The Top 100 Anime and Manga Battles of All Time (60 – 51)

60. Kiado vs Luffy

Kiado is one of the strongest pirates in One Piece, his current bounty is 4,611,100,000. Only Whitebeard and Gold Roger had higher bounties. Up until this battle (if you want to call it that) it was unclear how strong Kiado actually is. During the Wano arc, Luffy fights Kiado after believing that the former killed his crew. Luffy goes into a rage, attacking Kiado with all he has. It doesn’t matter. Kiado has massive psychical powers. He’s able to break past the defenses of Luffy’s Gear Fourth.

Kiado has nigh-indestructible durability without using Haki. Luffy attacks while in Third Gear and then Fourth Gear, which doesn’t do anything but annoy Kiado. Tired of the encounter, Kiado uses his giant metal kanabo, that’s covered with spikes. Swinging it with his immense strength, he knocks Luffy unconscious with a single blow. The recently animated episodes of this encounter make it even more dramatic, it’s not a complete battle but it’s still worth a watch.

59. Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto

Kabuto uses his snakes to attack Sasuke and Itachi. Both Sasuke and Itachi activates their Susanoo. Kabuto reveals that he has become a sage. Kabuto uses ” Hermit Technique, Technique of the White Shock”, which causes a tremendous amount of pain. Even through the pain Itachi manages to predict Kabuto’s next movement.

Sasuke and Itachi work together using a strategy they used during their childhoods. Itachi slices one of Kabuto’s horns, and activates a forbidden doujutsu ” Izanami”. Kabuto uses ” Hermit Technique – Muki Tensei “, which is countered by Sasuke’s Amaterasu. Kabuto uses the techniques from the former sound five, even Orochimaru. Kabuto cuts Itachi in half, he continues to fight with Itachi in what appears to be deja vu. Kabuto seems to notice but its too late he has been trapped in a looping genjutsu.

58. Zeruel vs Unit 00, 02

The tenth Angel lay waste to the city quickly, and Mari in Unit 02 confronts it. She first uses a rifle and then a Thunder Spear, but the defenses of the angel is too great. She uses Unit 02’s ” Beast Mode” becoming more powerful and more agile. However, its not enough and Unit 02 is severely damaged. Rei attacks the Angel with a massive missile, the explosion doesn’t have an effect.

Unit 00 arms are severed and is devoured by the angel. The angel becomes more human-like in form, it is prevented from reaching Lilith by Shinji. Unit 01 initially dominates the 10 Angel but runs out of power. Shinji becomes enraged at the angels consumption of Rei and Unit 01 becomes berserk. Unit 01 power increases tremendously, healing itself an increasing its AT field strength. Shinji and Unit 01 uses optical blast destroying the angel and saving Rei.

57. Itachi vs Sasuke

The battle between the brothers has been anticipated since the beginning of the Naruto series, and it didn’t disappoint. They begin they fight clashing with a sword (Sasuke) and kunai (Itachi), Itachi gets the better of this exchange. Sasuke responded with “Chidori Nagashi”, and manages to “stab” Itachi through the stomach. Itachi reveals that it was all an illusion, they engage a contest of genjutsu. Itachi and Sasuke begin the real fight using a fury of shuriken. Itachi still manages to create a shadow clone during this exchange.

Itachi manages to gain the advantage and appears to puck out one of Sasuke’s eyes. It becomes clear to Sasuke that it’s all just an genjutsu ( Tsukuyomi ) and he falls to the floor a bit exhausted. Itachi starts to activate his Amaterasu, Sasuke goes on the offensive hurling using his ” Shadow Shuriken Technique ” successfully hurting Itachi. He then uses his “Fire Style: Grand Fireball Technique” forcing Itachi to escape through the roof. They then both use the technique, when Sasuke appears to win Itachi’s Amaterasu activates.

Amaterasu consumes the fire of Sasuke’s technique, he used the jutsu again this time hitting Sasuke with it. Sasuke escapes using a substitution jutsu. He uses ” Grand Dragon Fire Technique “, destroying the ceiling of the building. Sasuke’s true goal was to create an atmosphere for his final attack. He uses ” Kirin ” resulting in a devastating lightning attack.

Itachi appears to have been defeated but surprises Sasuke, by using his strongest attack Susanoo. Out of chakra Sasuke is taken over by Orochimaru, who uses ” Hydra Technique “. Itachi easily dispatches Orochimaru sealing him permanently with his ” Sword of Totsuka”. Itachi seems to be struggling psychically coughing up blood, Sasuke uses explosive kunai but fails to make a dent. Before Itachi can steal Sasuke’s eyes he collapses and dies.

56. Asuka vs Mass Produced Evangelions

Like many of the battles in Evangelion, the conflict between Asuka and Mass Produced Eva’s was a brutal and emotional. In episode 25, they are sent to defeat Evangelion Unit-02. Created under secrecy by SEELE, the primary purpose was to initialize the SEELE’s version of the Third Impact. Each of these Eva’s has a part of wings, looking like the angels they’re suppose to destroy (or at least what we think of when we think angels). Anyway, EVA-02, severely wounds each of them.

She tears off the upper jaw of EVA-09, then she snaps it in half. She impales EVA-11 with a knife, cuts off the right arm of EVA-07 and snaps it neck. With the Heavy Spears, she cuts EVA-12 in half, cuts EVA-08 leg off. It’s bloody battles typical for this series. However, none of this results in a EVA-02 victory. Her umbilical cable gets cut and she runs out of time. EVA-02 get impaled through the head and it shuts down. The Mass Produced EVA’s recover, and begin to rip the intestine out of EVA-02. They finally “kill” her by impaling her with several more Heavy Spears.

55. Naruto vs Sasuke

Naruto catches up with Sasuke at the “Valley of the End”. Sasuke is serious about killing Naruto. Naruto aims to ” beat Sasuke back to his old self”, and uses Shadow clone and Rasengan. Sasuke uses his Chidori and they clash like they previously did at the hospital. Sasuke uses his Chidori a second time piercing Naruto’s shoulder. Naruto becomes anger and his nine tails chakra is released. Naruto heals his injuries, Sasuke use his ” Great Fireball Technique” and Naruto counters with a scream that extinguishes the flame.

Sasuke’s Sharingan complete’s and he’s able to predict Naruto’s movements. Once it appears that Naruto has been defeated, his nine-tails Chakra envelopes him. Naruto’s chakra makes it difficult for Sasuke to predict his movements. He retreats and decides to use jutsu instead, but it fails. Sasuke finally activates his curse seal level 2. Naruto use his Rasengan and Sasuke use his Chidori and they clash in devastatingly dark energy. Naruto is knocked unconscious and Sasuke leaves.

54. Eren vs Female Titan

After Eren punches Annie into a church. She quickly begins to flee toward the wall. She is pursued by the survey corps. and Eren. When she finds a clearing with no buildings she stops and takes Eren head on. Annie attempts to capturing Eren, she fails. She decides to escape instead, Eren tries to stop her. She uses her ability to harden her skin and knock Eren’s limbs off, and smash his head in. Eren gets up and hops toward Annie tackling her to the ground, he then tries to rip her face off.

She knocks him off her and proceeds to climb the Wall. Eren bite’s her leg trying to prevent her from escaping. However, she manages to climb the wall despite his efforts. Mikasa reaches Anne and cuts off her fingers, knocking her to the ground. Eren tries to rip her out of Titan body with his teeth, she crystallizes herself for protection ending the confrontation.

53. Naruto, Kakashi, Guy vs Obito

Obito protects the demonic statue from Naruto, B, Guy, and Kakashi. Obito remain’s elusive, using his “time – space” technique to evade their attacks. However, “lightning-infused kunai” that Kakashi uses his Kamui on seems to scratch Obito masks. Kakashi notices this and decides to test a theory as to why. When Naruto hits Obito with his Rasengan, it passing through Obito. Kakashi uses his Kamui on it causing damage to Obito. Kakashi realizes how Obito’s “Space–Time Ninjutsu” works.

With Kakashi’s new knowledge he and Naruto, B, and Guy coordinate their attacks. Naruto’s shadow clone attacks Obito, but his clone disappears in Obito’s “space – time” jutsu. Naruto then uses his” Tailed Beast Ball”, forcing Obito to uses his jutsu. While in the other dimension, Obito is attacked by Naruto’s “shadow clone” . He is quickly hit in the face with a Rasengan, shattering his mask revealing his identity.

52. Levi vs Female Titan

This battle was short and featured in the beginning of the episode. The Female Titan attacks Levi, he quickly slices up her arm and stabs her in the eyes. He then continues to slice up the titan. Levi single handily subdues the female titan, and manages to save Eren. Leaving the female titan defeated and in tears.

51. Sho vs Shinra

The battle between brothers, Sho and Shinra was well animated and directed. Shinra’s speed isn’t effective against’s Sho’s ability to time. Shinra refuses to give up. No matter how much he tries, Shinra can’t seem to land a hit on his brother. Despite Shinra landing a mild hit, Sho manages to land a devastating one, Severed Universe. Desperate, Shinra continues to try to increase his speed until he disappears. Shinra continues to miss while he learns how to use his new found speed. Now evenly matched the clash, the battle isn’t completed, but it ends with Shinra bleeding from a sword through the chest.

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