My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 1: Recap and Review

Taneo Tokuda, Freelance Journalists

Season 4, Episode 1: The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A

Season premieres of established series can be dull. They’re often used to reintroduce the series. This is probably more important for introducing new fans than reminding old ones. We start at Juko News, as several reporters attempt to write a special issue in honor of All Might’s retirement. Freelance journalists, Taneo Tokuda, offers the angle their looking for. He believes that All Might has a successor (which is true), he plans on investigating Class 1-A to discover who that is. If you been following this series you know that it’s Midoriya. Taneo initially feels like his a threat. Trying to expose the secret that All Might and Midoriya have, gives off this impression. Shota Aizawa informs the class that they will take part in a newspaper feature. Shota suspects that Taneo is “up to something,” but concludes that he’s not a threat to the students. Taneo takes a series of pictures of the students, while he reminds the audience who they are and what their quirks are. He limits the potential successors down the top six students, then easily narrows it down to Midoriya.

Taneo reveals that his father was rescued by All Might. He claims that the moment “created a spark in his life.” He reveals that he knows Midoriya is All Might’s successor and he has a quirk. Called, whole body lens, he can produce cameras from all over his body and print the photos from his chest. He admits that he never intended to write about dorm life. Taneo and his investigation acts as both a means to remind the audience of the characters, but also to remind us of the main theme of the series. Hope. Taneo was afraid that with All Might’s retirement there was no hope left. Being a manga reader this episode doesn’t happen. Taneo is actually an anime exclusive character. This kinda makes this episode a filler of sorts. It’s not nearly as bad as typical filler episodes, but it doesn’t add anything to the series. To that point, the first episode is unnecessary and you could skip it.

7 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 1: Recap and Review

    1. He seems like a character that remains in the background and will pop up every now and then. I think he will remain an anime exclusive character.

  1. I watched the episode but since i knew it was a recap i legit just skipped to the end when he finds out it is Midoriya, now my weekends are gonna be, Saturday BNHA and Sunday Boruto, can’t wait for the introduction of Eri chan!

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