Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 16: The two dagger stance

In Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 16, “Great Purpose,” the farm continues to be in disarray with Gardar at large and Snake looking for him. Einar decides to rush to Sverkel’s place to help Arnheid in anyway. Unfortunately for Einar and Thorfinn, Snake and his men are waiting for Gardar at the farm. Arnheid reveals to Thorfinn and Einar that Gardar passed out from his injures. Arnheid actions puts her at greater risk. She’s still just a slave and could be severally punished for aiding Gardar. Regardless, both Thorfinn and Einar agree to help.

While, Arnheid prepares dinner, Snake is out for blood. Gardar has killed five of his men and won’t rest until he’s dead. This set’s up Snake as a more concert opposition to Arnheid, Einar, and Thorfinn. Sverkel tries and fails to encourage Snake to put down his sword and become a farmer. Snake refuses. Suddenly Spider arrives to tell him that he saw someone moving by the trees. It’s Einar hiding under a cloak. While Snake and his men give chase, Thorfinn tries to escape with Gardar.

Snake notices something strange regarding Einar and sends Badger and Spider to chase him. He returns to find Thorfinn trying to leave with Arnheid, Sverkel, and Gardar. Snake threatens to kill Thorfinn if he doesn’t hand over Gardar. I mentioned in my previous review that Thorfinn will have to choose between being a warrior or a pacifist. At least for a while, he’ll have to be will to fight. As Snake approaches, Thorfinn attacks. Snake avoids both attacks but Thorfinn avoids Snakes counter. Thorfinn knows he must get serious and he takes his old stance to prepare.

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