Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, Episode 4

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 4, “Thank You, Tokito,” opens with Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, rescuing Kotetsu from a fish demon. Muichiro severs the demon’s arm but the demon heals and makes another attack. Muichiro ultimately kills the demon by slicing the vase on top of its head, and realizing it must be a Blood Demon Art. I got to say I find the vase as a weakness to be dumb. It’s not even a more difficult way to kill the demons. It serves no real purpose. I wouldn’t have included the weakness at all.

In the aftermath, Muichiro’s selflessness and heroism do not go unnoticed. Kotetsu, grateful for his rescue, clings to Muichiro in a tearful embrace and apologizing for his past insults. Though Muichiro brushes off the praise, he can’t help but remember the wise words of Kagaya Ubuyashiki, who encouraged Muichiro to trust that his lost memories would return in time. Muichiro is injured suggesting his memory loss isn’t part of his normal personality but a result of trauma. Muichiro decides to rescue Kozo and Hotaru. He hoists Kotetsu on his shoulder and sprints towards the village.

Tanjiro verses Urogi

Tanjiro fiercely battles against the winged demon. The continues to attack with it’s sonic voice. However, Tanjiro’s swift reflexes allow him to slice the demon’s head in half before the attack can be fully unleashed. However, the halves of the demon’s head suddenly transform into new mouths and launch a counter-attack at him.

Tanjiro quickly deduces that the demons share a certain amount of power and each notices that’s etching on each demon’s tongue, indicates the emotion they represent. The one he’s facing is the demon of joy, and Tanjiro believes that the four main demons cannot get any stronger.

The demon relentlessly swoops down to slash Tanjiro’s shoulders, thighs, and chest, leaving him with wounds all over his body. Tanjiro manages to cut through its head, slowing down its attacks and allowing him to sprint towards it. Using the demons lightweight body, Tanjiro drives the demon through the wall, finally returning to the main building where Nezuko and Genya are fighting.

Nezuko and Genya struggle

Nezuko and Genya struggling to defeat Karaku and Sekido. Genya hasn’t shown much of his abilities yet. He’s clearly resistant to damage and has a healing factor. Sekido orders Aizetsu to “split Genya’s head in half.” Aizetsu attacks, but to his surprise, he misses completely. Genya appears behind him and attempts to slice his neck, but he is stopped by Sekido’s powerful electricity. He manages to pull the trigger of his shotgun, severing the demon’s right hand. Sekido refuses to believe that Genya is still alive, and he swings his yari at him, slamming the shaft into Genya’s chest and sending him flying through the room.

Karaku, bored with his fight with Nezuko driving’s his foot through Nezuko’s torso and impaling her. However, Nezuko manages to kick Karaku in the jaw and partially sever his neck before ripping her hand away. Using Exploding Blood, she sets Karaku ablaze and manages to blast him away with his own uchiwa.

Nezuko then tries to repeat the move on Sekido, but the demo stabs her in the neck. Summoning his electricity, he shocks her in place, leaving her paralyzed. This is when Tanjiro arrives. He uses the resistance the foot of Urogi has against Sekido’s electricity and swiftly slices through the demon’s tongue, preventing him from using his powers. He frees Nezuko, who then uses her blood Demon Art to burn Sekido and send him reeling.

Unfortunately, Karaku returns and unleashes a devastating downburst that pins them to the ground. Nezuko and Tanjiro crash through the roof and are knocked unconscienced. Elsewhere, the fish demons rampage through the Swordsmith village. The swordsmith try to fight but they’re clearly no match. However, the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji is rushing to help.

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