact that Ichigo has basically all the main powers in Bleach. Main characters are often the most powerful and develop new powers later in the series to deal with the stronger enemies. That said Ichigo being in possession of the abilities, Hollowfication, Quincy, Fullbring, and Shinigami, feels lazier than normal. Obviously, the hero needs to win end the end or at least they tend to but it could be done in a subtler way.


Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 007

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 007Transmission 1 ~Winter Break~,” begins a new arc, the Telepathic Mini-Arc. Tome announces that the Telepathy Club will disband after graduation. She’s disappointed that they haven’t be able to “contact aliens.” The lack of response from the other members causes Tome to dissolve the club. Mameta, Saruta, and Haruto go to Mob’s house to get him to help contact UFO’s telepathically. Unfortunately, Mob can’t use telepathy.

Ritsu mentions that a couple of siblings, Daichi and Kaito can use telepathy but only between them. They can combine their powers to “attract another telepath,” by making a signal. Mob decides to help. Mob acts as an amplifier, attracting Takenaka, a former member of the telepathy club. He downplays his powers at first but eventually admits that he’s a telepath. He exploited his powers and decided that he shouldn’t use his powers. Mob managers to convince him to help them out.

Reigen get roped into the plan. Takenaka over sleeps but makes it just in time. Tome meets up with the guys and they wait for the UFO’s at Mt. Mudboat. After the intense and heartbreaking end to the last arc, a silly one is refreshing. Including the other characters in this arc is fun, most of the secondary or tertiary haven’t been important and I hope they get more time. Tome in particular has been a constant in the series and I have found her to be hilarious. She’s a real believer in the supernatural but I doubt she’ll get to see real aliens. Ghosts are not out of the question though.


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7, “Disaster Walker,” Endeavor repeatedly strikes at Tomura, while the villain grins menacingly. Ignoring Endeavor, Tomura heads for Eraserhead. Before Tomura can reach Eraserhead, Deku intercepts him. Without Tomura’s having access to his Quirks, Deku and later Bakugo figure they can risk it. Bakugo attacks with AP Machine Gun but it has no effect. Using his Blackwhips, Deku tries and fails to restrain Tomura. However, Endeavor arrives to send the villain flying backwards.

Endeavor again fails to stop Tomura leaving Gran Torino to try to stop him. Tomura easily slips past them both and once again chases Deku. Endeavor strikes Tomura with a brutal attack called Vanishing Fist. Elsewhere, Gigantomachia finally awakes and rushes to his masters side. The remaining members of the PLF climb on his back. However, Mt. Lady desperately tries to stop him but he’s too strong and large.

After Mt. Lady is literally tosses aside by Gigantomachia, Midnight tries to put his asleep with her Somnambulist Quirk. Unfortunately, Mr. Compress hits her with debris, causing her significant damage. Humiliated and bleeding, she calls Creati. With Gigantomachia still raging and the pros occupied, it’s left up to the students to stop the giant. Can Creati lead them?


Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 6

Kobeni panics as Himeno investigate further. Himeno heads downstairs but she comes out from upstairs. Aki enters one of the rooms and discovers that the windows connect to room across the hall. They conclude that this must be the ability of the Devil they are hunting. The character of Kobeni takes precedence in this episode. She’s reveals that she never wanted to be a devil hunter but was forced into it by her own parents. Apparently, her brother is held in higher regard that she, and her parents wanted her to finance his education.

The world in Chainsaw Man isn’t we established yet, but we do know that civilians are directly effect (killed) by Devil. Obviously, the devils themselves are born out of human fears. As a result, Kobeni fear keeps feeding the devil. She also starts to lose her sense of reality blaming Power for creating this situation despite the fact that Power is the Blood Devil. Himeno noted in the last episode that Kobeni is a capable hunter but it’s difficult to imagine how that matters if she can’t get over her own fear.

The eternity devil

The eternity devil bursts into the hallway. A mass of heads, arms, legs, and flesh, the devil demands Denji, dead or alive. Kobeni hearing this slowly walks out of the room armed with a butchers knife. She demands Denji let the eternity devil eat him. Of course this isn’t going to happen but it’s interesting the reason Aki doesn’t want Denji dead. He needs Denji to kill the Gun Devil, which we learned earlier was responsible for killing his father, mother, and brother (and millions).

Another interest thing to note in this episode is Aki’s sword. I assumed that it was just a normal sword but apparently it’s so powerful that it could have ended this dire situation but at the expense of Aki’s well being. With Power’s weirdness, Kobeni and Hirokazu encouraging everyone else to kill Denji, and Himeno’s hesitation Aki get’s stabbed by Kobeni. Denji finally decides to do the “right” thing and “kill himself” by jumping into the eternity devil’s mouth. We know he’s going to survive but I wonder how he’ll kill the devil.


Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 06

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 06, The Fire, is the episode I have been dreading. I have always loved Genryusai Yamamoto, he’s stern, disciplined, powerful, and sometimes cruel head of the Gotei 13. He plays no games and doesn’t waste time with his opponents. On top of that his abilities were just cool. So when we finally got to see him fight fully and reveal his Bankai, I was excited. It was worth the wait until the end of the fight. I’ve mentioned this before and anyone that has watched anime or read manga knows that the main character must defeat the main villain. So Yamamoto could never actually kill Yhwach, in fact no one but Ichigo can. 

Knowing this can undermine one’s enjoyment of a fight. You’re anticipating the moment the villain pulls something that saves them from defeat. Furthermore, Yamamoto is too strong to be challenged by anyone but Yhwach so he must be taken off the board. This leads to the unsatisfying end of this fight. Granted Yamamoto had exhausted  most of his powers, Yhwach so effortlessly defeats him it feels almost disrespectful. This problem appears again later in this arc. I don’t have a solution to this problem by the way. If Yamamoto did defeat Yhwach would that actually be better? 

I was both dreading this episode and anticipating it. Despite the ending, the fight itself didn’t disappoint. Seeing it animated was exciting. The way the flames surrounded Yamamoto was epic and I loved the fluid movement. You could get a sense of his Bankai’s power through how its effect was represented throughout Soul Society. I’ll be rewatching this fight for years even if I hate how it ended. So how did you feel about this episode? Did you like the fight between Yhwach (fake) and Yamamoto? Is there a better way to use powerful secondary characters? 

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