Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 14: Even if you can wait, you will still get scars

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 14 titled “Freedom,” starts off with a bang. Gardar attempts to take his wife, Arnheid, but Snake immediately stops him. First Snake cuts the throat of his horse and grabs Arnheid from him. Einar rushes over to the commotion with his axe in hand, he’s aware that Gardar is Arnheid’s husband but he rather see her free even if she won’t be with him. Thorfinn calms him down, which Snake calls “wise.” Snake intents to Gardar in alive so he can ask him questions.

At this point we haven’t seen Snake fighting fully. Gardar is aggressive, attacking Snake. He easily dodges and wonders how Fox, Lizard, and Badger lost to him since he’s injured. Snake knocks Gardar out after hitting him in his wound and then hitting him in the back of the head.

The difference in power

Arnheid reveals some of her backstory. Her marriage to Gardar was arranged but he treated her well. They had a son but he died due to pots. They lived a peaceful life in Sweden until iron was found in a nearby marsh causing several groups including the men of her and Gardar’s village. With the men gone the village was left unprotected when Vikings came and killed the old, burned down the village, and kidnap the woman.

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Gardar has changed from the kind man he was then to a man she doesn’t recognize. Besides she’s pregnant with Ketil’s baby and intents to raise he child in peace. At night Arnheid heads to Gardar to try to help him. Sverkel warns her not to. He tells her a story from the past regarding Ketil falling in love with a girl from a village nearby. A man from that village, Ebbe, competed with Ketil for her. Since Ebbe was more powerful Ketil and their village submitted. Unfortunately, a envious man killed Ebbe and the girl Ketil loved.

Sverkel is warning Arnheid of the likely outcome if she tries to help Gardar. Ketil is the stronger man in this scenario and he’s unlikely to give her and his baby up. Tragedy is likely to happen soon and I think Arnheid and her unborn child will end up dead.

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