Fire Force Episode 8: Recap and Review

The Demon Infernal appears in Fire Force Episode 8
The Demon Infernal

Protect the Forest

Shinra hears a voice during the Adolla Link that whispers “protect the forest.” Scop tells the story of their “benefactor.” After the Great Cataclysm 250 years ago, Scop meets a human woman. She claims to have come from “beyond the spatial rift,” to recreate the world. She gives them flame, ends their hunger, and extends their lives. Eventually, she repairs the Tabernacle, creating the Oasis. Scop and the others keep the Tabernacle safe, waiting for her to return. Shinra deduces that the voice belongs to her. Suddenly, the encounter an Infernal.

Infernals want to destroy the world

Licht is attacked by them but is rescued by Pan and Shinra. They’re besieged by a group of Infernals and Hellhounds. Ogun and Arthur defeat them without much effort. Shockingly, one of the Infernals begins to speak. Lieutenant Pan asks one of the Infernals to live in “harmony” with the animals. However, the Infernals believe that the Tabernacle was built to “destroy the world.” They plan to blow it up. Confused, Shinra and Arthur suggest that maybe the woman was evil. Scop tells them that this isn’t possible. Elsewhere, a Demon Infernal orders his followers to kill the Fire Force. The group decided to split up. Licht, Arthur, and Pan search inside the Tabernacle, while the other face the Infernals outside.

What’s the meaning of Pi?

While searching the inside they get trapped. Outside Shinra, Ogun, Tamaki, and Juggernaut are surrounded by Infernals and Hellhounds. The Demon Infernal plans on destroying everything so it can go to heaven. Unable to die, the Demon Infernal hopes that the aftershock from the destroyed Tabernacle will kill him. Shinra accepts that they must fight. He’s quickly overwhelmed by the Demon’s power. Shinra and the others are well aware that they can currently produce the power needed to kill the Demon Infernal themselves. Suddenly, Shinra receives another Adolla Link. Meanwhile, Arthur, Pan, and Licht investigate the numbers of sequences on the stone tablets. They’re are shocked to learn that Arthur can read them.

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