Enen no Shouboutai Episode 12: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 12: Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa

It’s been a few weeks since the last episode of Fire Force aired. This episode directly picks up right after that one. After the destruction of their homes, Shinmon and the villagers begin to rebuild. Sensing an opportunity to help and gain some trust among the 7th Fire Company, Fire Company 8 pitch in. We get a brief montage of the 8th helping, with Shinra using his ability to fly to carry lumber, Maki uses her strength to lift heavy steel pipe. Takehisa is an expert with a nail gun and Arthur uses his mini-Excalibur to help weld. All this goes appreciated by the civilians.We get a greater understanding of the relationship between Benimaru and his Konro. He believes that unlike the other Fire Companies, the 8th is nicer. Benimaru always looks like he’s miserable. It appears that he’s feels guilty. Konro has multiple wounds on both his arms.

At some point, Konro overused his pyrotechnics resulting in parts of his body turning to ash. Benimaru reveals that he never really wanted to be leader of the 7th, but he had no choice due to Konro’s injury. The agents of the Evangelists make a brief appearance in this episode. They are told to kill the 8th, who are investigating them. They decide to manipulate Shinmon into doing their dirty work for them.Transforming into Captain Obi, the agents tell Shinra that he wants to meet Benimaru. When he arrives to the meeting he see (a obvious fake) conversation where Obi and Hinawa loudly talks about the fact that they’re responsible for the Infernals. We know that this isn’t true, but Benimaru wouldn’t. On top of all this he inherently mistrustful of all the Companies including the 8th. This bias makes him even more susceptible to being manipulated.

The entire 8th ends up taking on Benimaru. He handles them without much difficulty. What is particularly interesting in the fight is how Obi fares. In Fire Force, Captain Obi rarely if ever engages in battle. He of course doesn’t have any powers. This left the question of how he could fight against fire users. He does impress. Considering the fact that Benimaru is considered the “strongest” of the Captains, the Obi’s strength must be tremendous. This episode concludes with Konro’s flashback of the moment that he developed tephrosis. I think that the flashback could have waited until the next episode. It seems like it won’t be too much longer. However, we could get to see how strong Konro’s use to be.


Enen no Shouboutai Episode 11: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 11: The Formation of Special Fire Force 8/ The Mightiest Hikeshi

This episode is split into two. The first half, the Formation of Special Fire Force 8, focuses on Takehisa Hinawa’s time with the Tokyo Imperial Armed Forces. He’s actually even more cold and detached. We meet his friend, Toji. Hinawa isn’t religious and doesn’t believe in baptizing guns. Toji asks him, “Between a gun that was baptized and one that wasn’t, you’d rather be shot by the baptized one, right?” That night, Toji transforms into an infernal. He begs Hinawa to “kill him while he’s still conscious.” Hinawa can’t do it. After Toji’s death, Hinawa claims his baptized gun. Hinawa learns so empathy from this tragedy.

Obi, now a rookie fire fighter is standing by waiting for Fire Force members to end the suffering of two Infernal. The members of Company 3, have made a game of killing Infernals, assigning points to each one. Of course this causes Obi to get angry. They lack the concern necessary concern for the family of Infernal’s. Obi decides to take matters into his own hands. Hinawa recognizes the kind of man Obi is and offers to aid him. They decide to put the Infernal to rest. Unlike most of the recent scenes with Infernals this one is more reserved like the first episodes. Fire Force once again is reminding us of the costs. Killing Infernals aren’t fun and games, these are real people, that suffer. After this, Obi decides that he will create his own company, with Hinawa as his first hire.

The Mightiest Hikeshi

The second half of the episode introduces us to Shinmon Benimaru and Company 7. Located in Asakusa, the feels like the Edo era Japan. Benimaru is rude to the towns people that all seem to love him. When he returns to Company 7, it seems like there’s only four members. Their are the twins, Hikage and Hinata, along with Konro. As we saw in the previous episode, Benimaru doesn’t trust the Government or the Church. This includes Company 8. Before we get a conflict between Shinra and Benimaru, an Infernal emerges. Benimaru springs into action, beginning the “festival.” He has the ability of both the second and third generation. This makes him a unique fire fighter, able to create and control fire.

The battle scene is amazing, with Benimaru using matoi flags to destroy rows of homes. At first this is seems ridiculous, but it’s explained that the destruction of the homes are part of the ritual. This was the best episode of Fire Force in a while. Benimaru is a bit of an ass, but also a wildcard. Based on his attitude I don’t think that he’s corrupted. However, he may not care enough to be of any use. I do think that Shinra will likely convince him to join the fight. I’m uncertain if this is the start of more consistent writing from Fire Force, but this episode shows that this series is great without the unnecessary fanservice and with a touching story.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 10: Recap and Review

In episode 10 of Fire Force, Shinra, Tamaki and Obi are sitting in the car arriving to the meeting at  Amaterasu.
Shinra excited to see Amaterasu

Season 1, Episode 10: ‘The Promise’

The tenth episode of Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force), the Promise, introduces the Tokyo Imperial Emperor, Raffles III. He calls an emergency conference of all the Captains to discuss the threat of the Evangelist. It’s rare that all the Captains meet. They arrive at the thermal energy plant, Amaterasu. The plant produces all the energy for Tokyo. The conference begins. Along with Leonard Burns (1st), Princess Hibana (5th) and Akitaru Obi (8th), we are introduced to Gustav Honda (2nd), Dr. Giovanni (3rd), Soichiro Hague (4th), Kayoko Huang (6th) and finally Benimaru Shinmon (7th).

Obi notes that the 7th rarely shows up. Shinra states that Shinmon is considered to be the “mightiest Fire Soldier.” The Emperor begins by telling that the Captains that the Evangelist must be stopped as they are traitors. Shinmon is disrespectful when the Emperor suggests that they’re protected by the “Great Sol.” He states that his name is Shinmon Benimaru, which apparently suggests that he’s a “proto-nationalists.” It would have been helpful for Fire Force to explain what a “proto-nationalists” is, why his name is proto-nationalists” and why that’s a problem. Clearly it means that he doesn’t follow orders and he leaves.

In episode 10 of Fire Force, Sho Kusakabe sits on a throne while leaning on a sword.
Sho Kusakabe

Joker arrives and plans to see Shinra again. It is revealed to the Captains that Shinra has the Adolla Burst. This is the same as the flame of Amaterasu. Captain Obi and Company 8, take full responsibility for protecting Shinra. While watching Amaterasu, Joker interrupts him. Joker offers him a “reward,” and tells him that his brother, named Sho Kusakabe is now a Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. Tanaka tells Shinra that he wants him to trust them. At the end of the episode he finally tells them about what Joker told him about his brother. We get a brief look at the White Clad cult and Sho, who has the same smile as Shinra.

This episode largely serves as a recap episode, but there’s enough new information that it doesn’t matter. We are starting to get some clarity on the hierarchy of the Fire Force universe, but I still don’t understand which of the Companies can be trusted. The impression this episode in parts is that Company 3, lead by Dr. Giovanni is a possible threat to Shinra. Company 7, lead by Benimaru Shinmon seem like the most likely to fight against the Church and Government. However, what remains unclear is whether these organizations are evil at all. Joker’s loyalties are interesting. He clearly is obsessed with Shinra, but what he gains from instigating a conflict between brothers is uncertain.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 9: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 9: The Spreading Malice

In episode 9, Shinra faces off with Lieutenant Rekka. They engage in a battle, resulting in Shinra taking Rekka down with a devastating attack. Using his movement he’s able to take advantage and defeat Rekka. However, Shinra almost exhausts the oxygen in his body. During the battle, Rekka notices that a Infernal insect is reacting to Shinra’s flame. He states that Shinra must be the “third person” that the Evangelist was searching for. He claims that Shinra possesses the “undefiled flame, the Adolla Burst.” Rekka explains that the Evangelists hope to make Earth into a “second Sun.”

Rekka reveals that he will make the children look like “they died in a fire and teach them the teachings of the Evangelists.” Shinra flashes back to his childhood, realizing that the Evangelist may have taken his brother. Rekka begins to over use his flame, preparing to die in the process. Karim uses his abilities to seal Rekka in ice. Suddenly, Rekka is shot through the chest, killing him instantly. Two white cloaked assassins succeed in their mission to silence Rekka. They then turn their sights on the others. Attacking Karim, Li intervenes losing his arm in the process.

Karim tells Shinra to create a “smokescreen,” and uses Tamaki to create a distraction. The two assassins retreat, unwilling to risk their lives further. Karim offers to join forces with Company 8 to expose the Evangelists. Tamaki is suspended by Company 1 and joins Company 8. The conspiracy is getting more interesting. The Evangelists and his followers are clearly an extreme religious organization. It also seems clear that the Evangelist took Shinra’s brother. I hope that the series teases out the investigation into the Evangelist because so far it seems that their rushing.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 8: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 8: Infernal Insects

Someone from Company 1 is mysteriously talking in a phone booth to what he called the Evangelist. He says that there may be “some slight obstacles” to overcome. Captain Obi and Hibana go over her research. She tells him that some kind of insect is “introduced into a humans core,” creating Infernals. Hibana and Takehisa deduce that the culprit must be a Special fire soldier. Meanwhile, Shinra, Arthur and the others have breakfast. They head out to fight an Infernal after an alarm sounds. Unlike Company 5, Company 1 is large and well structured. Shinra and Arthur are told to stay put.

Shinra witnesses someone turn a man into an Infernal. He and Arthur gives chase, but run into Lieutenant priests Flam Karim and Hoshimiya Rekka. Clearly this implicates one of them as the culprit. Arthur and Shinra investigate the room of Karim. They find a insect in a bottle in his draw. Karim “catches” them, but tells them that he’s looking for the culprit as well. Apparently there was an incident that resulted in the harming of some children. Meanwhile, Tamaki brings some children to Rekka.

Clearly manipulating Tamaki, he knocks her out. Approaching the children, he tells them that he’s looking for the “pilot light.” He kills the mother of one of the children turning her into an Infernal with an insect. Rekka is sporadic and cruel. Tamaki awakens again and is shocked to find out that Rekka is creating Infernals. He knocks her out a second time. He then uses an insect on a little boy, however, he manages to survive. Rekka is happy to find that he has finally found someone compatible for the pilot light. Rekka approaches the other children as Tamaki call for help, alerting Shinra.

Rekka savagely stomps on Tamaki, before he kills her, Shinra arrives stepping on his face. Tamaki begins to cry, as Shinra asks if she’s alright. I wonder if it’s just me, but this series feels like it rushes through it’s arcs to quickly. It only took two episodes to find the culprit and I wouldn’t be surprise if Rekka was already defeated. As I always say, this series is apparently largely about the larger conspiracy. So far we haven’t had a great deal of information regarding the various factions in the series. I’m hoping that we get some more information on that.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 7: Recap and Review

Rekka Hoshimiya

Season 1, Episode 7: The investigation of the 1st

In the “Special Fire Grand Cathedral 1,” Captain Leonard Burns has a meeting with his Lieutenant priests, Third-generation pyrokinetic, Huo Yan Li, Third-generation pyrokinetic, Rekka Hoshimiya and Second-generation pyrokinetic, Karim Flam. They discuss the “training exercise” the 5th and 8th Company engaged in. None of them seem to believe that the exercises were real, with Burns stating that “Obi id finally making his move.” It’s clear that the ruse orchestrated by the 8th didn’t work. Meanwhile, the 5th and 8th have their barbecue. Obi and Hibana have a discussion regarding the 5th. She tells him that only she will help, as the 5th is “paired with Haijima.”

Hibana’s fanservice

Hibana claims that someone has been creating Infernals. They determine that this person is likely in the Shinjuku District, which is the jurisdiction of Company 1. They plan on starting an “undercover investigation.” Using a rookie training reassignment system, which allows “crew members in their first year of service to be temporarily assigned to other companies to broaden their experience.” He of course will be sending Shinra and Arthur. Hibana believes that it would appear “unnatural,” if only two men from the 8th are transferred, so she’ll sent some from her company and other companies as well.

The other Maki

Shinra, Arthur, Maki Oze, Takeru Noto (Company 2) and Toru Kishiri (Company 5) arrive at Company 1. Captain Burns offers a tour of the facilities, but Shinra challenges Burns to a sparring match. Captain Burns agrees. Takeru goes first against Rekka. Noto is a third-generation that has a fear of fire. He hoped that by joining the Fire Force, he would get his flames “put out.” He turns fire into missiles to what could be a devastating effect. However, Karim Flam extinguishes the missiles, after Rekka dodges them. Flam states that he uses “Thermo-Acoustic Cooling” that “converts the energy of flames into sound and then converts sound into cold.”

Shinra and his smile

Shinra and Arthur take on Captain Burns together. Arthur’s sword does nothing against Burns arm, despite the fact that his sword could cut steel. He then extinguishes Arthur’s sword. Shinra doesn’t fare much better, his powerful attacks aren’t effective. Captain Burns ends that fight by stomping on the ground hitting Shinra in the stomach with an invisible attack. Rekka takes responsibility for the Arthur and Shinra. Company 1 seems formidable, and I don’t think that the 8th stands much of a chance against them. Burns already knows what Obi’s goal is. The only question is what side is he on.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 6: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 6: The Spark of Promise

This fight was underwhelming. Compared to the previous episode, I expected this one to surpass the action presented. While I understand that this series is trying to focus on the characters (which I’ll get into later), I think you can do this while having great action. In this episode, Hibana reminds Iris what caused her to lose her faith. When they were children at the orphanage, they witnessed the nun engulfed in flames. While this occurred, Hibana’s third-generation powers manifested. Shinra attacks her but she uses her “heat syncope,” on him again. Heat syncope is a type of “heat illness.” Hibana uses it to overheat her opponents, causing them to become lightheaded.

Despite this, Shinra is able to stand. She then creates a flaming Sakura tree. The pedals from this tree burn with they come in contact with skin. Shinra still manages to stand his ground however. He attacks her, punching her and knocking her out. Hibana recalls her past. Her time at the orphanage and how she manage to become a Captain so she could study fire. When she awakens she’s had a change of heart, no longer willing to be the opposition. This episode is effective in making Hibana a far more sympathetic character than she first appeared. Witnessing the death of her sisters in the orphanage, she suffers from survivors guilt.

This results in her rage, abandoning her faith for science. Her sudden change seems a bit premature to me. While I don’t expect her personality to change, it seems like a over simplistic reason for her to change. The villain becoming an ally or anti-hero happens often in anime, but I feel that Fire Force should be more realistic about it. Hibana seems to have also fallen in love with Shinra, which also seem premature. I know it will be played for laughs and I’m not offend by it, but why does she like him? Finally, it seems like her and Company 5’s behavior will be ignored and they will get away with their bed behavior. Would Obi with his high morals tolerate this? What would it say about him if he did? Questions aside, I’m still interested in the larger conspiracy.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 5: Recap and Review

Arthur believes he lives in Camelot

Season 1, Episode 5: The Battle Begins

I didn’t anticipate that the fight between Company 8 and Company 5 would come soon. In our weekly fanservice, we have a soaked Iris kneeling next to a fountain. She recalls growing up alongside Hibana. Afterward, Obi holds a meeting reveling that they will investigate the 5th Company. Hinawa explains the details, then it’s revealed that Hinawa is actually a second generation. According to Maki, he can use the “manipulate bullets and made his shot non-lethal by weakening the gunpowder.” Meanwhile, Hibana experiments on Setsuo Miyamoto. Sister Iris disappears.She heads to the base of the 5th company to meet her former friend. Hibana has lost he belief in God, believing that ” there are only devils walking the earth, not gods.”

Hinawa defeating fire soldiers

She reveals her desire to use Iris to lure the 8th Company to her. It isn’t necessary, as the 8th Company arrives. Shinra, Maki, Arthur and Lieutenant Hinawa arrive to get Iris back. This is were Hinawa really gets to shine. He takes down several fire soldiers alone. Arthur faces off against the old Cone headed and a newly upgraded Miyamoto. Arthur isn’t concerned but is having difficulty finding his power. Meanwhile, Maki and Hinawa take on Toru Kishiri. He uses bubbles that are filled with flammable gas that exploded when they burst. The explosion is extraordinary, but Maki is able to help block them. Hinawa defeats him using his ” ballistic and ricochet control.” Their then attacked by the Angels Three.

Arthur defeats Miyamoto

Arthur is losing his fight until he realizes that he’s been using his left hand. After switching to his right, he easily defeats Miyamoto. Maki and Hinawa easily defeat the Angels Three, while Shinra arrive at the Hibana’s castle. Hinawa took center stage in this episode. He’s stone cold towards everyone, but it makes him effective as a leader and also a great fighter. He was my least favorite character and now he’s turning out to be my favorite. Arthur on the other hand. Well I still like him but I’m not sure I find him annoying or dumb. Maybe both? He is really ridiculous. I do find his viewing the world from a Medieval perspective to be funny. I don’t know he might grow on me.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 4: Recap and Review

Princess Hibana

Season 1, Episode 4: the Hero and the Princess

The ashes that Joker used in his fight are analyzed. There main component are Infernal ashes. Shinra hasn’t informed Company 8 of Jokers claim that his brother, Sho, remains alive. Maki sends Arthur and Shinra to rescue a dog out of a tree. We learn that the Fire Force isn’t a replacement for the fire fighters, but they exist in the world together. Apparently, the Fire Force are often mistaken for firefighters. Turns out that the “dog” is the mascot, Mamoru. A group of high school students tossed him up into the tree. Mamoru explains that since the murder spree of serial killer, Miyamoto, the image of the firefighters and Fire Force have taken a “hit.” The result is that they’re sometimes picked on by the public.

Arthur vs Miyamoto

The serial killer’s verdict will be announced today, he’s expected to be found insane. Setsuo Miyamoto is found not guilty, he gloats, while the audience is outraged. Then he begins combustion, becoming an Infernal. He tells everyone that he will kill them all. Everyone, except the judge manages to escape. Arthur, Shinra and the rest of Company 8 arrive at the courthouse. Arthur and Shinra immediately begin to fight Miyamoto. Unlike the other Infernals, he’s self aware. If your will is strong enough you can keep your personality after transforming. He escapes, and Shinra is sent to stop him. Shinra dominates Miyamoto, as Company 5 watches. Princess Hibana orders her company to capture Miyamoto. They arrive and capture him, when Shinra tries to question her authority she uses an ability on him. He collapses to the ground and she orders her company to hold him down.

Miyamoto captured by Company 5

Shinra prepares to fight the entire 5th Company, but is stopped by Obi. We meet another new character from Company 5, Second Class Fire Soldier, Third Gen., Toru Kishiri. He calls Captain Obi a “no-talent nobody.” As Arthur and Shinra argue with him, Maki sucker punches him in the stomach. It’s a funny moment that Toru earned, even the uptight Hinawa approves. Anyway, Company 5 leaves with Miyamoto, I doubt that they will share what they discover. While, I find Princess Hibana’s abilities to be intriguing, she yet another fanservice character. I can tolerate fanservice as long as it’s occasional. We’ll see, it early. I wonder how far these companies will go in terms of morality. Company 5 are rude (they knocked a little boy over) and appear unethical, but are they evil? I expect that some of them are, but wonder if any of them will be “good.”

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 3: Recap and Review

New Villain

Season 1, Episode 3: The Fire Rookie Soldiers Games

Normally the ‘tournament arc” is done far later in an anime series than the third episode. Of course this wasn’t a full tournament so maybe I shouldn’t count it. Regardless, we are introduced to another villain, although we don’t get his name. We learn that Company 8 Captain, Akitaru Obi had twice earned awards for heroism and twice had them removed for disobeying orders by being a hero when he saved lives. I initially got the impression that the 8 Fire Force Companies worked closely together but it seems that they operate independently of each other.

The mascots

Shinra and Arthur get a look at the mascots of the Fire Defense Agency. Called the Wone Wone Nyine, two of them are cute, but one is a “dog faced human.” Shinra recognizes the fire fighter that saved him as a child. Leonard Burns doesn’t recognize Shinra because, it was a fire over a dozen years ago. Shinra suspects that Burns is hiding something. Maybe it’s because the series is new, but I though the new character Tamaki Kotatsu was Maki (their names are similar too). This may be intentional but so far it feels a bit lazy. Tamaki is a third generation of the first company.

Leonard Burns

She seems to be this series main fanservice source, as Shinra had manage to somehow “accidentally” groped her. Anyway, the competition is for the participants run into a large burning building, while rescuing those in need and defeating a fake infernal. As the competition starts, Shinra uses his ability to fly to the top of the building. He quickly runs into the man named the Joker. He offers Shinra information on what happened 12 years ago. Shinra attacks Joker, with Joker using ashes that explode. He makes the surprising revelation that Shinra’s brother Sho is still alive.

Shinra fighting Joker

The Joker asks Shinra to join him. Shinra attacks Joker again this time he uses more power impressing Joker with his ability. Arthur and Tamaki arrive. Shinra attempts to inform Arthur of the situation. Arthur thinks he’s lying and tries to capture Joker. Tamaki and Arthur fail to defeat Joker, who releases all the ashe he has setting up the building to explode. Shinra, Arthur and Tamaki work together to escape. This encounter leaves Shinra more suspicious of the Fire Force, only for Obi to confirm that he too is suspicious.

Obi congratulating Shinra

Each, Fire Force Company operates independently and are supported by different factions like the Holy Sol Temple and Hajima Company. The 8th Company acts as a investigation force of companies 1-7. This larger conspiracy is very intriguing. We haven’t seen many of the other companies. It’s unlikely that all of them are bad, but in investigating the 8th Company could make enemies of all of them.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 2: Recap and Review

Arthur and Excalibur

Season 1, Episode 2: The Heart of a Fire Soldier

This episode introduces us to the “Rookie Fire Soldier Games,” and a new character, Arthur Boyle. The rival of Shinra, Arthur is instantly antagonistic towards him. The self appointed “Knight King,” Arthur uses his third generation fire abilities to create a plasma sword. He leans heavily on the “King Arthur”mythology calling his sword, Excalibur. Arthur doesn’t seem terrible bright and largely typical for a rival to the main character. Maki shows off some of her powers. She’s a former soldier with dangerous hand to hand combat skills. She’s single handily defeats Shinra and Arthur. Maki also can create “living” flame or at least that’s how the look.

Maki fighting Arthur

Lieutenant Hinawa continues to be a hard ass, but I found it to be more reasonable for him to be that way than in the first episode. If everyone took this job too lightly they probably wouldn’t succeed. I think Hinawa will be the voice of reason in this series. He will be useful in keeping everyone in line. The team receives an emergency call. Captain Obi tells them that they shouldn’t show their weapons in public. Both, Shinra and Arthur disregard this rule. Obi sternly criticizes them for doing so. He informs them that it’s inappropriate for to do that in front of family members.

The Infernal

We are shown a new villain that seems to be responsible for the fires. Team 8 head into the building to find the Infernal sitting at a table. Arthur quietly “ends” his suffering. It’s a somber moment and shows the saddest involved with becoming an Infernal. The first episode would have given many the impression that all Infernals become violent and need to be “killed” in an epic show down. This episode reminded us that the Infernal are victims that deserve sympathy.

Enen no Shouboutai Episode 1: Recap and Review

Episode 1: Shinra Kusakabe Enlists

Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force) is an anime based on the manga series of the same name. From what I can tell the reception for the manga was lukewarm. However, I can’t imagine that this anime will be received in such a way. I’ll keep it simple. This series checks every one of my needs for an anime. Interesting story, interesting characters, great action and most importantly (for me anyway) amazing animation. The art style, the sound (I rarely notice sound) are all impeccable. Basically, I LOVE THIS SERIES.

While I’m familiar with the initial story arc, seeing it animated was great. Shinra Kusakabe joins the 8th Special Fire force. He dreams of being a hero, but is view as being a “devil.” This is due to an accident that resulted in the death of his brother and mother. Shinra has unfortunately developed a weird smiling tick. I makes him look creepy and evil. What separate Shinra from other shonen protagonists is that he’s not considered “good” by society (a least not yet) and he doesn’t appear to have to learn his power. While, I believe that he will continue to learn new abilities, but the tutorial phase was skipped.

The current team of the Fire Force consists of five members (including Shinra), Oubi Akitaru, Sister Iris, Oze Maki, and Hinawa Takehisa. So far it seems that Sister Iris “just” prays for the Infernals. It doesn’t appear to have any real effect and she seems like she’s in the way to be honest. Oze Maki is my favorite so far, but I would like to learn more about her ability. It seems like she has some nullifying power, but there’s probably more to it. I don’t like Hinawa at all, he’s just rude. Regardless, I could go on and on about this series. I’m excited for what this series has to offer in the next 23 episodes.

Fire Force Full Anime Trailer

A longer trailer for the upcoming anime of Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai) was released. The series created by Atsushi Ookubo (Soul Eater) will debut July 6th this summer. While I liked the manga I haven’t been able to keep up with it. The animation for this series looks great so I’m excited for it.

The synopsis of the series is:

Year 198 of the Solar Era in Tokyo, special fire brigades are fighting against a phenomenon called spontaneous human combustion where humans beings are turned into living infernos called “Infernals”. While the Infernals are first generation cases of spontaneous human combustion, later generations possess the ability to manipulate flames while retaining human form. Shinra Kusakabe, a youth who gained the nickname Devil’s Footprints for his ability to ignite his feet at will, joins the Special Fire Force Company 8 which composes of other flames users as they work to extinguish any Infernals they encounter. As a faction that is creating Infernals appears, Shira begins to uncover the truth behind a mysterious fire that caused the death of his family twelve years ago.


FunimationNow to stream Fire Force Anime series

On Monday, it was announced by Funimation Entertainment that they will be streaming the anime of Fire Force this year. IGN posted a subbed teaser trailer. The series focuses on Shinra, ” a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous “devil’s footprints.” Created by Atsushi Ohkubo, the series is currently has over 15 volumes.

Fire Force anime to premiere in 2019

Fire Force (Fire Brigade of Flames) is becoming an anime later this year, according to Atsushi Okubo the creator. Yuki Yase at David Production (JoJo’s Bizarre, Cells at Work!) will be handling the direction for the series. Yamato Haishima will be handling the scripts, with Hideyuki Morioka doing the design for the characters.

Fire Force is a manga series that’s was created by Atsushi Okubo, published by Kodansha and serialized in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. Fire Force is set in a world where human ” spontaneously ignite and turn into flaming demon-like creatures, a disease most feared and known by the name “Human Body Ignition Phenomenon”. The series focuses on Shinra Kusakabe, who joins the Special Fire Force Company 8 to fight the Flame Humans.

I wrote an introduction to the series back in 2015, here. Despite likely Okubo’s art style I wasn’t able to maintain my interest in the manga, however, sometimes the anime is more enjoyable than the manga or vice versa. Regardless, I’m gonna give the anime a chance. It’s looks good:

Fire Force teaser

Benimaru faces off against Haran

Fire Brigade of Flame

Chapter 049 – The Fighting Festival

Fight Festival, begins with the demon Haran, attacking Shinra and Arthur with a successive attacks. The first attack knocks Shinra and Arthur to the ground, the second attack is directed at Shinra. He uses his flame to propel himself backwards to avoid taking full damage from Haran attacks. Arthur strikes with his sword, Excalibur, Haran blocks it with his horns. Haran remains unharmed by Excalibur and strikes at Arthur leaving scratches across his chest.

Arthur verses Haran
Arthur verses Haran

7th Commander of the Special Fire Brigade arrives

Benimaru uses his brooms wrapped in fire and seems to halt Haran in its tracks. Shinra and Arthur both seem so surprise at Haran’s power. Shinra acknowledges that Excalibur failed to damage Haran at all. Arthur questions Benimaru about whether Haran is a normal flame person or not. Benimaru explains that two years ago “flame humans with horns have arrived,” he orders Shinra and Arthur to stay out of his fight.

Hika and Hina
Hika and Hina

Searching for Hikage and Benimaru verses Haran

Hinata, Tamaki and Maki search for Hikage in the streets of Asakusa. A large burst of flames suddenly erupts, Hika and her sister appears and activates their Ignition ability. Their bodies are covered in flames resembling Kisune. Meanwhile, Benimaru and Haran begin their fight. Benimaru claims to “feel a shiver down his spine,” as Haran attacks him. Benimaru easily handles Haran physical attacks and responds by striking it in the chest. He comments on the hardness of its skin, he mentions that Konro “blasted a giant hole into the ground fighting one.” Benimaru believes that he will need to replicate the fire power Konro used.

Benimaru v Haran
Benimaru faces of against Haran

Konro comments on the battle raging between, Benimaru and Haran, seeming confident that Benimaru will prevail.  Benimaru anticipating a great deal of destruction, aims to change the environment. Konro notices that Arrow is attempting to attack Benimaru. Konro suggests that Benimaru will not survive if he is hit by the arrow. Benimaru and the Haran battle has just gotten started, I think that the battle will be exciting. I highly doubt that he will be hit by the incoming arrow, I’m banking on Arthur saving him.

Arrow attacks Benimaru
Benimaru attacked by Arrow

Weekly Shonen (02/17/16)


Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapters 17

Shinra vs Hibana

The “3 fifth angels three” are defeated by Maki Oze and Hinawa. Shinra storm’s into Hibana’s house. He is quickly attacked by 3 Angels of the fifth. He defeats them quickly. Hibana recalls her life with Iris. Shinra interrupts them and challenges Hibana. Iris warns that Hibana is a Battalion Commander and he can’t defeat her. She uses her “Heat Syncope,” and Shinra collapses. Hibana explains her power and Shinra suggests that it’s all in his imagination. He also says that he will use his imagination to become a hero as well. Hibana uses her iron fan and her Clematis ability. Shinra and Hibana prepare to fight.

17 (6)


Chapters 18


Hibana attacks Shinra with her ability. He becomes dizzy and falls backwards. Hibana’s Cherry Blossoms begin to exploded on contact with Shinra’s skin. Iris begs her to stop, Hibana response that if she wanted that she needs to pray to her “phony God.” Hibana tells her that her “ideal of true salvation, using other people for personal gain, looking down at the flock while you thrive, referring to her personal experience of all the Sisters of The Holy Sol Temple burned, falling to the phenomenon, while Iris and Hibana were salvaged.”

10 (5)

Shinra gets up and Hibana attacks him with Sakura Blizzard. Shinra doesn’t fall to the ground, shocking Hibana. She reminds that Shinra that “she doesn’t believes heroes exists”. He says that he will become a hero today and strikes her across the face. Shinra and Hibana’s battle wasn’t that interesting, though we do get some background of both Iris and Hibana. However, i think that Shinra isn’t ready to defeat her yet and will likely be save by someone. 

16_17 (1)


01 (7)

Fairy Tail

Chapter 473

Red Lightning

As Laxus clutches his chest, Wahl takes advantage of this and attacks. He uses a series of attacks, Missile Bombardment, Anti-matter laser, then Rail-gun Bombardment. Wahl accidentally uses an electric type attack that energizes Laxus. Laxus speed increases and he counters Wahl’s attacks. Wahl’s system receives and error and Laxus collapses. He begins to cough up blood, Wahl prepares to kill him with a Etherion blast.

04 (5)

Laxus activates a Jutsu Shiki barrier. Wahl tells Laxus that “Jutsu Shiki are ineffective as well,” and he uses Magical Barrier Particle Nullifier. He unknowingly cures Laxus in the process. Laxus uses a red lightning that Wahl can’t analyze. He has a flashback to a conversation he had with Mavis regarding his great-grandfather, Yuri, and “how they look similar and act similar.” he finishes Wahl with his Mercury Fulminate: Red Lightning. This chapter ended the fight between Laxus and Wahl rather quickly, and I was a little disappointed. However, Laxus was clever and is now completely healed so that’s good.


Weekly Shonen (2/4/16)


Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 016

The Knight’s Folly

Arthur faces off against a demonic Flame Person. The cone head shaped member of the 5th Special Fire Brigade, calls the 8th Brigade “cowards.” He claims that his research has enhanced Setsuo. Setsuo attacks with a powerful attack. Arthur manages to successfully counter his attacks. Hibana asks “What’s the situation.” Princess Hibana states “that she wants to find the secrets of the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon and that worms like the 8th don’t deserve to know.


Setsuo gets the advantage over Arthur. Arthur fails to land any hits on Setsuo, who attacks him for being “weak.” He feels that something is “off.” Setsuo just says that Arthur is simply weak. Arthur releases that he has been wielding Excalibur in his left hand instead of his right. He attacks Setsuo with Violent Lightning Sword Flash, killing Setsuo. Arthur is a weird character to begin with, but I don’t know how to feel about the fact that he was so absentminded that he forgot that he was right handed. Anyway, a lot wasn’t revealed in this chapter but the fight was entertaining none the less. Hopefully, we will have more fights in the next chapter. 




017 (1)

Fairy Tail

Chapter 471

Until the battle ends

Acnologia arrives on the battlefield. August and Jacob conclude that it wasn’t in their best interest to fight him. They decided to head to Fairy tail to obtain the Fairy Heart. Meanwhile, at Fairy Tail Natsu is still unconscious. Ezra and the other rest up, Laxus disappears. Gray finds Laxus clutching his chest. He reveals that due to absorbing too much Magical Barrier Particles. He says there’s no need to worry, and they need to keep it a secret.


Gajeel is unable to sleep and is joined by Levy, who is nervous about the upcoming fight. He manages to comfort her. During the morning, Kagura’s forces attempt to take over Hargeon. Dimaria targeted Sherria because she is a “healer,” but Wendy protects her. The members of Fairy Tail shows up to help their allies. Gray and Juvia to help Lyon, and Ezra teams up with Kagura. Wahl watches from a distance, as Laxus attacks him from behind. The fights are being set up and I’m excited to see how they will proceed. The “Sky Sister’s” should be entertaining, but the fight between Laxus and Wahl should be the most fun. Can’t wait to see his rampage. 



Weekly Shonen (12/4/15)

02 (1)

Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 010

A Sentient Flame Person

Setsuo Miyamoto uses his new powers as a sentient flame person to kill the citizens in the courtroom. He asks the judge “who said you could up and decide my fate.” The judge responds that he “pronounced him innocent.” Setsuo tells the judge to “shut up”, then he kills him with flames. The Fire Brigade is alerted of the presence of a flame person. Hinawa chastises Arthur and Shinra for leaving the to sell balloons.

01 (1)



Maki apologize for basically lying and suggesting that she didn’t tell Hinawa the truth. Shinra leaves and Arthur grabs onto him. They pull up next to Hinawa while he’s driving to the scene. He tells them to go ahead and stop the murderer. Meanwhile, Setsuo is leaving the courthouse while he drags his lawyer by the mouth. Setsuo says that he now “owns” his lawyer after “saving” him.



Shinra surprises him and kicks him, stopping short knocking Arthur off of him. Arthur recovers and strikes Setsuo in the face. Together, Arthur and Shinra kick him in the face again. Setsuo responds that they must have a “death wish.” A female civilian asks for help and Setsuo says that they are “not here to save her, they are here to kill him.” He tells her to “quit your her whining”, and attacks. Maki saves her, saying they have “come to save everyone here.”


She counters his flame attack using Pusupusu Comet. The Brigade surrounds Setsuo, he claims to have given up. He tells them to “make a liar out of him”. He says that if they aren’t killers the will let him go. Maki suggests that he’s a mass killer. He counters that he was “declared innocent” in a court of law and that they could kill him in cold blood. Takehisa shoots him in the head, saying that he lacks the “virtue required to forgive trash like him.” Setsuo flees and Hinawa tells Shinra to go after him and kill him.

12 (1)

I really enjoyed this chapter. Setsuo becoming a mass murderer wasn’t surprising considering how he behaved as a regular human. I think that the most interesting aspect of this chapter is the theory that Setsuo made that the Brigade are “just murderers.” Setsuo’s argument is faulty regarding his non-guilty verdict. After he was given the verdict he then proceeded to kill more people, so Maki is correct. However, I do think he has a point. If a sentient flame person is created and doesn’t kill, would the Brigade kill them? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



One Piece

Chapter 809

Master Nekomamushi

The Strawhat crew is shocked to hear that Ceasar’s Poison Gas weapon was used. Inu-Arashi tells them about Master Nekomamushi. He says that he meet Shanks on a journey with Nekomamushi and then abruptly falls asleep. Wanda explains that Inu-Arashi and Nekomamushi have a contentious relationship. For this reason, they rule during shifts. Nekomamushi rules during the night and Inu-Arashi during the day.

011 (2)

The Straw Hats notice that the nurses Miyagi and Tristan also fell asleep. Sicilian says that “all the minks in the fort are affected by this schedule, with the minks in the Whale Forest taking over everything, including combat duties.” Sicilian remembers the invasion of Jack. The Gifters attack, the Musketeer Squad arrives and began a fightback. Inu-Arashi single handily stops an attack from Jack. Jack’s subordinates are shocked. They were still supportive of their captain and sure of his victory as he was given the bounty of 1 billion beli. Jack told Inu-Arashi that “he would only stop attacking once Raizo stood before him and that he loved destruction.


Inu-Arashi and the Musketeers battle against the Beasts Pirates, but the fight ends when the clock strikes 6:00 and Master Nekomamushi’s roars. Inu-Arashi orders the Musketeers to retreat as the “moron of the night has awoken”. Nekomamushi and the Guardians arrive and quickly engage the Beast Pirates. Nekomamushi says that he will not “show mercy to intruders.” Nekomamushi attacks Jack, grabbing Jack’s trunk, and flips him. Nekomamushi tells Jack that “if a samurai did step foot on Zou, he would already be digesting in his stomach.” Jack returns to his human form and prepares to attack. Nekomamushi looks badass. I like his look and his attitude. Clearly, he is defeated somehow but I hope we get to see some of his and Jack’s power.




Chapter 654

Deadman Standing

Lille begins to literally rain down. Nanao collapses into Shunsui’s arms. Shunsui prepares to leave as he also collapses. In the Seireitei, Lille crashes through the barrier and crashes to the ground. Aizen and several (Shinigami fodder) notice the crashes. Lille kills one of them and transforms into a completely different form. Lille angered at Shunsui vows to get revenge and attacks the Seireitei. Several clones of him begin to appear.

13 (1)

Lille begins to attacks but Kira cuts one of their heads in half. He notes how annoying he finds them and identifies himself as a “dead man.” Kira is surrounded by many of the clones and seems prepared to fight them all. Meanwhile, Gerard is thrown by Renji into rubble. Renji tells him not to “fucking underestimate them”, suggesting that Gerard defeating him and Byakuya. Gerard seems fine as he grins and says that “doing so would be considered a miracle.


There wasn’t a lot to this chapter, but I wasn’t surprised that Lille survived. I’m hoping that Aizen kills him, but it looks like Kira might. To be honest Kira is a weak character and I don’t know why Kubo bothered resurrecting him. The most important aspect of this chapter is the fight between Renji, Byakuya and Gerard. I’m hoping it’s going to be epic and we’ll finally get to see Byakuya’s “new” Bankai.

17 (1)

Weekly Shonen (11/27/2015) Part 1

Fire Brigade of Flames Chapter 009 Cover
Fire Brigade of Flames Chapter 009 Cover

Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 009

What the 8th Chases

The “Special Fire Brigades” commenced an investigation of the “intruder”, Joker. Meanwhile, at the 8th Special Fire Brigade, Akitaru watches a newscast. He comments that “no news of Joker”, was to be “expected.” Shinra responds that the brigade “is hiding something.” He questions whether the “Fire Brigade organization” is actually “fighting on behalf of the people.”


Akitaru tells Shinra the origins of the fire brigades. The Brigades were formed from three organizations the Fire Defense Agency, Tokyo Military, and the Holy Sol Temple. He reveals that each organization has its own “power dynamic”. The 1st squad, the power of the holy sol temple is centered around members of the temple. The 2nd squad reports directly to the military. The 5th squad is a company, Haijima Heavy Industries.


Haijima provides the Fire Brigades with all the weapons. The company has a monopoly on the manufacturing of these weapons and vast wealth, with substantial resources. Each and every squad is still responsible for the “souls of the Flame people“. The squads don’t share information with each other. Akitaru concludes that the organizations generally are “just.” However, he maintains that he has suspicious of them as well.


Shinra asks the purpose of the 8th squad. Akitaru says that the 8th squad was “forcibly created with members from the fire defense agency”, they’re purpose is to investigate squads 1 through 7. Shinra begs to “work on the investigation”, Akitaru says he’s glad that Shinra was assigned to the 8th squad. Takehisa Hinawa reveals the results of the powder that Joker used. He concludes that the powder is “ash” from the flame people.


Meanwhile, Joker discusses the events of the tournament. His associated say’s that the 8th squad is different from the other ones. The 8th squad receives a call of a “dog in the tree.” They discovered that the “dog” was Mamoru from 119. He flies down and tells Shinra that he “was passing out balloons at a local event” and, “some college students took him for a ride“. He discusses the serial killer who was a firefighter. The firefighter, Setsuo Miyamoto is released due to his insanity. The family of the victims are understandably angered.


Miyamoto thinks to himself that the “laws are such a farce”, and the “very foundation of this country would be in trouble if a firefighter like me were found guilty”. He instantly bursts into flames and screams for help. The families mocked him and he kills them with the flames. The 8th brigade is informed of the new flame person, who appears to have maintained his mind. This chapter has added a great deal of information to the story of the series. I’m curious about the other brigades that weren’t mentioned. This chapter managed to answer several question while bringing up some new ones. I’m excited to read the next chapter.





Fairy Tail

Chapter 463

Black Carpet

The members of Fairy Tail are shocked with the actions of Natsu. Laxus thinks he was being “hot-headed”, and Gray considers changing their plans. Ezra stops them, telling them to let “Natsu handle Zeref.” Gray questions her sanity, but she has confidence in Natsu ability. Gray say’s that she “puts too much trust in him.” She wonders why Gray “thinks so little of Natsu” after all they been through. 


Lucy stops them, and they decided to rely on Natsu. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy arrive in front of the army. Natsu attacks the army head on. Natsu easily dominates the soldiers, and uses his “Roar of the Blaze Dragon King.” He defeats 973 soldiers according to Zeref, but 999,027 remained. Zeref and Natsu are prepared to face off. 


This chapter didn’t add much, but the quickness of the Natsu and Zeref encounter was surprising. I imagine that Natsu and Zeref fight will be saved till the last moment. It’s more likely that we’ll go through all the other fights before we conclude with Natsu versus Zeref.