Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, Episode 5

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 5, “Bright Red Blade,” reveals the fighting style of the Love Hashira and Mist Hashira. However, it’s Tanjiro that steals the episode with his use of the Sun Style.

Mitsuri appears

Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art’s fish demons continue to ravage the Swordsmith Village killing a number of swordsmiths. We have been anticipating the arrival of Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji and wonder what her style looks like. Mitsuri storms through the village destroying the fish demons with quick strikes. What is most striking about Mitsuki is her odd sword the resembles a whip.

When attacking, Mitsuri’s appears to be swing a ribbon. It’s a elegant style that provides a variety of advantages. For example, Mitsuri has tremendous reach unlike the other Hashira. Finally, we get to see her first form, Love Breathing, First Form: Shivers of First Love. She eviscerates a demon, hitting it multiple times.

Gyokko vs Muichiro

Muichiro is able to spot Gyokko quickly, much to the surprise of Gyokko. The Upper Demon reveals his “art,” he calls “Death Throes of the Smiths,” a grotesque collection of the bodies of swordsmith. Gyokko himself is a grotesque figure so it shouldn’t be a surprise. Muichiro is appalled and attempts to decapitate Gyokko. He fails as the Gyokko teleports from vase to vase too quickly.

Gyokko shows off some of his abilities. Using vase’s as a medium he summons two orange fish that shoot off needles at high speeds. The goldfish turn to Kotetsu and Kozo. Muichiro rushes to defend them, becoming impaled by poisonous needles. Angered, Muichiro attacks Gyokko again, only this time he get ensnared in another one of Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art: Water Prison Pot. Muichiro is trapped inside a prison of water preventing him from using his techniques.

Tanjiro’s Sun Halo Dragon

Last season we learned that Muzan can “see’ through the eyes of his demons and they can witness his past. This is especially true regarding Muzan’s fear of the mysterious demon slayer. Nezuko ignites Tanjiro’s blade with he blood demon art turning it red. The “Bright Red Nichirin Sword,” is a special type of sword that possesses unique properties that can only be wielded by those that have awakened the Demon Slayer Mark.

Newly empowered, Tanjiro activates Hinokami Kagura and slices through the neck of Urogi, Karaku, and Sekido. It’s a stunning moment and attack he calls Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance. While Tanjiro decapitates all three, Genya decapitates the other Aizetsu. However, somethings wrong with him, he now has fangs and black and yellows eyes. Tanjiro notes how he looks like a demon.

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