Why does the Goblin Slayer focus on killing goblins?

The YouTube channel Wisecrack has a new video entitled, Goblin Slayer: Why ONLY Goblins Matter — Wisecrack Edition. Wisecrack is a channel that focuses on critical thinking & philosophy in movies, television and video games. These videos are highly entertaining if not informative and according to their channel their videos have been viewed over 292,046,873 times. Regardless, this video is interesting if you wonder why Goblin Slayer focuses on killing goblin. Check it out:


Made in Abyss films will be released in 2019

For those who don’t know, Made In Abyss was the hit anime from 2017. Created by Akihiko Tsukushi, the series focuses on a orphan Rico and her harrowing journey into the Abyss. The Abyss is a massive hole in the earth that has artifacts, remains of previous civilizations, making it a popular hunting ground for “Cave Raiders.” The Abyss can be dangerous as it has what is called “the Curse of the Abyss,” that inflicts various horrible effects on the adventures. 

Sentai Filmworks has confirmed that two films of the series will be released in the US in 2019. Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn, will be the first of the two films. Expected to be released in Japan on January 4th and Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight is officially will be released on January 18th. Sentai Filmworks hasn’t made the US dates clear. The two films will be a compilation of the first season of the series. It is expected or at least fans hope that the films will feature new events. The second season of Made in Abyss has already been confirmed. 

Goblin Slayer Episode 10 Review – Dozing

Remembering the Past

Goblin Slayer remembers his dreams of becoming a hero. He wished to become a hero powerful enough to “defeat dragons,” and become a “platinum-ranked adventurer.” We see flashbacks of the battle between the Heroine and the Demon Lord. He awakens in a carriage with the other adventurers. He remembers having an argument with his sister and how is sister cooked for him. 

Downtime in town

As is typical of Goblin Slayer this episode is largely about the time in-between battles. While, there is no goblin quest to be had there are plenty of the Demon Lord army remaining to be killed. Obviously, GS doesn’t care about non goblin quests. He goes to get his newly repaired gear and is told that there’s no magic scrolls left. Heavy Warrior and Female Knight are training rookies. The Priestess greets GS. They share a meal with the other members of the group. 

The Sword Maiden’s Letter

The Sword Maiden writes GS to say that she is grateful. She thanks GS and his comrades for “freeing” her mind from constantly thinking of goblins. The Demon Lord is defeated, but his army is still a treat. While reading the letter, GS completes chores ending when he finds a large amount of goblin footprints. This episode was largely useless. However, I do find it interesting that the big bad (Demon Lord) wasn’t defeated by the main characters. They will likely face a major monsters later but it does deviate from what we expect from series. 

SSSS.Gridman Episode 09 Review – Dream

Is it all a dream?

Yuta awakens to find that Akane has replaced Rikka, as the episode recreates the first one. Akane attempts to convince Yuta that she was his girlfriend. Rikka relives her first encounter with Akane and Utsumi lives a dream where he and Akane becomes friends over there love of kaiju. Akane attempts convince them to join her. The Neon Genesis Junior High Students can’t wake the three of them up. 

Gridman not needed

Gridman attempts to wake them up from with dream. Gridman appears throughout the episode in windows, billboards, picture frames. His image appears in the most obvious and surprising places, it’s well done. Anti looks for Gridman, only to be told that he may not show up because of the kaiju. Anti immediately attacks it but simply flies through it. This kaiju is the reason that Rikka, Yuta and Utsumi are asleep. Surprisingly, Gridman doesn’t make an official appearance in this episode.  

Enter God Zenon

Without Gridman it’s up to the Neon Genesis Junior High Students to face the now materialized kaiju. The transformation sequence reminded me of the power rangers. Regardless, Zenon quickly destroy’s the kaiju. As a so called God, Akane isn’t very impressive. She fails all the time and doesn’t seems to have much control over her creations. Even creating an entire dream for each of the three title characters, they still managed to escape. Her power seems to be limited. Akane becomes depressed as her creations causes continue to reject her. She’s too evil for me to feel sorry for, but her character has gotten more complex in this episode. 

Goblin Slayer Episode 08 – Whispers and Prayers and Chants

Goblin Slayers abusive Master

This episode begins with a flashback of Goblin Slayers childhood. His master taunt’s him for his inability to save his sister. The master uses abuse both physical and mental in order to instill some toughness into GS. Clearly this worked as GS is now a goblin killing badass. He says that the ” moment you make the decision to do something and act on it, you win.” The master begins quizzing GS with puzzles. The final question he asks Goblin Slayer is “what’s in his pocket.” I don’t know if it’s my expectation from this series or not, but the face he had suggested that the question was sexual in nature. If the relationship between was sexually abusive we’ll fine out sooner or later.

Sexual healing ? 

In the present Goblin Slayer awakens. We see his toned, scared body and his head sans helmet. His face however remains hidden. Next to the GS is the priestess, naked. This is suppose to be “the miracle of Resurrection” which is achieved by “sharing a bed with a virgin.” It’s a interesting manner of healing I guess. Especially, because it requires no sex, hence the virginity requirement. It’s made clear that the Sword Maiden was raped by goblins, she makes a claim that doesn’t make since. She says that “women are weak creatures,” but she’s “the woman who defeated the Demon Lord.” She does see the contradiction. Regardless, she is clearly throwing herself at Goblin Slayer but he doesn’t seem to notice or care. 

Some down time

After battle Goblin Slayer often has an episode of downtime. This time is no different. The Goblin Slayer and the Priestess head to a blacksmith to get their equipment repaired. She refuses to get new chain-mail because the Goblin Slayer complimented her on it previously. Of course GS does bother getting any new armor, but does seem willing to get new weapons.  They have ice cream, while the sun sets. They are interrupted by Witch and Spearman, that deliver some “very” fine flour, that GS says will help him against the “goblins.”

Explosive battle against a giant eye

This battle isn’t as high stakes as the previous ones, but does illuminate on aspect of GS that often is subtle. He is a fierce warrior and a master tactician. The main issue with the giant eye is that it’s capable of “disintegrate and dispel.” Spells aren’t effective, fighting head to head isn’t a good strategy either. The high elf archer distracts the eye, as the Dwarf Shaman cast a spell to put it asleep. While, it’s sleeping the GS releases the flour into the air, then the Lizard Priest summons his dragontooth warrior. Then the Elf shoots the eye with an arrow, while the Priestess uses protection to trap it. When the eye sees the dragontooth it fires it’s beam causing a massive explosion killing itself. GS explains his strategy as we see a strange magic mirror remains. 

One Piece Chapter 925 Review – Blank

The chapter with Perona learning that Moriah is alive. She leaves Shikkearu Kingdom to go find him. We get to see, Gekko Moriah, Catarina Devon, Pizarro and Blackbeard (with his new beard) for the first time after the time-skip. Gekko confronts the Blackbeard Pirates, looking for Blackbeard. Shiliew of the Rain reveals that he has taken the Suke Suke no Mi from a deceased Absalom. 

Catarina consumed the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi. She’s now Captain of the 6th ship in Blackbeard’s crew, with Pizarro heading the 4th. Teach is reveal to have a new look and is the first Yonko to have his bounty shown: 2,247,600,000 Belli. Teach now has the highest bounty so far in the series. He asks Moriah to join his crew, as he reveals that not only has the Revolutionary Army clashed with Fujitora and Ryokugyu over Kuma.

Meanwhile, we switch to the second act of the Wano Country Arc. Tama is fine, but Luffy has been imprisoned. Shutenmaru and Inuarashi fight briefly. Finally, we are introduced to the last two members of Kiado’s three disasters, King the Wildfire and Queen the Plague. After a week off, Oda gets right back into it. He largely skips the details, instead opting for reintroducing other characters while they explain what happened. It’s a good way to remind us of other characters and quickly get’s us back to speed on what happen in the last chapter.

Moriah has been down on his luck since Luffy beat him. I think he better join Blackbeard otherwise they’ll likely kill him and take his devil fruit. One criticism I have of Oda is his tendency to “of screen” the battles between the Revolutionary Army and their adversaries. He did it when they fought the Blackbeard Pirates and now when they fight against the Marines. I assume this is because he wants to prevent us from seeing their abilities yet. 

SSSS.Gridman Episode 07 Review – Scheme

Yuta informs Utsumi and Rikka that “Akane is a God.” He also tells them of the kaiju, they don’t believe him however. Yuta runs into Anti at his school and quickly flees. He’s caught by Anti who proclaims to no longer “care about Yuta,” that he “only wants Gridman.” Yuta tells him that “Gridman only shows when a kaiju does.” The rest of the team is still skeptical that Akane is the villain. They decide that Yuta should take to her. 

Yuta returns home only to find that Akane is sitting on his bed. She greets him as “Mr. Gridman.” She asks Yuta to become her ally. He says no, because he can’t “betray his friends.” She demands that he walk her home.  They stop at the shop of the father of the girl that Akane killed. She admits that she did it because “those girls smushed the bread she gave him.” Akane’s cruelty is on full display here. She chooses this restaurant without shame for what she did. When Yuta tells her that “people suffer when someone dies,” she say’s “yeah, that’s possible,” while playing on her phone. 

Alexis Kerib arrives. He and Akane have an casual conversation at the restaurant. The owner doesn’t seem to register Alexis odd look. Regardless, Yuta receives an alert that a kaiju is around. He heads outside to see a flying object or UFO. As Yuta runs to transform into Gridman, Akane is shocked to see that there’s a UFO, but when she turns around Alexis is gone. 

Yuta transforms and attacks the UFO destroying it. However, it regenerates and begins to attack. Akane returns home to find that Alexis has allowed Anti to create a kaiju. When she asks why he states that Anti “hates Gridman more than she does.” The strength in kaiju is determined by the hatred the creator has. The Neon Genesis Junior High Students send the Sky Vitter. Gridman transforms into Empyrean Combine Sky Gridman. They take flight and begin to battle, Gridman doesn’t sense anything.

He notices that there’s a main kaiju controlling the UFO. Anti transforms and teams up with the kaiju against Gridman. The air fight was impressive and it lead to the most surprising reveal the “city in the sky.” Gridman uses Gridknight Saber Slash to cut the new kaiju in half destroying it. Vitter attacks Anti with a barrage of lasers, using Laser Circus Amp. Anti is defeated and is punished by Alexis, attacking him with saw. The cruel treatment of Anti will backfire on Alexis and Akane one day, I’m sure of it. 

Another spectacular episode. It started of slow, but really picked ending with the most dynamic fight scene this series had. Both Alexis and Akane prove how evil they really are. Alexis treatment of Anti and Akane’s dismissive treatment of the father whose daughter she killed. I think that Anti will become a important part of this series and remains a wild card. However, he doesn’t seem to have control over when he transforms into a kaiju. Finally, the secret of Akane and Alexis is revealed, marking a massive change in the series. 

Goblin Slayer Episode 07 Review – Onward Unto Death

After the events of the previous episode, Goblin Slayer (GS) and the rest of the party prepare to return to the sewers. GS makes note of the lack of “rat slaying quests.” He purchases a canary, as a precaution against poison. Canaries are good detectors of poison and with act as a warning if any poison is detected. He explains that the goblins have been educated, most likely by learned from miners. The plan is to avoid the goblins and focus on their leaders, then kill the rest. 

The party enter a room and are quickly trapped inside by the goblins. The canary begins to panic as they pump poison into the room. The Goblin Slayer quickly orders the party to wrap cloth an d charcoal around their mouths. Using concert and a spell they seal the vents, preventing more poison from entering. Finally, they move a stone coffin in from of the door to prevent Goblins from entering. The Lizard summons his dragontooth warrior, while the Priestess uses her protection spell. 

As the goblin horde break through the door, it is revealed that they’re accompanied by a “goblin champion.” As the goblins advance they slam into the protection force field, breaking their noses as they do. The party are able to take advantage as they shoot arrows and throw rocks at them. The GS steps out of the protection field killing goblins as he keeps count. He reaches seventeen before attacking the goblin champion. However, the goblin champion uses another goblin as a shield and delivers a massive blow to GS. Sending him flying and leaving him spitting up blood.  

The Priestess losses her concentration and the protection spell dissipates. The goblins begin to overwhelm the party. The goblin champion sets his sights on the Priestess and grabs her before taking a bit of her shoulder. As she screams, GS has a flashback of his childhood. He gets up and begins straggling the goblin champion with human hair. The Lizard heals the Priestess, as the goblin slayer crushes the eye of the goblin champion. The rest of the goblins flee in fear, the GS collapses beside an apologetic Priestess. 

I feel it’s completely unnecessary to pretend that the Goblin Slayer is in danger of dying. The Priestess’s sensitivity keeps the series from becoming too dark, but it also is can cost the party as it did in this battle. The shield she created with her protection spell was very effective during this battle. However, she quickly let’s it drop when GS get’s hurt. She leaves herself and the others in more danger because of it. The Goblin Slayer also shows that his personality has it’s faults and benefits. His single tracked mind allows him to use his logic before battle keeping the party alive and gaining an advantage against the enemies. However, the cost is needlessly risking his life.

Reviews from Goblin Slayer series

Blackfox anime preview

Studio 3Hz is producing an original anime “Blackfox.” Kazuya Nomura is directing this anime, having already directed Robotics Notes, Joker Game, Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie. Naoki Hayashi (Flip Flappers) will be the scriptwriter, with character design from Atsushi Saito. Studio 3Hz is known primarily for Princess Principal. 

Details of release dates and more in-depth story details aren’t known. However, the series seem to focus on female modern day ninja. Rikka Isurugi is expected to succeed her grandfather as head of the Isurugi ninja clan. Mia, a psychic is highly intelligent chess master, Melissa, Rikka’s roommate that takes care of the home she shares with Rikka and finally the mysterious “girl in the fox mask.”

The story according to the official website is:

Living in a ninja residence tucked away in a corner of a futuristic city is Rikka, the eldest daughter of a Ninja clan, who looks up to her father—a researcher—very much.
Carrying on with her life normally, Rikka’s home came suddenly under attack one day. Driven into a corner, what would she do to overcome this crisis?
Rip darkness to pieces and become “BLACK”!

Sources: ANN, Crunchyroll, goboiano

SSSS.Gridman Episode 06 Review – Contact

Yuta remembers that Akane asked him if he was “transforming,” and wonders what she meant. Meanwhile, Utsumi is away from school for a memorial service and Rikka leaves early. Akane orders Anti to kill Yuta, informing him that “if he kill Yuta, Gridman won’t show up anymore.”  He runs off to find him. Yuta looks for Rikka but she’s out shopping, he runs into a odd boy that claims that he’s a kaiju. They take a train ride where he all the questions that we had up to this point.

SSSS.Gridman 6th episode Contact pivots from the traditional format. Largely focusing on the characters meeting each other and talking, there’s no fighting between kaiju and Gridman in this episode. However, filliping our expectation on it’s head is what this series does well. The formula for the tokusatsu genre has long been established, but SSSS.Gridman often plays with it. This episode explains the world. The kaiju explains to Yuta that Akane destroys and rebuilds the city of Tsutsujidai with kaiju. Basically, she created the world they exists in and does as she pleases. 

She’s “twisted,” and is being used by Alexis. Rikka “befriends” Anti by showing him kindness. She feeds and bathes him. I would assume that this will pay off in the future. Or at least I’m hoping it does as Akane is terrible, in general but also towards Anti. Utsumi is interrogated by Akane for info on Yuta at Starbows. However, he reveals nothing of worth. While there’s no Gridman battle, there is between “humans,” or at least humanoids. Regardless, Anti attacks Yuta, whom is protected by the members of the Gridman Alliance. 

This episode does several things. First it brings both the audience and Yuta up to speed on what is happening. While we have known about Akane since the second episode, Yuta just learns that she’s evil and how much power she has. This episode also creates more questions. Does Akane realize that she is a “god”? Is Alexis an alien? What’s is his or it motivation? The kaiju that spoke to Yuta reveals that he’s not created by Akane, which of course begs the question who did?