Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, Episode 6 – 8

Despite beheading all four of Hantengu’s demon forms nothing happens. Tanjiro concludes that there must be a fifth. Using his impressive smelling ability he locates the original Hantengu hiding in the forest. He sends Genya, as he and Nezuko fend off the other demons. Hantengu’s original form never disappeared, it only shrunk to a tiny version of itself. The discovery is surprising and hilarious. Genya gives chase and fails to make a dent in the demon, as his sword and guns cause no damage. Suddenly, Sekido appears behind him and Genya doesn’t have the ability to avoid the attack. We are treated to another flashback where Genya and his brother Sanemi are the survivors of the attack by their demonic mother.

She kills he own children and is in turned killed by Sanemi. Considering the fact that Sanemi is a human child at the time his abilities must be phenomenal. Genya’s response to his brother killing their mother is to blame Sanemi for “murdering,” her. In the present, Genya, accepting his death, deeply regret his accusation and is sadden that he won’t get to apologize. Of course, Tanjiro would never allow Genya to die like that and rescues him at the last minute. Genya in turn takes a hit from Aizetsu’s Weeping Spears. This leaves Genya looking like swish cheese. However, he can still move and shoots Aizetsu. Tanjiro gives tracks down Hantengu and strikes at his neck with his red blade.

The arrival of a new threat

Tanjiro’s sword loses it’s power and Tanjiro senses a new threat. Realizing that Hantengu was in danger, Sekido absorbs the other three demons, Urogi, Aizetsu, and Karaku against their will. Together they transform into another demon, Zohakuten. This demon form has a cool designed. Anyone that has watched anime as long as I have knows that certain tropes signal a character is powerful. For example, old characters, blind ones, and childlike ones. Zohakuten falls into the last category. He is a manifestation of Hantengu hatred. He feels different and more dangerous. I don’t think the Tanjiro can defeat him, it will likely fall to Mitsuki to do so.

Elsewhere, Muichiro continues to be trapped inside Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art for what feels like the entire season. Muichiro tries to use his Mist Breathing, First Form: Low Clouds, Distant Haze. It fails. Kotetsu attempts to rescue Muichiro, slicing at the water but it has no effect. He’s attacked by a blade fish demon and gets slashed in the arm, shoulder, and then the solar plexus. Muichiro assumes he’s going to die but Kotetsu uses what could be his last breathe to blow bubbles into the water pot, giving Muichiro another breathe. With that Muichiro uses Eight-Layered Mist and finally breaks free. In episode 7, we finally get to see what Hotaru looks like under that mask, as he tries to restore Tanjiro’s blade. He looks younger than expected and has long hair.

You are one of the chosen ones

Demon Slayer Episode 8 focuses on Muichiro exclusively. After removing the poisonous needles Muichiro but he lacks the strength to fight. Seeing Kotetsu in danger he recalls his tragic childhood. At this point, all the childhoods of the Demon Slayers are tragic, almost none of them have any parents who have been massacred by a demon. The stories are largely similar which isn’t a big issue but can feel boring and redundant. Demons are responsible for creating many of the Demon Slayers that hunt them. After Sanemi killing a demon without training, Muichiro does the same at an even younger age. Meaning these two are among the strongest of the Hashira.

The story may feel similar to the others but it was still heartbreaking. After reliving the tragedy, Muichiro red markings appear granting him enough strength to fight again. He quickly defeats the demons and rescues Kotetsu. Gyokko is still obsessed with Hotaru’s concentration. Muichiro attacks him but the Upper Demon still is too fast. Gyokko uses another demon art, Octopus Vase Hell: which cause massive tentacles to emerge from a vase. But Muichiro isn’t done yet. Armed with a new shiny sword, Muichiro puts on an epic show. Using his Mist form to dodge the tentacles and water Gyokko hurls at him. As Muichiro remembers, he gains more confidence and begins to dominate Gyokko. But is it over yet?

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