Fire Force Episode 6: Recap and Review

The new Fire Force team
The new Fire Force team

Episode 6 of Fire Force brings the search and capture of the fifth pillar to an end. Inca wishing to find greater levels of danger chooses to join the White Evangelists. To symbol her official evil turn, Inca kills her former accomplice, Panda. It’s a brutal moment but marks the episode’s best-animated scene. I thought it was odd that Shinra glossed over Inca’s willingness to join the White Robes, suggesting that she was “taken away” by them. Regardless, Company 8 realizes that they don’t know much about the eight pillars or the motives of the White Evangelists. Viktor Licht aims to find out more about the Adolla Burst.

The other companies plan to assist, although Captain Leonard Burns suggests that the 1st is too religious to helpfully. As a result, Karim has to sneak out and Tamaki joined the 8th under the “pretext of being suspended.” Most of the other companies are handicapped in one way or the other. Regardless, multiple companies are working together on a joint operation to discover more about the pillars. The newly formed team will be heading to the Chinese Peninsula. Having never left Tokyo, Shinra is excited to see the outside world. Joining the team will be Team Leader Ogun Montgomery, Takeru Noto, Arthur Boyle, Shinra, Tamaki, Viktor, and Purt Co Pan. There wasn’t much else to this episode, but it was mostly used to transition to a new arc. 

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