Dragon Ball Super Episode 103: Gohan shows no Mercy

Magical Girl Ribrianne vs Android 17

Ribrianne is furious at Android 17 for defeating her friends, Kakunsa and Vikal. She calls him an “evil, cruel, heartless man who harms fragile maidens.” Android 17 accepts his role as villian considering Universe 7 is also in danger of being erased. She matches 17 in hand to hand combat, meanwhile, Magical Girl Rozie faces off against Goku. Her Yacchaina Fist managed to confused Goku for a while, however, he eventually realizes how her fighting style works. Android 17 and Goku gain the upper hand, Ribrianne and Rozie, flee with Yardart.

Gohan vs Botamo

Gohan and Piccolo run into Botamo, Gohan asks Piccolo to “let him handle it.” Gohan continues to punch Botamo in the stomach, despite the fact that he takes no damage and has infinite stamina. However, Gohan manages to lift him up with his constant hitting, moving him towards the edge. Botamo attempts to shoot Gohan with ki, but misses, Gohan then finishes him with a blast of Ki, knocking him off the edge.

Universe 10 meets it’s end

Piccolo battles Rubalt, while, Gohan faces Obuni. Obuni honors Gohan as a warrior, meanwhile, Piccolo uses his Hellzone Grenade on Rubalt knocking him unconscious and then off the edge. After Rubalt’s defeat Obuni is the only warrior of universe 10 remaining. Gohan takes his hits and counters as he uses his internal shifting ability. Obuni uses too much energy and runs out, Gohan takes advantage and uses Kamehameha knocking him off. This off course means that universe 10 is defeated and therefore will be erased. The episode attempts to create some since of saddeness as universe 10 vanishes but none of the characters are important enough or familiar to really care.


Made in Abyss: Episode 04 Review

The fourth episode of Made in Abyss, entitled the Edge of the Abyss, sees Reg and Riko begin there travel down into the depths of the abyss. Reg uses his arms to great effect in this episode showing his versatility and usefulness in traversing the abyss. Riko has her usefulness as well, she has general known of the surrounding flora and fauna, as well as cooking. Reg gives Riko an envelope featuring a replica of her mother’s sealed letter.

Reg speculates that the letter was placed in his pocket by Leader, Riko reads a note stating that leader will pursue them at dawn. Reg and Riko conclude that this is a test to see if they are worthy of begin explorers. They encounter a strange spider like creature called Silkfangs, that is limited in movement by webs. The episode fails to explain what the creature is and why it’s limited by web. I think this was a missed opportunity to further reveal the world.

Reg notices a green light in the distance and conclude that it must be a search party. It turns out that their pursuer is Black Whistle Hablog and he wants to see the “supreme treasure of the netherworld,” he like Riko in a previous check the “balls,” of Reg. Regardless, he explains that Nat and Shiggy hired him to help them get to the second layer. Riko tells him while she appreciates his help the mission is their “last test.” Hablog accepts this and gives Riko a vaccine for the second layer, mustard steamed and a warning regarding “Ozen the Immovable.” However, Riko doesn’t appear to consider the warning that serious, she and Reg finally arrive in the second layer, the Forest of Temptation.


One Piece: Big Mom goes on the rampage

The citizens of Sweet City recover from the damage caused by the explosion of the Tamatebako, with the Whole Cake Chateau in ruins, along with the wedding, wedding cake and Vinsmoke assassination plan. They are all uncertain what the cause of the explosion, meanwhile, Katakuri has sent squads to hunt after the Straw Hats, Fire Tank Pirates and the Germa. He asks Brulee to accompany him, as he plans to kill Luffy.

Smoothie interrupts them to announce that they need to flee, Big Mom is behind her, as her eating disorder caused her to begin a rampage. Big Mom has a dead Opera in her hand, shocking the Big Mom pirates. All of their lives are now in danger, as Big Mom attacks indiscriminately. Perospero foolishly lies to her telling her that there’s a second cake and the Strawhat’s stole it. Big Mom warns him that if he’s lying she will kill him. She summons Zeus and rides it towards the Strawhat’s.

Katakuri and the others are relieved but know that Perospero only bought the some time. Pudding arrives and reveals a plan to make a chocolate chiffon cake, she seems to back to her evil ways and hopes that Big Mom kills Sanji. The Strawhat’s are rushing to escape and ride a newly sewn together King Baum, they cut through the Seducing Woods. Big Mom quickly catches up to them and she demands the cake back, wielding Napoleon in sword form.

Opera’s death isn’t very important nor was it surprising he was already proven to be a traitor. However, the danger Big Mom represents to her own family seems to create a rather tense environment. Normally she’s irrational and selfish, in her current mentality she’s even worst. Perospero basically commits suicide by lying to Big Mom, but manages to save the Big Mom pirates at the expense of the Strawhat’s. I feel that one of the Strawhat’s will sacrifice themselves to buy them time, the best bet will be that it’s Pedro.

Review: DIVE!! Episode 1: Dive to Blue

Dive is an anime adaptation of Eto Mori’s DIVE!! light novel series, the series will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The series focuses on the Mizuki Diving Club, that’s in poor shape and in danger of being shutdown due to financial troubles. The club’s newest coach manages to convince the club’s parent company to remain open if one of the members of the club joins the Japanese Olympic team.

Tomoki begins to train, first off it’s clear that he is in love with Yoichi, and doesn’t seem to care for his own girlfriend Miyu. He’s rude at best and it makes him rather unlikable. Yoichi is the star of the MDC and it’s only hope of finding their financial ruin. Tomoki is unsurprising bad at diving from higher meters, Yoichi gives him some helpful tips and eventually he does it. The episode takes an interesting turn when the character Sacchin, eavesdrops and overhears that Coach Fujitani is having an affair.

I’ll admit that this was more interesting to me than the diving itself, and that’s a problem. The affair doesn’t turn out to be real, as the students conclude that it was probably a representative from Mizuki. Tomo continues to ignore his girlfriends phone calls and even leaves before she can walk him to practice. The lady that they were previously discussing turns out to be Kayoko Asaki, a new coach that wants to take the club to the Olympics.

Too be honest I didn’t care for this series. Having recently watch Yuri on Ice and Ballroom e Youkoso, Dive!! fails in comparison. The animation does compare at all, and it’s a shame considering that diving is a sport that requires a smooth entry into the pool, and would benefit from top tier animation. Finally, the main character is unlikable, while determined, he’s mean to his brother and disrespectful towards his (hopefully soon to be ex) girlfriend.

Welcome to the ballroom

Ballroom e Yokoso (Welcome to the ballroom) is a manga series created by Tomo Takeuchi. An sports base series in the vein of anime like , Prince of Tennis, Slam Dunk, Yuri on Ice and Haikyuu. The series focuses on ballroom dancing, admittedly not considered by many to be a “sport.” Regardless, it does seem to be an interesting genre to tackle. Manga and anime, are useful creative mediums that can make anything topic an interesting series.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been able to maintain my interest in this genre, I really liked Yuri on Ice, but I haven’t finished it yet. However, with AOT season ending, I might have more time. Regardless, I think this series will be similar to that of Yuri on Ice, and is likely to receive some of it’s fanfare. Ballroom e Yokoso focuses on a shy student named Tatara, as he becomes a dancer under the tutelage of an international professional dancer, Sengoku. Tatara becomes inspired to become the best dancer possible.

I can admit that I have watch a few seasons of Dancing with the stars, so I don’t have a problem enjoying ballroom dancing. However, I also love tennis and couldn’t get into Prince of Tennis. I wasn’t surprised how detailed the information regarding how to perform the dances (such as “the box”) this is generally how these types of series work.

The most impressive part of this series is undeniably the animation. The animation is fluid, which is important for dancing. The characters are tall, with elongated limbs, muted colors and thin outlines. The only downside to the characters height is that it becomes difficult to believe that they are in middle school not high school. I won’t pretend to know whether I will finish this series but I did enjoy the first episode.

Thank you, for reading.

One Piece Chapter 871: the tamatebako explodes

The Germa Kingdom steps up

The Strawhat’s and the others would be dead without the Vinsmoke family stepping up and defending them. Judge attacks Big Mom directly with his spear, she simply breaks the spear with her teeth. She counters with Zeus, while promising to use his scientific powers for her benefit. One strange response to his defeat at the hands of Big Mom was his children, Niji and Yonji. The Vinsmokes are suppose to be emotionless, but they seemed to be willing to sacrifice themselves for their father.

Luffy versus Big Mom

One of the appealing aspects of the One Piece series is that there are numerous characters that are incredibly strong. Big Mom being a Yonko puts her on another level compared to everyone else. However, newer pirates like Luffy are rising up in the ranks, so it’s interesting to see how he stacks up. The answer apparently is not well. Luffy decides that he wants to punch her “just once,” he activates “Gear Fourth,” but it’s easily block by Big Mom.

Tamatebako is a deus ex machina

This may be a premature claim, as we haven’t seen the results of the explosion, but how else will everyone escape from this dire situation. I think its a good thing that Luffy and the strawhat’s aren’t strong enough to defeat Big Mom yet. However, I think it’s telling that Luffy stated that he will defeat Big Mom AFTER he beats Kaido. Considering that even Big Mom believes that he’s unbeatable, I think Oda is suggesting that within the story will see Luffy defeat him before doing the same to Big Mom. Whether, this occurs or not remains to be seen of course.

Made in Abyss Episode 1

Made in Abyss (Meido in Abisu) is an manga series by Akihito Tsukushi, the series has been adapted by Kinema Citrus. The story centers around a  system of caves called the “abyss.” The abyss is the only unexplored place in the world. Inhabited by odd creatures and unique relics, the caves are a source of adventure and intrigue for humans. These explorers are called, “Cave Raiders,” they head into the abyss in search of the relics. The first episode entitled, “The City of the Great Pit” introduces us to this world.

Riko and the Crimson Splitjaw

Riko is training to become a “Cave Raider,” like her mother, the episode reveals information about the world slowly. While discovering new relics, Riko witnesses a odd looking creature, a crimson splitjaw. The splitjaw attempts to eat Nat, Riko blows her whistle capturing the attention of the creature. It begins to chase her through the caves, she reaches a cliff and is trapped. However, she is rescued by what she learns is a robot boy, she later calls, Reg.

The director addressing the orphans

At first glace Made in Abyss may appear to be geared towards children, but it appeals to a wider audience. The animation quality of this series is stunning, fluid and detailed. The animation is on best display when witnessing the background, from the city surrounding the pit, Riko’s room or the classroom. As a lead character Riko is likable, as are her friends. Reg is interesting due to the mysteries surrounding his existence. Made in Abyss is an exciting new anime and I’m eager to see what it has to offer.

Reg, Robot boy

Coro Coro Comic July 2017

FLCL season 2 and 3 trailer

The second and third season trailer of FLCL was released. Cartoon Networks Adult Swim, along with Production IG revived the series. There will be a dozen episodes, divided between the two seasons. FLCL 2 and FLCL 3 will be released in 2018. The animation and style in the trailer is consistent with the previous season. However, the question is without the majority of the cast from the previous series, will FLCL still maintain elements that made it good?

Hunter X Hunter returns

Hunter X Hunter is not a series I have followed from the beginning, but I have just started binge watching the series on Netflix. I was unaware that it was on hiatus, and that it is a routine occurrence from the Yoshihiro Togashi. Regardless, the series returns with chapter 361. For those who don’t know, Hunter X Hunter focuses on Gon Freecss, a young boy who becomes a hunter, “a licensed profession for those who specialize in fantastic pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals.”

Despite being abandoned by his father, Gon follows in his fathers footsteps and hopes to find him. The series was also adapted into an anime consisted on 148 episodes, and two movies. The series has also sold over 60 million copies in Japan alone. The next chapter (361) picks up were the last chapter left off, making for an difficult resumption of the series for fans of the manga. Kurapika restrains Sairid, he asks if Sairid’s Hatsu is needed to complete the mission. Bill states that, Sairid’s ability is “an EmissionManipulation Hatsu that allows him to project his Aura into a ball and then control any creature caught inside the ball.” 

Kurapika absorbs Sairid’s aura using his steal chain, drawing out a spider like creature. It escapes and Kurapika learns more about Sairid ability called “Little Eye,” allowing him to control creatures smaller than hamsters. Meanwhile, the royalty has withdraw from battle to save face. Personally, I prefer the anime to the manga, but it looks like the anime has ended. I not sure how I feel about the manga overall, so I’ll continue to read a few more chapters then decided.

Epic Battle: Izuku vs Shoto

The much anticipated battle between Izuku and Shoto begins in episode 10 of Boku no Hero Academia. Titled, Shoto Todoroki: Origin, this episode was wall to wall action and the animation was spectacular. Shoto quickly attacks Izuku with his Half-Cold, Half-Hot quirk, creating pillars of ice, Izuku counters with One for All, using his middle finger. He creates a powerful gust of wind, destroying the ice and breaking his middle finger.

They repeat this pattern several times, then Shoto uses his ice to get closer to Izuku. Engaging in close combat, Shoto gains the upper hand, trapping the foot of Izuku. Left with no choice, Izuku uses his quirk with his entire fist, knocking Shoto backwards. Shoto attacks again, but Izuku destroys the ice once again. He then criticizes Izuku for using only half his powers. Enraged, Shoto runs toward Izuku, but the negative effects of his quirk has caused his body some frostbite. He’s slower and Izuku manages to hit him directly in the stomach.

Izuku continues to challenge Shoto’s resistance to using his fire ability. Shoto flashes back to his traumatic childhood. He recalls being abused and isolated from his siblings and how he came to hate his father. Izuku tells Shoto that, “his fire power belongs to him and only him.” Shoto finally activates his fire powers, his father Endeavor is delighted, both Shoto and Izuku gear up for their clash. Shoto uses a massive wave of ice, while Izuku use his quirk on his leg. Cementoss attempts to intervene to protect them from their attacks. Shoto shots his fire and Izuku causes a powerful shock-wave. As the smoke clears, Izuku has been knocked out of bound, giving Shoto the win.

It’s easy to see Izuku and Shoto as enemies (Shoto even states that they are), but they’re not. Considering that both are hoping to become heroes, they are one the same side. In this context, Izuku helping and then losing to Shoto will ultimately be to the benefit of the greater good. We also are explicitly told that all quirks come with downsides, we can clearly notice Izuku’s quirks downside, but sometimes we don’t see the other quirk consequences. Overall, this episode was amazing and worth watching.