Powers of X #6: Recap and Review

I have often pointed out that I found Powers of X to be inferior series to the House of X. A large reason for this the future timeline that I find to be uninteresting. Set a thousand years into the future, this timeline mostly depicts how “humanity” or the current inhabitants of Earth end. I think this issue makes a case for why this timeline matters or at least made the timeline more interesting. It turns out that mutants still exists, but in a zoo, the Preserve, for “near extinct species.” The Librarian encounters Wolverine and Moira that have been trapped in the Preserve. The Librarian informs them that they will be absorbed by the Phalanx, which will then merge with the god intellect, a Dominion. He will have Moira and Wolverine sent “off-world.” He believes that if Moira dies that timeline reset, resulting in the intellect of the Librarian not getting carried on.

However, if he is absorbed before Moira dies he will be absorbed into the Dominion, which exists “beyond space and time.” This would allow his knowledge to exists even if Moira does reset the timeline. He is uncertain of his decision to ascend. Would it be better to “existence as a portion of a divine intelligence or to continuing to exist as he does.” The Librarian notes that “mutants are an evolutionary response to their environment,” but humanity “stopped being beholden to the environment.” With “man” freeing itself, using the “building blocks of biology and technology,” a new “superhuman race” was born, Homo novissima. We were given the impression that the machines took over humanity, betraying them. According to the Librarian it was the opposite. Using machines to “stall for time,” humanity was finally able to transcend mutant kind.

Despite his assumption that humanity has won and he will be “immortal,” Wolverine kills him. I found this moment funny even if it was intended to be. Regardless, Moira sixth life finally ends as Wolverine kills her again. Armed with the knowledge of how humanity evolves, Moira meets Charles Xavier once again. She tells him that this time she plans to ” break him of his hope and idealism,” and “unite all mutants.” In the present, Magneto and Xavier discuss the first meeting of the Quiet Council. Moira makes it clear that they cannot resurrect Destiny, at Mystique’s request as ” they (precogs) will see the truth Moira has endeavored to keep secret; that mutant kind always loses.” This is a potentially interesting conflict that could arise. Mystique isn’t stupid so it’s only a matter of time before she realizes that they don’t intend to give her what she wants.

To that point, it seems implausible that there isn’t another precog mutant in existence or that there won’t be in the future. How would Xavier and Magneto stop those mutants, how far would they go? Anyway, that’s a question for another day I guess. Despite my criticism of the future timeline, I loved this series. I assumed the Librarian was a future mutant, but it turns out he was a future human. This and the House of X series make it clear that humanity is inferior to mutants on an evolutionary level. This issue showed us what happens when humans simply ignore evolution. House of X and Powers of X have set a new bar for storytelling in comics (or at least recent X-Men series) creating a new status quo. Unfortunately, I’m certain this quality of art and story will not be the standard. Hopefully, Hickman will continue to write new stories and I’m hoping other writers can keep up.

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  1. Wow, a future story in Powers of X I didn’t hate. Hickman really is a genius. Anyway, glad we finally saw how Moira died in her sixth life. It’s not just the machines the X-Men are fighting, huh? It really is them against the world. Or at least Hickman makes it feel like that.

    Looking forward to reading the new X-Men #1s springing from this.I’m still cautious but you can’t have a better beginning than this.

    Oh, and I can see the MCU adopting this version of the X-Men into their universe one day. “Oh, yeah. See, we’ve been hiding on this island the whole time. What’s up?”

    1. I was surprised that there was finally a good future story. It really made me appreciate Powers of X more. I’m also hoping that the future X-Men #1’s are good as well.

  2. I do really like this event so far. I think the only worry is right now the setup is so good it’s just going to be so hard to give it a satisfying end. I just want it go keep on going for a very long time, but I know at some point it’ll inevitably have to end

    1. Powers of X/House of X only went on for six issues each. They set up the future of the X-men. Several new series have just started. Hickman the writer of both, has started a new series, X-Men #1. I here it’s good, but I haven’t read it yet.

      1. Ah, so this was really it? Does X-Men #1 pick up where this one leaves off because it sounds like a whole lot of plot lines still need to be resolved.

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