My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8 Creati encourages the other young heroes to work together to stop Gigantomachia. The plan to put him to sleep with a sedative she creates. Juzo Honenuki (Mudman) soften the land hoping to trap the giant, meanwhile, Mineta uses his sticky Pop Off’s to create a net. Suddenly, Gigantomachia comes rushing towards them with Mt. Lady holding on to dear life. Gigantomachia runs directly into the trap and falls.

Hanta Sero (Tape), Jurota Shishida (Beast), Rikido Sato (Sugar Rush), and Ibara Shiozaki (Vines) all try to pull Gigantomachia at once. It’s not enough. While the giant is distracted, Mezo Shoji (Dupli-Arms), Yuga Aoyama (Navel Laser), Reiko Yanagi (Poltergeist), Denki Kaminari (Electrification) climb on his back to attack on the villains. Denki tries to use his electricity but Mr. Compress uses the last of his debris to knock Denki out.

Gigantomachia vs the UA students

The heroes finally get Gigantomachia mouth open and they toss multiple canisters of the sedative towards his mouth. Gigantomachia blows them and the canisters away giving Dabi a opportunity to use his blue flame. The flames cover the forest, but the heroes aren’t afraid. Mt. Lady grabs Gigantomachia and forcible holds open his mouth. Pinky shielded by her acid armor, get close to Gigantomachia. The giant releases that he’s been “wasting time,” trying to bulldoze through the heroes. He needs to stop “wasting his time on insects.”

It’s not enough. While Pinky releases that Gigantomachia was the man that attacked her years ago, he tosses Mt. Lady once again. Before he can attack Pinky, Red Riot interferes saving her and grabbing her canister. He successfully climbs up the giants arm and tosses the canister into its mouth. The sedative will take time to take effect. Angry, Gigantomachia adds some armor and prepares to kill the heroes. Elsewhere, Tomura seems to be reaching his limit.

One of the things I love about Tomura is his unhinged faces. It unsettling but appealing at the same time. He withstands another Endeavor attack but before he can reach the number one hero, Gran Torino interferes. Running on fumes, Tomura’s seems to be like a wild animal. After a flashback, showing Shimura’s agony as she gives up custody of her son, Kotaro, Tomura impales Gran Torino. Deku becomes enraged and rushes to attack Tomura. The villain pushes past Deku to target Eraserhead with the Quirk-killing drug. He manages to get the shot off before the episode ends.


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7, “Disaster Walker,” Endeavor repeatedly strikes at Tomura, while the villain grins menacingly. Ignoring Endeavor, Tomura heads for Eraserhead. Before Tomura can reach Eraserhead, Deku intercepts him. Without Tomura’s having access to his Quirks, Deku and later Bakugo figure they can risk it. Bakugo attacks with AP Machine Gun but it has no effect. Using his Blackwhips, Deku tries and fails to restrain Tomura. However, Endeavor arrives to send the villain flying backwards.

Endeavor again fails to stop Tomura leaving Gran Torino to try to stop him. Tomura easily slips past them both and once again chases Deku. Endeavor strikes Tomura with a brutal attack called Vanishing Fist. Elsewhere, Gigantomachia finally awakes and rushes to his masters side. The remaining members of the PLF climb on his back. However, Mt. Lady desperately tries to stop him but he’s too strong and large.

After Mt. Lady is literally tosses aside by Gigantomachia, Midnight tries to put his asleep with her Somnambulist Quirk. Unfortunately, Mr. Compress hits her with debris, causing her significant damage. Humiliated and bleeding, she calls Creati. With Gigantomachia still raging and the pros occupied, it’s left up to the students to stop the giant. Can Creati lead them?


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 6

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 6 Tomura Shigaraki goes on a tear to find One For All. He uses Ragdoll’s (Tomoko Shiretoko) stolen Quirk, Search. This Quirk allows the “user to monitor and observe up to a hundred people at a time. This includes knowing their locations and weak points”. Before he can take off he’s attacked by Endeavor. He bombards Tomura with flames but Tomura seems to have resistance to the temperature. He lunges at Endeavor, trying to use his decay on the number one hero. To make matters worse Tomura can heal quickly.

Endeavor contacts the other heroes and tells “anyone who can move without touching the ground,” should come quickly. Tomura tries to touch him again, but Endeavor stops him. He uses another Quirk that sends Endeavor flying. According to Tomura the Quirks that have been stockpiled in such a way that he knows how to use each of them. He compares it to “omnipotence.” Despite all his power Tomura isn’t satisfied. He wants One For All.

The Search for One For All

When Tomura finally gets free he seeks put Deku. Overhearing that Tomura is looking for One For All, Deku takes off to create a distance between himself and the civilians. Kacchan is one of the few people that know Deku received One For All from All Might. Endeavor seems to start to put two and two together before he rushes to help Deku. Tomura’s presence petrifies Deku and Kacchan. Before Tomura can touch them, Gran Torino grabs them.

With Eraserhead present, Shigaraki’s many Quirks are shutoff. Endeavor arrives and attacks Tomura but the villain dodges with just his strength. Endeavor compares his strength to All Might. Gran Torino drops Deku and Kacchan. He argues that if they go too far they’ll give Tomura too much “freedom.” Besides all the remaining heroes are heading to fight Tomura. However, Tomura awaken a massive number of Nomu who cut off the heroes.


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 5

X-Less is the first casualty of the newly awakened Tomura in My Hero Academia Episode 5. Elsewhere, Crust fights the Eleph Nomu, while Eraser Head tries to focus on keeping three Nomu powers at bay with his Erasure Quirk. Endeavor is fighting Woman, while trying to defend Mirko. He uses his Ultimate Move Hell Spider, a technique that emits beams of fire that slices through a target. Woman dodges the attack without much difficulty but is hit by Gran Torino before she can reach Endeavor. 

Three minutes earlier at the Villa, Tsukuyomi spots Hawks, and rushes to help him. Just as Dabi is about to finish Hawks, Tsukuyomi knocks the villain away. Dark Shadow tells him that almost all of Hawks feathers are gone. Dabi is surprised that the Heroes use students in this war and makes a point of telling Tsukuyomi that Hawks killed Twice. Dabi’s general goal is to undermine and ultimately destroy the image of Heroes. 

Tsukuyomi escapes with Hawks

Before Tsukuyomi can contemplate what Dabi told him, Dabi attacks. Both Hawks and Tsukuyomi are weak to fire. Tsukuyomi’s Dark Shadow main weakness is light and Hawks is fire. During the fight, Hawks informs Tsukuyomi that Dabi runs his mouth to stall for time. He assumes that he does this to “charge” his fire. They manage to escape but Hawks get knocked out during it. However, Dabi is still able to locate them. Before he can finish them Geten uses his ice to create a massive pillar of ice, allowing Tsukuyomi and Hawks escape. 

The evacuation is going smoothly in Jaku City until Tomura unleashes an awakened Decay attack. Deku is contacted by the first user of One For All  who tells him that “he” has awakened. The heroes inside the lab flees. Eraser Head is grabbed by one of the High-Ends as they leave, before the Decay can reach Eraser Head, Crust interferes and gives a thumbs up as he dies. Panic spreads as fast as the decay, with heroes dying and failing to stop the spread. In the crater that was once the hospital, Tomura opens up a machine that houses the Quirk- Destroying Drug. Tomura makes a call to Gigantomachia and tells him to “destroy” exciting the beast. 

There wasn’t much to comment on in this episode. I am really excited for the next few episodes. The fight between Tomura and the heroes was intense. So far this season hasn’t disappointed me and I don’t expect it to now. 


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 4

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 4 opens at the Villa. Fat Gum carries several students in his stomach. Despite the fight not being over, Fat Gum tells them that “ they got what they needed out of them with their wide-range attacks to divide the Paranormal Liberation Front soldiers, and with the Pros now focusing on enclosing the space, said wide-range attacks could have potential casualties.” Suddenly, Blueflames burst out of the Villa, and Tsukuyomi recognizes Hawks. With fire being his weakness, Hawks is being overwhelmed. His wings are mostly burned away. 

Mirko continues her battle with the High-End Nomu’s. However, the High-Ends are becoming stronger as they “awaken.” Mirko is running out of time and flees to capture Dr. Garaki and Tomura. The Nomu’s grab her, one biting her leg and the other grabbing her hair. She rips free. Mirko assumes she’ll die but is determined to complete her mission. Mirko reaches Tomura’s tank and launches a smash with her legs. Suddenly, the elongated Nomu stabs her with its antennae, grabbing the hero.

Tomura awakens

Endeavor manages to overpower his Nomu opponent at the right moment and allows Mirko to break free. With another powerful kick, Mirko manages to crack Tomura’s tank causing liquid to come gushing out. Elsewhere, Woman deduces the limits of Eraserheads Erasure Quirk. High-End Nomu have not only high intelects but physically superior bodies. They’re still dangerous even without their Quirks. 

Despite the tanks being cracked it still has enough data to activate Tomura. While being incomplete Tomura will still be dangerous. He clicks the remote, however, Present Mic uses his Voice Quirk to destroy the rest of the laboratory. He grabs Dr. Garaki while X-Less checks Tomura’s pulse. It has stopped. In a surreal dreamworld, Tomura encounters his family and the visages of All For One. Tomura decay’s them all, symbolically freeing himself. In the real world Tomura is awakened by a spark of electricity. 


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 3: Hawks kills Twice

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 3, “One’s Justice,” does something that’s rare for a Shonen anime, make the hero seem villainous and grant the villain sympathy. Twice has always been a fan favorite villain. With his comedic demeanor, dramatic flare, and genuine love of his friends, Twice undermined what we expect from villains.

His mental instability brought on by his Quirk and the sense that he’s not certain he’s the real one. Twice revealed that he was a lonely man who used his clones to substitute for friends. The League of Villains was a refuge for him. Finally being accepted he was able to develop friendships with Himiko. However, his desperation for friends leads him to trust too easily. As a consequence, he can be conned by others that wish to manipulate him.

Overhaul was the first one to use him. This resulted in the death of his friend Kenji Hikiishi (Magne). He blamed himself for it and never wanted to put his friends in danger again. In this episode, he’s devastated when he learns Hawks is a double agent. Having failed again he becomes infuriated. Hawk for his part is guilty of using Twice’s trusting nature against him. While his larger goal of stopping Tomura and the PLF from harming the innocent is admirable using Twice to do it was cruel.

Twice heroic end

At the same time it was the smartest plan. Twice may not like it but he is the weakest link and Hawks should have used him. Regardless, the episode does result in Hawks looking like the heartless one. Twice becomes emotional, lashing out at Hawks. He’s kinda pathetic, outclassed by Hawks, and desperate to save his friends. With Dabi distracting Hawks, Twice spots Himiko and Mr. Compress being chased by Eel Boy. He corners them with his Eel Quirk, which allows him to “sprout giant eel-like appendages out the back of his hands.”

He can use them to attack and restrain his opponents. Eel Boy captures Mr. Compress and Himiko, telling them he won’t allow them “to wrong society.” Suddenly, Twice appears. He stabs Eel Boy in the back of head then several more times. As Himiko and Mr. Compress escape, Twice begins to crumble. Turns out Twice was already killed by Hawks on the balcony, his clone was all he could do to save them. As he crumbles in Himiko’s arms, he apologizes, while Himiko hugs and thanks him for saving her.

Did you feel sorry for Twice? Did you think Hawks killing him was too far? Unnecessary? Has you r opinion of the heroes shifted? Or is Dabi full of it?

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2: Mirko verses the High-End Nomu

Mirko has become one of the most popular My Hero Academia heroes. She’s got a cool design, a fiery personality, and a powerful Quirk. As a manga reader, I couldn’t wait to see this fight animated. My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2, “Mirko, the No. 5 Hero,” centers on the top hero and it doesn’t disappoint. Before we get to the main event, Endeavor, Eraser Head, Rock Lock, Crust, and X-Less attempt to follow Mirko further into the lab. However, they’re stopped by a horde of Nomu. Outside, Bakugo becomes agitated, wanting to engage in fighting Villains instead of evacuating. 

Deku, Uravity, Ingenium, and Shoto head out to locate people to evacuate. Inside the hospital, Crush activates his Shield Quirk, trapping a Nomu in the passageway. At Gunga Mountain Villa, Team Edgeshot attacks. Cementoss uses his Cement Quirk to split the Villas entrance in half. It’s an impressive show of force. Skeptic panics as the heroes rush in.

An unnamed Vice Commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front stepped forward stating that “this happened because they were waiting for Tomura.” Using a taser he charges himself up using his Amplivolt Quirk. He releases his Supreme Discharge: Thundernet but Chargebolt absorbs the electricity with Electrification, acting as a lighting rod. 

Mirko vs the High Ends

Mirko pursues Dr. Garaki and Tomura but is stopped by Five High-Ends. Nomu has five tiers: Lower-tiers, Middle-Tier, Upper-Tier, Near High-End, and High-End. The High-End Nomu has up to six different Quirks. They rival the strength of Pro Heroes, they can think on their own and retain their original personalities. This allows them to deduce certain aspects of a fight. Despite this, Dr. Garaki has chosen the most “battle-crazed” Villains to create the Nomu. 

Dr. Garaki sends all Five High-Ends to stop Mirko and the other heroes. The High-Ends are excited to let loose and go “wild,” and kill the heroes. Mirko is excited as well for a fight, providing an interesting contrast. She shares the mindset of many of the Nomu, but they have different goals. The Nomu attack together. Ribby uses her tentacles but Mirko dodges them. Eleph swings at Mirko with his trunk. Mirko eventually gets trapped in Ribby’s tentacles but she tears through them with her Ultimate Move: Luna Ring

With great speed and athleticism, Mirko barrels towards Ribby, who inflates its back with spikes. At the same time, Robot uses a spatial distortion Quirk on her arm. Mirko ignores him and while her arm twists she uses another Ultimate Move: Luna Fall. Without hesitation, Mirko flips and gets Robot in a scissor hold. She avoids his eye beams and uses her Ultimate Move: Luna Tijeras. The powerful move decapitates Robot in epic fashion. She tells them that she won’t lose to mindless Nomu. 

So what do you think? Is Mirko one of the best My Hero Academia heroes? Do you think she’ll survive? Do you find yourself preferring the fight in the hospital than the Villa? Like and Comment


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 Review: The War begins at Jaku Hospital

Episode: A Quiet Beginning

Adapted from: Chapter 258, 259, 260

Arc: Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The goal of the PLF

My Hero Academia Season 6 first episode titled A Quiet Beginning, continues the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Hawks went undercover to reveal the secrets of the Paranormal Liberation Front (PLF) now headed by Tomura Shigaraki. The heroes gather to prepare to confront the PLF directly. We get a flashback to one month prior when Twice and Hawks discuss his “credo.” Twice wonders what he can do to get the “troops” to trust him. Hawks explains (to the audience) that the PLF is split into regiments. Each unit is led by a single League or Liberation member based on their skills. 

Within each regiment, the top three members serve as aides to the lieutenants. Twice leads “Black”, the Vanguard Action Tactics Regiment, which provides support to the other regiments, Dabi and Geten lead  “Violet” the raid regiment which is responsible for “supervises the positions of everyone around the country”, “Carmine”, the intelligence regiment is led by Himiko Toga and Skeptic, and finally “Brown”, that is led by Mr. Compress and Spinner. Hawks gives Twice some advice he’s more concerned with the goals of PLF. They want to “annihilate” the current system of heroes. 

By attacking the major cities  at the same time overwhelming them, preventing them from functioning, resulting in a “lawless district.” Then the “Hearts and Mind Party”, led by Re-Destro will influence Japan politically. By distributing weapons and preaching about the “freedoms of self defense”, Tomura plans on creating a world of chaos, replicating the era when All For One ruled.

The Raid on Jaku General Hospital

The heroes Endeavor, EraserHead, Present Mic, Mirko, Gran Torino, Ryukyu, Crust, Wash, the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Rock Lock, Manual, Thirteen, and Ectoplasm all gather to debrief with Naomasa Tsukauchi. He informs them of “Dr. Kyudai Garaki,” the creator of Nomu, is the founder of Jaku General Hospital. At the hospital, Dr. Garaki is blissfully unaware he’s been found out. Suddenly, Endeavor calls his name from behind, telling him he needed to “accept your fate”, and he was a “pawn of the devil”. 

Eraserhead uses his Quirk on him and he instantly ages. While Mirko heads for the morgue, the other heroes evacuate the hospital preparing for the inevitable conflict with the Nomu. Meanwhile, Edge Shot leads the rest of the heroes to Gunga Mountain Villa, waiting for the villain’s counterattack. At the hospital, Dr. Garaki turns out to be a clone and is impaled by a Nomu as they begin to attack the heroes. With a hallway full of Nomu, Mirko gets excited. She flexes her muscles and charges head first towards them. She quickly defeats them, then smashes through the massive doors of Garaki’s lab, crushing the small Nomu, and terrifying Dr. Garaki. 

I’m glad My Hero Academia didn’t start with filler like some of the previous seasons. Getting right into the war is the best decision. Personally, I’m excited to see Mirko in action. She’s become one of my favorite heroes from the series. I love her design, her personality, and her fighting style. The dynamic between Hawks and Twice is sad. I’ve stated elsewhere that the villains being granted complexity (at least some of them) is one of the things this series does well. Regardless, My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 was a blast. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 362: Bakugo’s most priced possession

It’s clear at this point any fighting is meaningless until Deku arrives. The fight between Tomura, Bakugo, Suneater, Nejire, and Lemillion is over rather quickly. Suneater’s Ultimate Move: Plasma Cannon, in which Suneater unleashes a manifestation of “every single animal,” he’s eaten in a one attack. It’s a cool and flashy attack, boosted by Nejire, and followed by a punch from Lemillion. It does nothing to Tomura. Bakugo attacks Tomura, predicting the movement of the villain. With his increased speed and an analysis of Tomura habits, Bakugo get’s under Tomura’s skin.

Bakugo’s assault appears to have triggered a memory from All For One, specifically of the second One For All user. The second user isn’t named, nor is his Quirk but he resembles Bakugo. The second user was a rebel that fought against All For One at his peak. Suddenly, Bakugo is speaking to a visage of All Might, telling it that he “always wanted to get him to sign his All Might trading card.” If Deku is All Might’s biggest fan, Bakugo is his second. His tough attitude made him off-putting to most and this attitude seems to be the reason he failed to get the autograph. For a while I thought Bakugo would become a villains because his attitude was so bad. His hero worship of All Might that he had from childhood humanizes him.

I predicted in the last chapter review that “someone will died,” in this final arc. I thought it was more likely to be one of the Big 3 or the top five heroes. However, Bakugo is probably the best choice. I’ve come to like Bakugo but I think his death would really have major impact both on the story and on Deku. Most series avoid killing main characters. However, if they killed off Bakugo, a young hero that hasn’t reached his prime yet would be tragic but would make the stakes feel higher. At this point the fight between Tomura and the heroes isn’t interesting at all. Hopefully, Deku will arrive to save the world and this arc.


My Hero Academia Chapter 359 Review

Dynamight’s Cluster blast fails to harm Tomura. Despite it’s impact, Dynamight is able to successfully avoid damaging the fortress. Tomura is OP. Without any of his Quirks, he’s still able to overcome Dynamight’s attack and hold off 3 of the top 5 heroes, Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, and Mirko. Tomura may have more sheer power than those three but I’m not buying he’s a better fighter than all three together. Obviously, Tomura would need some kind of defense otherwise he get defeated by anyone but Kohei Horikoshi should have come up with something else. A endless tsunami of fingers seems silly.

I got to admit I’m not really invested in this final arc like I should be. The stakes seem inconsistent, there are too many characters to follow, and everyone’s just waiting for Deku to save them. I get that he’s the main character and must defeat Tomura but it feels like My Hero Academia won’t allow Tomura to even get hurt. It’s bad enough he has so many stolen Quirks and a scientifically enhanced body, but Tomura has managed to keep his super strength apparently at “All-Might levels.”

The U.A’s “Flying Fortress,” was a perfect and sophisticated plan that’s been rendered useless. The Big 3, Lemillion, Suneater, and Nejire are preparing to face Tomura together. I hope they can at least challenge him and make this arc interesting. They’ve never fought collectively. It won’t be enough to stop Tomura, but anything must be better than what the heroes are currently doing. I would be surprise if there’s not a major death on the horizon. Tomura’s going to have to stop Phantom Thief and Eraser Head at some point. Will Deku get there in time?