Weekly Shonen (09/30/16)


My Hero Academia

Chapter 109 – Rescue Maneuvers

The examinee will be conducting rescue missions, for the next exam. They will be graded on their ability to be effective in rescuing the civilians. The civilians are trained in rescue maneuvers, the are part of a company called HUC (Help Us Company). Mera states that the civilians are disguised as ” injured victims and are scattered throughout the disaster site.”


The examines are graded on a point system, if the students are graded above average, they will pass. Izuku and Tenya realized that this exam is modeled after the Kamino Incident. As the exam begins, they are told about the scenario for the exam, basically  a “large scale destruction of buildings have resulted in large numbers of victims. The damage to the roads are severe and the emergency unit will be considerably late. Until the emergency unit arrives, all rescue activities will be left to the Heroes and they must save every life they can.”


The doors open and the examinees begin to rescue the civilians. Izuku, Ochako, Tenya, Minoru and Mina first encounter a crying baby, “who screams that his grandpa has been crushed.” The crying baby docks points from Izuku for his response to the situation. The baby tells Izuku that, he should “check if he can walk and his breathing and notes that he is bleeding. The child tells Izuku that is he wants a Provisional Hero License then he must be able to access the condition of a victim and take instant action.”


Shouta believes that Class 1-A would fall behind in the exam. The child tells Izuku that:

“The child tells Izuku that in addition to rescuing and providing relief, all authority and responsibility is on his shoulders and must smoothly act as the intermediary in rescue operations. In order to save lives, Heroes must be good at all sorts of things. The child questions Izuku’s tolerance towards the fear, pain and anxiety of the victims since he found Izuku’s first response to be terrible. The child’s advise reminds Izuku of what All Might does; telling the victims that everything is all right since he has arrived. Izuku gets back into focus and realizes that this exam isn’t a check point; everything he is doing is a part of chasing his dream to be a Hero.”


Izuku finally springs to action and check’s the child’s vital signs. He activates One For All Full Cowl, and takes the child to the first-aid station. Ochako realizes that her feels for Izuku is a distraction, and aims to focus more on being a hero. The chapter ends with a mysterious figure stepping on the disaster site. A very interesting chapter, I found the baby to be way to intelligent, considering his age. However, his advice was spot on and I think it has aided Izuku so far. I wonder if the Class 1-A will all pass this exam as well. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.



One Piece

Chapter 841 – To the East Blue

It’s telling that I was surprised that Judge feed Sanji at all, certainly feeding him fancy food from person chef’s. Although, I would imagine that has more to due with the idea that no child of his would eat like a commoner. Sanji remembers cooking for his sick mother, he requested cooking tools and books. 



Sanji horrible siblings discover he didn’t die, and beat him up in his cell. His sister doesn’t participate and help him heal afterwards. Reiji insists that she is not on his side, but continues to help him. She claims that her brothers are rendered incapable of sympathy due to their body modification, she is difference. 



Reiji aids Sanji in his escape, while he is trying to leave his father catches him. Sanji pulls a knife out on him, and threatens to kill his father. Judge seems to like the fact that Sanji will flee and live elsewhere. Sanji escapes on a ship to the East Blue, in tears. Meanwhile, in the Seducing Woods, we find that a fat Luffy has been consuming the biscuit soldiers. 


Luffy has taken to eating his soldiers and aims to exhausts Cracker. However, Cracker believes that Luffy will eventually suffer from all the eating. Considering the depressing story of Sanji’s childhood it is a relief to see some of the comedy this series is known for. I have found that the balance between the seriousness and humor is part of what makes this series so great. I’m happy that we seem to be returning to the present and Luffy. 



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7 Things About Me

  1. I am a huge tennis fan, Rafael Nadal, Venus and Serena Williams are my favorite players.
  2. I’m incredibly excited for Final Fantasy 15 game coming in November.
  3. I hope to start drawing again, but I’m a world class procrastinator and I’m taking a long time to start.
  4. I am obsessed with the Harry Potter site, Pottermore.
  5. I love Japanese Sakuga animation.
  6. One Piece, is to me the greatest manga ever created.
  7. I am enjoying the new anime, Mob Psycho 100, the animation is unbelievable.


Mob Psycho 100

Episode 5

OCHIMUSHA – Psychic Power and Me


Mob V Teruki

Teruki Hanazawa is stunned to learn that there is another Esper. He is set on determining the “hierarchy” between them. It is clear that the philosophy regarding the use of psychic powers on humans. Mob’s stance is shaped by Reigen, whom compares psychic powers to knives. Teruki uses a telekinetic tackle, flinging Mob through the air and slamming him to the ground.


Death of Dimple

Seeing that Mob won’t fight back, Dimple stands in-between, Teruki and Mob. He transforms to his larger form. Without question, Teruki exorcises Dimple. At first, Mob seems to be upset, and his progression toward explosion increases to 50%. I’m disappointed Dimple’s “dead.” He was the comic relief i this series. He will be missed.



Teruki’s anger 

Mob’s calm personality and refusal to attack, angers Teruki. He releases his full power, however, Teruki has no intention of killing him. While fighting Mob deflects a number of knives, cutting of his hair. Teruki turns his tie into a sword, but to no avail. Mob concludes that Teruki is angry at him because his psychic powers is all he has. Mob calls him “average” and Teruki flies into a rage and begins to choke Mob. The progression towards explosion begins to increase dramatically at this point. Eventually, Mob passes out.



While in a state of unconsciousness, Mob’s power explode’s. Teruki begins to defend himself with a barrier. Mob blows right through it, along with Teruki’s clothing. Mob then begins to absorb ALL the energy in the atmosphere. Mob destroy’s the school, but regains consciousness. He begins to cry as he realizes that he failed to stay in control again. What is surprising is that Mob’s progression towards explosion continues. However, his sadness is the trigger this time. The result is Mob restores the school.

This episode through a wrench in the series. When, Mob is unconscious his power becomes terrorizing. What can be done to stop him remains to be seen, and whether he can control himself at some point. As always, the animation was amazing and the black and white contrast when Mob lost consciousness was dynamic. It think it visually captured Mob’s mental state perfectly. 


Weekly Shonen (09/24/16)


My Hero Academia

Chapter 108: Rush

You Shindou assess the damage that he caused when he used his earthquake power. He says that they have weaken U.A., by separating them into two different groups. Other schools have joined in on attacking U.A. You’s female classmate suggests that this strategy has backfired on him. You, said that they can now take advantage of the chaos.


Katsuki, Eijirou and Denki pass, bring the total number of students to 82. Denki spots Izuku and the others, and cheerfully greets them. Katsuki kinda congratulates Izuku for passing. Inside the waiting room, Shouto, tells Izuku that 11 of their classmates have pass. However, 9 are still remaining, with 18 open spots left. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Tenya and Yuuga face several enemies at once.

Tenya rescues Yuuga from a bullet. I a flashback, Yuuga recalls meeting up with Tenya, and deciding that they will team up. In the present, 8 more attendees pass, leaving only 10 places remaining. Ms. Joke is certain that her class are the ones that pass, and she is correct. Shouto is concerned that his students may not all pass. During battle Tenya decides to sacrifice himself, using his Navel Laser as a distraction.


He plans on attracting the other combatants to him, allowing Tenya to use his speed to get to their targets. Kouji uses his Quirk to call doves, to conceal the battlefield. Fumikage, Minoru, Mashirao, Tooru, and Mina all arrive and work together to take advantage of the situation. They all, including Tenya and Yuuga, manage to pass. This brings the number of students that passed to 100, ending the exam.

This exam was tied up a little too neatly. A perfect 100 students pass and all the U.A. students do as well. I guess it’s too much to ask for some of the U.A. students to fail, but we could have been given more to worry about. Regardless, I expected this to occur. What the next exam appears to be is a rescue mission. I wonder how Katsuki will handle that.



One Piece

Chapter 840 – Iron Mask

Yonji tells Sanji about the Germa 66 soldiers. They are kept in bottle shape tanks, in a cultural fluid. Yonji says that “humans can be manufactured.” He claims that Germa has been known for it’s scientific research. He reveals that their father worked directly with Vegapunk. Yonji explains that together they discovered the “lineage factor.” They basically found the “blue print for life itself.” 


These soldiers are called, clone pawns. The are obedient and considered replaceable. Sanji gets annoyed and takes a smoke break. Ichiji and Niji interrupt, quickly going into mocking Sanji. Sanji becomes enraged and kicks Niji in the face. He shocks his siblings, but Ichiji reminds him that Zell is endanger. Niji grabs Sanji from behind and uses Henry Needle, striking him in the back.


Ichiji reminds Sanji that he is a “failure.” Sanji flashes back to his childhood. We learn that Sanji’s siblings are scientifically advanced. His siblings are simply better at every measure and Sanji is considered a normal human. His father is disappointed at this news, and after consideration, decides to hold a “funeral” for Sanji. His siblings are actually happy that Sanji is “dead.” However, Sanji is actually imprisoned in the dungeon, in an iron mask. He is devastated when he is informed that his father put him there. 


At this point, it goes without saying that Sanji’s family is horrible, except his sister. His family continues to come across as being worst and worst. Their abuse and cruelty is stunning, with their disregard for the lives of others becoming clear. It’s hard to see how Sanji escapes this predicament. I will say that I think his sister will become a more active help at some point in the arc. Even though we know that Sanji escapes, I’m curious how it happens. 


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Who am I?
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While attending a different college, I took a graphic novel English course. I was exposed to the complexity that can be written with the colorful and dynamic pages of comics. My appreciation for writing about these topics grew. Finally, I was taking a mostly mundane “Writing for Business” class, we were tasked with writing a blog for our finally project. I choose to write about the new video-gaming consoles (at the time).

I was surprised at how easy it was to write a blog and was inspired. I decided to begin my blog that summer. So far I have managed to amass over 90,000 views and 60,000 visitors. I have been asked to write for other sites, like the Artifice. The article I have written so far are:

  1. Mechas: Disassociation from Science Fiction
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  3. Pokémon and the Animals in Captivity Debate

    What’s the goal?
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New Manga: Sahara the Flower Samurai



Chapter 1: Sahara

Sahara is a new series from Shibata Yusaku, the former assistant of Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece. The art style is clearly inspired by Oda’s. The first chapter opens with our main protagonists, he’s starving and purchases a modest’s amount of food. When he begins to drink his water, he sees in the corner of his eye, two children. They appear to be hungry and our protagonists gives them his food without question.

He overhears a conflict between a child and a adult man, that appears to have attempted to rip the child off. A psychical conflict results in the child dropping a flower in a beaker. Our protagonists quickly returns the flower. The child is disappointed that he or she couldn’t get a ride out of town. Our protagonist uses his samurai sword, to extend what appears like a vine whip, wrapping around the tail of the departing plane.


The child turns out to be a girl, surprising our main character. He inquire about her reason for traveling alone, she is apprehensive about sharing that information. While, they’re taking the airship is hijacked. Our protagonists informs the hijackers that his sword can’t really cut humans. The girls flower is taken by the head hijacker. He is excited about the potential to sell the flower for, “millions.” He also takes the ashes of the girls father.

He threatens to toss her father ashes from the airship, if she fails to answer his question regarding where she acquired the flower. She tells her captors that her father studied plant life, they don’t believe her, however. They plan on taking the girl, to help them search for more flowers. The main protagonists tells the captors that he doesn’t think that, “flowers don’t suit them.” The leader of the captors, orders his henchmen to “kill,” our protagonists.


He easily dispatches the henchmen easily and the leader takes the girl hostage. She bits him and escapes, recovering her fathers ashes and the flower. However, she falls out of the airship. Our hero jumps out of the airship to save her, grabbing her and turning his sword into a flower like bush that helps in their descent to the ground. The henchmen wait while the mechanic fixes the airship. When it is repaired, they abandoned the former hostages, to be killed by monsters.

The airship is destroyed by a, giant automated warrior. Our protagonists sword changes to a third shape, as he attacks the giant warrior alone. He dodges the attack, and slashes the leg of the warrior. The leg begins to crumble, a flowering tree beings to grow as well. With each attack, flowers sprout where he hit. Unable to defeat the giant warrior, he switches his sword to the “Flower Swords.” He uses “Form of the morning glory,” tripping the giant. He then quickly shifts to,”Form of the dandelion,” finally transitioning to “Form of the Cherry Blossom.”


A large cherry blossom tree sprouts, as the giant automated warrior is defeated. He introduces himself as Sanjuro Sahara and the girl introduces herself as Yae Tokiro. Yae and Sahara, decided that they will go on a journey together. Sahara makes a pledge to her promising to be her faithful guard. The inspiration with the art-style is clearly influenced by Oda.

I think this is a major plus, as I love great artwork in the manga I read. So far I like this series. It’s only one chapter, but the promise is there. It is interesting what types of enemies they’ll encounter. We already have seen the giant automated warrior, I wonder if he face a larger variety of enemies. The series is on it’s third chapter, you should begin reading this series, I recommend it. 


Pokemon Update (09/20/16)


Newest Pokemon

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon video has released. The video features several new Pokemon. It focuses on the version exclusive Pokemon. The ape-type inspired Pokemon, Passimian is found only in Sun. He is considered a “helper,” type Pokemon. It has a new ability, Receiver, which “no other Pokémon has previously had. With the Receiver Ability, this Pokémon can inherit the Ability of an ally who faints in battle.”  Passimian resembles a Lemur and carries a green melon with it. Passimian psychical stature resembles that of an athlete in a huddle.


The Moon exclusive version is, Oranguru. Clearly based on an Orangutan, it has a sage like look to it. Oranguru has a unique move called, Instruct, that “can make the selected target use its most recent move again immediately.”  We also get to see the Pokemon Sun and Moon exclusive evolution for Rockruff, Lycanroc (Midday) and (Midnight) forms. I have been disappointed with the designs of the new Pokemon lately, however, the designs of these four Pokemon are actually good.

Midnight Evolution of Lycanroc.
Lycanroc Midday
Midday Evolution of Lycanroc.

Customization of characters

Pokemon Sun and Moon would return the customization of characters. You can change your character from head to toe, adding some individuality to your character. The video also introduced, Pokemon Refresh.

Use the Pokémon Refresh feature to care for your Pokémon. After a battle, Pokémon sometimes end up all dirty. When that happens, you can take care of them and get them all cleaned up. By caring for your Pokémon, you can also cure status conditions like poisoning and paralysis that were inflicted on your Pokémon in battle.

Pokémon that have grown very affectionate, thanks to petting them a lot and feeding them their beloved Poké Beans, will battle to the utmost for you. Sometimes they’ll avoid attacks from opposing Pokémon—and even hold out when they’re on the verge of fainting. Take good care of your Pokémon with Pokémon Refresh, and they’ll be great allies on your adventure!

Pokemon Bank Updated


Pokemon Bank has returned. Those who might be unfamiliar, Pokemon Bank , allows the transfer of Pokemon from previous games.

In January 2017, the Nintendo 3DS downloadable software Pokémon Bank is expected to receive an update for compatibility with Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Pokémon Bank is an application that enables you to put Pokémon you’ve collected in your games into Internet-based storage boxes. Until now this service has been available for Pokémon Omega Ruby,Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, and Pokémon Y. Starting in early 2017, it will support Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon as well.

With this update, the Pokémon that adventured with you in Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, and Pokémon Y will be able to join you in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!

Pokemon Exclusive Z-moves

The Pikachu exclusive, Catastropika and Eevee’s Extreme Evoboost are introduced

In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, Z-Moves make their debut. Each Trainer can use just one of these powered-up Z-Moves per battle. Z-Moves exist for moves of every different type. But some Z-Moves are exclusive and can be used only by certain Pokémon, such as Snorlax and Alolan Raichu. Now, Pikachu and Eevee join the list of Pokémon able to use exclusive Z-Moves. Both of their Z-Moves are extremely powerful. Bring Pikachu and Eevee to your battles and see what these high-powered Pokémon can do!



Mob Psycho 100


Episode 3

An Invite to a Meeting

~Simply Put, I Just Want to Be Popular

As we left off last episode, Mob has joined the body improvement club (BIC). He’s not doing very well. He collapses after running with the other members of the club. The reason he joined the club was to become a more appealing man. I don’t think he will succeed in becoming an appealing man this way. The president of the body improvement club, Musashi-san, carries Mob into the room formerly home to the telepathy club.


President of the telepathy club, Tome Kurata, is still surprised that Mob didn’t choose them. However, the BIC simply wanted to utilize the room for their equipment. When Mob awakens he explains why he choose the BIC. He shows the telepathy club his powers. Tome asks him to help her communicate with extraterrestrials. She tells him that he can’t become popular no matter what he does. She suggest he should just read the minds of the girls he likes.


Walking home, Mob encounters a creepy woman in a smiling mask. She easily manipulates him into joining a new religious order called LOL. She gushes over their leader, Dimple-sama. She claims that he can make anyone laugh immediately. Mob is completely disinterested and simply wants the secret to popularity. Mob is lead to a room full of people wearing the creepy smiling masks. When forced on stage he joins a old man and a classmate named, Mezato Ichi.


Dimple-sama arrives and tells the people to remove their masks. They are clearly under his complete control. They laugh and stop on command. He offers to unlock the hearts of the old man, Ichi and Mob, through laughter. The old man and Mob are put in masks. Meanwhile, Ichi questions the likelihood that a new religion can recruit some many people in only a month. She is skeptical of LOL and doesn’t believe forcing herself to laugh is sincere. The smiling mask is put on her and she is forced to smile by it’s effects.


She still attempts to resist those effects. Mob on the other hand is immune. Dimple tries to convince Mob that he needs to laugh. He challenges Mob to a laughing contest. Mob agrees because he loves milk. He defeats the top 3 smiles. Dimple challenges him and gives him spike milk. Mob begins to become upset and his power ends the effects of Dimple’s hypnosis. Dimple doesn’t understand why he can’t make him laugh. Mob releases that Dimple has powers, but they still fail to work on him.


Dimple keeps picking at Mob. While he does Mob’s, “progress toward Mob’s explosion,” continues to increase. Dimple finally decides that he must kill Mob, and he turns the crowd against him. The narrator explains why Mob explodes. Locking away his emotion, Mob will eventually explode with emotion. This is the first episode were Mob reaches 100 and explodes. Mob’s hair now stands on end as an aura appears around him. The evil spirit manifests itself as a green muscle bound spirit with pink cheeks and purple lips.


Unsurprisingly, this is the moment when the animation really picks up. Like, One Punch Man there’s no sense of urgency regarding whether Mob is in danger or not. Watching is mostly a visual spectacle. Dimple tries to no avail to defeat Mob, but is thoroughly outclassed. Mob feels badly about ruining the fun of the members of the cult. Reigen tells him that he saved people who couldn’t save themselves. This was another good episode. Several of Mob’s classmates are now aware of his powers and he finally reached 100. It appears that the destructive force of reach 100 isn’t always the same if you compare it to the opening scene in episode 1. Hopefully, we’ll get some clarity in the regard.  


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Mass Effect Andromeda


Everything we know about Mass Effect Andromeda so far. The last time we saw the Mass Effect series it was 2012. Closing a trilogy that was highly regarded as a game changer in the video-game industry. Bioware announced the next game in the series on June 15, 2015. Very little has been reveal about the latest Mass Effect game. Some details have been revealed through leaks and teasers. Mass Effect Andromeda has been delayed until early 2017. While we wait here’s what has been reveal so far:

New Universe

Unlike the previous games, Mass Effect Andromeda won’t pit up where you left of in Mass Effect 3. Actually, it won’t even feature the planet Earth. The story picks up hundreds of years after the defense of Earth by Commander Shepard, in a completely different galaxy. Instead the main protagonists will be looking for a new planet for humans to call home.

Large and Open World

With the new capabilities of the next gen consoles, Mass Effect will be an expansive open world game. The game is rumored to be, “four times,” the size of the previous game. Load times are no longer noticeable, allowing a player to seamlessly explore the environments.

Choices are still key

One of the defining features of the Mass Effect series is the in game choice wheel. So of the choices in the previous games felt like they really didn’t matter. Creative director Mac Walters has stated that he, “to embrace choice and diversity with what you can do in the game.” The Bioware team also will be changing how the romantic relationships in the game function.

New Races and other changes

The character the player will control can be male or female. They will actual be siblings and will have the last name Ryder. While the main protagonist will be human, there will be several returning races, like the Asari and Krogan. At least two new races will be introduced to the series. This game will not feature any vehicle combat, only exploration. Multiplayer will feature various mission types that will have benefits for the main game. We will have more information when Bioware celebrates N7 day on November 7th. 

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/mass-effect-andromeda-news-rumors/#ixzz4KYmtVtzz
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Mob Psycho 100


Episode 2 

Doubts About Youth

– The Telepathy Club Appears-

Reigen continues to successfully pull of his “scam.” He convinces a client that his apparent use of +18 teen porn sites has given the client a digital curse. At first the client isn’t buying it, but after Reigen gives an “exorcism” he feels healed. Reigen also continues to take advantage of Mob’s naivety and manipulate him into continuing to work for very little. Reigen’s behavior is troubling, but I can’t seem to view him as being evil or bad. 


Meanwhile, at Mob’s school we see a student, Takenaka storm out of the Telepathy Club. This results in the the club falling under the 5 min. member rule. The president Tome-chan and her 3 fellow members are tasked with finding a fifth member. They fail to get anyone to join because the club is considered to be “creepy.” Obviously, Mob is considered the perfect candidate, mainly do to his lack of friends. However, it is clear that he really isn’t that interested in joining. 


Reigen and Tome-chan have an funny conversation, where Tome calls him out on his scam. One of the members reveals that he basically only joined the club, “just to goof off.” Anyway, Reigen and Mob, dress in drag in order to infiltrate the all girls school. It’s a little refreshing that Reigen wasn’t convincing as a little girl. The two girls inform him that they believe that the school is haunted. Mob searches for it and find that it has been stacking the girls. Mob traps it within the gym as the girls play basketball. The ghost is a glowing green giant, wearing glasses, called Evil Spirit: Scent-Ghoul . 


Mob destroy’s the arm of the spirit. Knowing that it’s too weak to defeat Mob, target’s a student as an hostage. It’s useless of course as Mob quickly destroy’s the ghost, as it disappears into the afterlife he tell’s Mob that he should “live life to the fullest.” The following day Mob is about to sign up for the telepathy club, when he is told he should only join if he truly wants to. Mob flashes back to when he was a child and shows the girl of his dreams his ESP powers. She quickly get over it and falls for a jock. In a surprising and funny twist he chooses to join the Body Improvement Club. 


This was a very entertaining episode. I don’t know how long Reigen scams can work. Mob seems too naive to get that he’s being used, but it’s possible he erupts and loses control of his powers. The animation in this series is being used in a particularly clever manner. Ranging from being sketchy and pencil like, to simple but thick black outlines to completely detailed animation. This isn’t unique to Mob Psycho 100, but it is becoming an important part of the series. 


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