Heavenly Delusion Season 1 Episode 2: Welcome to Tomato Heaven

In Heavenly Delusion Season 1 Episode 2 the students are beginning to question what’s outside and I’m curious how the adults will respond. We’re introduces to more of the world, while revealing new mysteries. In last weeks episode Maru and Kiruko find an inn. The innkeeper is kind and gives them food and shelter. However, she drugs them to prevent them from killing the “Man-eater.”

Kiruko and Maru head outside to find the innkeeper with her shotgun. The Man-eater swoops from the sky and hides in the shadows. As Kiruko is distracted by Maru sneaks up behind her. Parts of it’s starfish like head glows in the dark and it stalks around like a bird of prey. Maru throws a wood bucket at it which quickly get slice up by an invisible appendage. Kiruko believes it’s an “ultrasonic blast,” but Maru claims it’s a whip of some sort. The Man-eater comes charging at them and it’s whip cut up the ground. Kiruko and Maru manage to avoid getting hit but the car behind them doesn’t and explodes.

Maru deduces that there are “three whips on each side.” Kiruko is going to have to us her gun to do as much damage as possible so Maru can kill it. They finally get the upper hand but before they can go further the innkeeper stop them, claiming the Man-eater is her “son, Yuto.” If that wasn’t a shock the fact that he “son” proceeds to cut her up into pieces then eat her is. Shocked and horrified, Maru and Kiruko steel themselves and swallow their feelings. Kiruko notices a pattern in the creature attack and Maru uses it to evade damage. When he manages to grab the creature he uses some mysterious power to crush it’s heart.

A man in a woman’s body

Maru and Kiruko travel to a town called Kusakabe Farm. Meanwhile, the students in the dome continue to test the boundaries. One of the students tries to ride to machines up a column only for them to cut off and fall far. The student lands on his head from a great height but seems fine. Earlier in this episode another student jumps into a tree without much effort and clings to a brand like Spiderman. If you include Maru’s obvious superhuman abilities it’s clear that many characters in this universe have “powers.”

Body switching and clones

Just to speculate I think scientist clone people, embed them with superhuman abilities specifically to fight the Man-eaters. This “Heaven” Maru is searching for is probably the name of the dome. Maru has been given some vague instructions to inject his clone with some unknown drug. That’s not going end well. Anyway, Maru and Kiruko are greeted by pleasant villagers. They’re given food and shelter. While discussing Maru’s clone one of the villagers mistakes Kiruko for a racecar driver. The hair is different but the face is the same.

While on a ship Maru express his romantic feelings for Kiruko who then reveals that she’s a male mind trapped in a female body. If this society can produce clones with super powers then could brain transfer be possible? I think I’m sold on this series. Heavenly Delusion is a brutal series with a lot of mysteries like (as Tarao puts them) where does the food for the children come from, what’s inside the vents of the dome, and what happens behind the teachers doors.

2 thoughts on “Heavenly Delusion Season 1 Episode 2: Welcome to Tomato Heaven

  1. “Maru has been given some vague instructions to inject his clone with some unknown drug. That’s not going end well.”

    Maybe. Or it may be something that will save the younger one’s life in some way. There’s just too much that we don’t know or have any information about to be sure of much of anything.

    As for Kiruko saying she’s a man in a woman’s body, I think I will wait for her explanation before jumping to the possibility of brain transplants and whatnot.

    The whole thing with the woman protecting a man-eater because it’s all she has left of her son was warped. The notion that she may have been feeding her guests to it is horrifically plausible, but doesn’t explain why she’d shoot at it, and if she thought that it was her son because it ate him, then there’s an inconsistency in having it eat other people. But, then again, madness is not always bound by the need for consistency.

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