Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3, Episode 3

In Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 3, “A Sword from Over 300 Years Ago,” Tanjiro and Kotetsu discover a 300-year-old sword hidden inside Yoriichi Type Zero’s doll after delivering a blow to it. Despite being ecstatic about the find, Tanjiro refuses to use it, prompting the smith to point out that Sengoku period steel is of the best quality and that Tanjiro has earned the right to use it. However, upon unsheathing the blade, they find it severely rusted, much to their disappointment.

As they try to figure out what to do with the sword, Hotaru Haganezuka, a muscular swordsmith, appears and declares that the sword should be left to him. Despite Tanjiro and Kotetsu’s confusion and attempts to keep it, Hotaru insists on taking the sword, even shoving them to the ground.

Kozo Kanamori arrives and reveals that Hotaru sequestered himself in the mountains to train in making an unbreakable blade for himself. Kozo also explains that Hotaru appreciates Tanjiro for believing in him, despite other Demon Slayers disliking him due to his poor social skills. Hotaru wakes up and enthusiastically announces that he will restore the rusty blade. Kotetsu points out that he could have mentioned it earlier, prompting the angry blacksmith to grab him. Tanjiro and Kozo quickly tickle Kotetsu to exhaustion to save Hotaru. Hotaru then gives Tanjiro an alternative blade to use for the time being.

What’s Genya’s Secret?

The next day in the village, Tanjiro tells Genya about Hotaru’s intense polishing process, which has reportedly killed people. Tanjiro is worried about Hotaru’s safety and notes that he is not allowed to watch. Genya, who is sitting nearby, doesn’t care about Tanjiro’s concerns and demands that Tanjiro not speak to him as a friend. When Tanjiro asks why, Genya explains that it’s because Tanjiro broke his arm during the Final Selection. Tanjiro, however, insists that he broke his arm by hitting a girl. He offers Genya a rice cracker, but Genya smashes it in anger.

While listening to Tanjiro, Genya denies missing a tooth, but Tanjiro remembers seeing that he is missing one. He pulls out the tooth and offers it to Genya, who is disgusted and kicks him out of the room. Many anime fans have noticed that Genya sounds and acts like Bakugo from My Hero Academia. While the initial similarities are obvious Bakugo was all show and underneath he was more sentimental and caring. I wonder if Genya will have a similar arc. Genya clearly has a healing ability but why does he keep it a secret?

The Upper Rank Demons attack

Season 3 of Demon Slayer is only 11 episodes so it should come as a surprise that the fighting began this early but I thought it might have started in episode 4. While making his way home from the hot springs, a swordsmith stumbles upon an intricately designed vase on the steps. As he reaches out to take hold of it, he is suddenly sucked into the vase, his body crushed and contorted as he is swallowed up by its opening.

Emerging from the vase, the swordsmith is barely alive, his body gruesomely disfigured. Gyokko, who had infiltrated the Swordsmith Village, appears and expresses his distaste for the taste of swordsmiths. He plans to destroy the village, hoping it will weaken the Demon Slayers.

Meanwhile, Hantengu, now a member of the Upper Five, is reminded of Muzan’s fury during a meeting and decides to kill everyone in the village to please him. In the forest, Genya visits his swordsmith’s empty hut and finds his completed Nichirin sword. Reflecting on his older brother, he resolves to take action, thinking to himself, “I have to do it.”

Hantengu splits into four

Upper Rank 4, Hantengu appears as a weak coward, constantly whining and crying. Of course, being an Upper Rank Demon means he’s strong but how. After he enters the room with Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Muichiro he’s quickly decapitated.

Tanjiro cautions Muichiro about the “resilience” of Upper Rank demons, as beheading alone isn’t enough to kill them. Suddenly, the severed head of the demon they were facing changes its appearance and grows a new body, while its headless body develops a new head and form. Tanjiro decides to take on the standing demon, while Muichiro confronts the other one.

However, before Muichiro can attack, the demon uses a leaf-shaped uchiwa to blast him away with a powerful gust of wind, destroying the room and nearly knocking Tanjiro off his feet. The demon, a manifestation of pleasure, laughs at Muichiro’s misfortune and asks for Sekido’s agreement.

Meanwhile, the manifestation of anger complains about being joined with Karaku, and Tanjiro tries to plan his attack. But Sekido summons bolts of electricity using his khakkhara, paralyzing Tanjiro and his sister, Nezuko.

Just as Tanjiro is about to lose consciousness, he sees Genya on the roof above them. Using a double-barrel shotgun loaded with Nichirin steel shot, Genya beheads Sekido but only partially severs Karaku’s neck. He then rushes down to finish off the second demon, who relishes in a new attack. As Genya beheads Karaku, Tanjiro warns him that the demons cannot be defeated if they have to beheaded them.

I think the Upper Rank 4 Demons can only split within a limit. Each demon has a name, personality, emotion, and specific abilities that it must be limited instead of reproducing infinity. I wonder if they have more abilities than just one attack but within their specific element.

Muichiro vs the Upper Rank 5

After a safe landing, Muichiro rushes back to assist Tanjiro with the demon. However, he spots a fish-like demon attacking Kotetsu, a defenseless child with no swordsmanship skills. Considering the child’s low priority, Muichiro continues on his way to find the main body of the demon, which he suspects is not the one attacking Kotetsu.

He believes that protecting the chief during the village attack is the most crucial mission. As the demon grabs Kotetsu, Muichiro realizes the significance of Tanjiro’s advice on helping others, causing him to pause. The fish demon tightens its grip on Kotetsu, but Muichiro cuts off its arm, freeing the child. He then stands in front of Kotetsu and urges him to flee as he engages in combat with the demon. This sets up the potential battles, with Muichiro facing Upper Rank 5 and Tanjiro with the others fighting the multiple Upper Rank 4.

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  1. One thing that this series is really good at is the characterization and moments when the Slayers get a little bit of Downtime. It makes the death’s actually……. mean something- no matter how attached you are to each character. You’ll always feel something.

    1. I agree. I think the small cast of characters makes the characterization and the impact of characters death more powerful.

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