Fire Force Episode 7: Recap and Review

Arriving at the Chinese Peninsula

Fire Force Episode 7 marks the beginning of the Chinese Peninsula arc. The Fire Force hopes to discover more information regarding the Adolla Burst. The Fire Force members, particularly Arthur, Ogun, and Shinra, are excited to be in a new land. In Road to the Oasis, the Fire Force team quickly get to work. Their first goal is to head toward the spatial rift. Neglecting to wear a face mask, most of the crew, are affected by the gas emitted from the land. They appear stoned, laughing, screaming “Hell Yeah,” Tamaki imagines that she’s talking to her mother, and Juggernaut destroys a stone pillar with his missiles. 

After they calm down, they encounter another strange sight. A talking mole being chased by a giant worm. Forced out of the Oasis, the mole must steal to survive. With the worm now chasing the Fire Force crew, Ogun and Shinra are sent to distract it. This turns out to be our big action sequence. It’s particularly interesting because we haven’t seen many of Ogun’s abilities yet. The newest member uses his Yoruba Spears along with a hoverboard to fly. The moment is a cool intro but is mostly just that. We’ll have to wait to see Ogun’s full power. Regardless, they escape. 

The Sea of Infernals

The mole, Scop, explains that Oasis has water and plant life. However, they have been driven away. Suddenly, four crows fly overhead and Scop flags down one named Yata. Also a talking animal, Yata explains that most animals can’t talk, but he doesn’t know why. Meanwhile, Shinra and Ogun notice a sea of orange lights scattered across the ground. Upon further examination, Shinra realizes that they’re all Infernals. Considering exercising the Infernals, Shinra is told by Yata that the ground is unstable and they could fall into the lava underneath. Shinra accepts that they won’t be able to safely put the Infernals at peace.

The following morning they head to the Oasis. Yata shows Shinra the Tabernacle, an Amaterasu like the one found in the Tokyo Empire. Scop shows them more of the Oasis. Lieutenant Pan and Shinra get into a disagreement about how to approach the Evangelists. Pan believes that the Fire Force’s main purpose isn’t to get into conflict because they’re not the military. Up until this point we where lead to believe that the reason that Scop, Yata, and the other animals were forced out of the Oasis was due to the Evangelist. However, it turns out that they pushed out by Infernal dogs called Hell Hounds. Scop warns them that the hell hounds “boss is worst,” as Shinra receives an Adolla Link

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