Fire Force 2, Episode 1: Recap and Review

Company 8

Fire Force Returns

The Fire Force Season 2 begins with an episode titled, A Fire Soldier’s Fight. Company 8 is enjoying ice cream meanwhile Shinra is considering the tasks he needs to accomplish to save society. He wants to find a way to “turn infernals back into people,” unravel the “mystery of the Evangelist and Adolla Bursts,” and end “spontaneous human combustion.” Early on the episode focuses on changing the style of the Lieutenant. I found this moment boring and I think it went on for too long. Regardless, an explosion erupts and Shinra springs into action. 

Shinra encounters a massive infernal. He’s rescued by Arthur Boyle. The rest of Company 8 arrive to take down the huge infernal. Captain Obi sends Viktor Licht and Vulcan Joseph to locate the infernal’s core. Iris, Maki, Tamaki, and Hinawa join with Shinra to battle. Vulcan and Licht discover that the infernal has multiple cores. Five in all, one in each arm and leg, with a main core in the chest. The arms and legs need to be destroyed first. Lieutenant Hinawa shoots the first core causing the wrist and hand of the infernal to turn to ash, falling off. 

Arthur arrives

A new infernal arrives

Temaki uses her Nekomata to bind the infernal, while, Maki uses her powers to pulverize the core with Sput-Flare Rush. Next up is Arthur, who easily destroys the leg core with Violet Flash. Obi takes the second leg core, leaving the rest up to Shinra. With the Rapin-Man kick, he destroys the massive infernal. After a new OP, we return to the Company 8 headquarters. Obi is outraged by Hinawa’s new wardrobe. Particularly his hat the reads “Nudist Bitch.” Hinawa lies a claims that he bought the clothing, however, Obi knows who’s responsible. What’s next for Company 8, Fire Force Nude Calendar. 

I have criticized Fire Force for its female fanservice, so male fanservice is refreshing. Company 8 hopes to become the most popular as they are currently last. Meanwhile, Captain Hibana is obsessing over the possibility that Shinra is seen naked. All the Captains seem to be eager to appear to accept Captain Shinmon, who was secretly photographed in the bathhouse. This year Company 8 hopes to rise in the ranking. It’s silly but I found it more interesting than the earlier shopping spree. I stopped watching the series in the middle last season, hopefully, they can keep my interest for Fire Force Season 2. 

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Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen and Fire Force Trailers

Promo for Attack on Titan season 4
Promo for Attack on Titan season 4

Fire Force Season 2 trailer

It feels like the first season of Fire Force just ended. Regardless, the second season of Fire Force will start this year in July. A child with the Adolla Bursts will be born, pitting the 8th Company and the followers of Evangelist against each other. Season 2 will introduce new characters such as Ogun Montgomery, a friend of Shinra, and Arthur, he’s currently a member of Company 4. I cooled on the series after about half the first season, but the trailer seems to offer more than the first. I’m hoping it won’t be underwhelming.

The dynamic of the Fire Force and the Evangelist battling over the “Pillar” is what most interests me. What’s the child’s story? Will it be a tragic one like Shinra’s? The animation is still top-notch so I think I’ll give it another shot.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 trailer

Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga series that I heard little about. A series illustrated and written by Gege Akutami, in its 11th volume. Jujutsu Kaisen follows the story of Yuji Itadori, a high school student that joins the Occult Research Club. Yuji’s grandfather is on his deathbed, but before he dies he instills two messages in Yuji “always help people” and “die surrounded by a crowd”. Yuji, however, understands this message as everyone deserves a “proper death.”

He learns that he made contact with a “high grade cursed charm talisman” its a rotting finger that his friends in the Occult Club unseal. The finger attracts evil creatures that prey on evil emotions. Desperate without magical power, Yuji decides to swallow the finger, becoming the host for a creature named Sukuna. Despite his possession, Yuji can keep control of his body. However, all sorcerers are required to exorcise Sukuna (and Yuji). Satoru Gojo, a teacher of Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College plans to postpone Yuji’s death “until he consumes all of Sukuna’s fingers, allowing them to kill him once and for all.”

This series sounds interesting and weird. I’ll give it a shot, the first season begins in October 2020.

Attack on Titan Season 4 trailer

Last week the trailer for the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) was released and it was glorious. The final season of the acclaimed series will be produced by a new studio, with MAPPA (Dorohedoro, Yuri on Ice) replacing WIT studio. Yuchiro Hayashi (Dorohedoro) will be directing, while Hiroshi Seko (Ajin, Vinland Saga, Mob Psycho 100) and AOT season 1-3 scriptwriter, will oversee scripts. If anyone had doubts about whether a new studio will do right by the series, the trailer should ease that fear. The final season seems to start after a time skip, with many of the characters having a change in appearance.

The trailer opens with an unknown character who appears to be the sole survivor of conflict during war. We get glimpses of some of the characters we know like Reiner, Mikasa, and Eren. They’re noticeably older and seemed to be hardened by war. On the titan front, we see Eren and Reiner’s form, in addition to two new titans, one that resembles a lion and another that looks like the silver surfer. The trailer effectively portrays the chaos of war, while, pointing to mysteries that the series still holds. MAPPA makes good use of the music that the series is known for, as well as dynamic imagery. If this doesn’t get you excited for the final season I don’t know what will.

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The Top 100 Anime and Manga Battles of All Time (60 – 51)

60. Kiado vs Luffy

Kiado is one of the strongest pirates in One Piece, his current bounty is 4,611,100,000. Only Whitebeard and Gold Roger had higher bounties. Up until this battle (if you want to call it that) it was unclear how strong Kiado actually is. During the Wano arc, Luffy fights Kiado after believing that the former killed his crew. Luffy goes into a rage, attacking Kiado with all he has. It doesn’t matter. Kiado has massive psychical powers. He’s able to break past the defenses of Luffy’s Gear Fourth.

Kiado has nigh-indestructible durability without using Haki. Luffy attacks while in Third Gear and then Fourth Gear, which doesn’t do anything but annoy Kiado. Tired of the encounter, Kiado uses his giant metal kanabo, that’s covered with spikes. Swinging it with his immense strength, he knocks Luffy unconscious with a single blow. The recently animated episodes of this encounter make it even more dramatic, it’s not a complete battle but it’s still worth a watch.

59. Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto

Kabuto uses his snakes to attack Sasuke and Itachi. Both Sasuke and Itachi activates their Susanoo. Kabuto reveals that he has become a sage. Kabuto uses ” Hermit Technique, Technique of the White Shock”, which causes a tremendous amount of pain. Even through the pain Itachi manages to predict Kabuto’s next movement.

Sasuke and Itachi work together using a strategy they used during their childhoods. Itachi slices one of Kabuto’s horns, and activates a forbidden doujutsu ” Izanami”. Kabuto uses ” Hermit Technique – Muki Tensei “, which is countered by Sasuke’s Amaterasu. Kabuto uses the techniques from the former sound five, even Orochimaru. Kabuto cuts Itachi in half, he continues to fight with Itachi in what appears to be deja vu. Kabuto seems to notice but its too late he has been trapped in a looping genjutsu.

58. Zeruel vs Unit 00, 02

The tenth Angel lay waste to the city quickly, and Mari in Unit 02 confronts it. She first uses a rifle and then a Thunder Spear, but the defenses of the angel is too great. She uses Unit 02’s ” Beast Mode” becoming more powerful and more agile. However, its not enough and Unit 02 is severely damaged. Rei attacks the Angel with a massive missile, the explosion doesn’t have an effect.

Unit 00 arms are severed and is devoured by the angel. The angel becomes more human-like in form, it is prevented from reaching Lilith by Shinji. Unit 01 initially dominates the 10 Angel but runs out of power. Shinji becomes enraged at the angels consumption of Rei and Unit 01 becomes berserk. Unit 01 power increases tremendously, healing itself an increasing its AT field strength. Shinji and Unit 01 uses optical blast destroying the angel and saving Rei.

57. Itachi vs Sasuke

The battle between the brothers has been anticipated since the beginning of the Naruto series, and it didn’t disappoint. They begin they fight clashing with a sword (Sasuke) and kunai (Itachi), Itachi gets the better of this exchange. Sasuke responded with “Chidori Nagashi”, and manages to “stab” Itachi through the stomach. Itachi reveals that it was all an illusion, they engage a contest of genjutsu. Itachi and Sasuke begin the real fight using a fury of shuriken. Itachi still manages to create a shadow clone during this exchange.

Itachi manages to gain the advantage and appears to puck out one of Sasuke’s eyes. It becomes clear to Sasuke that it’s all just an genjutsu ( Tsukuyomi ) and he falls to the floor a bit exhausted. Itachi starts to activate his Amaterasu, Sasuke goes on the offensive hurling using his ” Shadow Shuriken Technique ” successfully hurting Itachi. He then uses his “Fire Style: Grand Fireball Technique” forcing Itachi to escape through the roof. They then both use the technique, when Sasuke appears to win Itachi’s Amaterasu activates.

Amaterasu consumes the fire of Sasuke’s technique, he used the jutsu again this time hitting Sasuke with it. Sasuke escapes using a substitution jutsu. He uses ” Grand Dragon Fire Technique “, destroying the ceiling of the building. Sasuke’s true goal was to create an atmosphere for his final attack. He uses ” Kirin ” resulting in a devastating lightning attack.

Itachi appears to have been defeated but surprises Sasuke, by using his strongest attack Susanoo. Out of chakra Sasuke is taken over by Orochimaru, who uses ” Hydra Technique “. Itachi easily dispatches Orochimaru sealing him permanently with his ” Sword of Totsuka”. Itachi seems to be struggling psychically coughing up blood, Sasuke uses explosive kunai but fails to make a dent. Before Itachi can steal Sasuke’s eyes he collapses and dies.

56. Asuka vs Mass Produced Evangelions

Like many of the battles in Evangelion, the conflict between Asuka and Mass Produced Eva’s was a brutal and emotional. In episode 25, they are sent to defeat Evangelion Unit-02. Created under secrecy by SEELE, the primary purpose was to initialize the SEELE’s version of the Third Impact. Each of these Eva’s has a part of wings, looking like the angels they’re suppose to destroy (or at least what we think of when we think angels). Anyway, EVA-02, severely wounds each of them.

She tears off the upper jaw of EVA-09, then she snaps it in half. She impales EVA-11 with a knife, cuts off the right arm of EVA-07 and snaps it neck. With the Heavy Spears, she cuts EVA-12 in half, cuts EVA-08 leg off. It’s bloody battles typical for this series. However, none of this results in a EVA-02 victory. Her umbilical cable gets cut and she runs out of time. EVA-02 get impaled through the head and it shuts down. The Mass Produced EVA’s recover, and begin to rip the intestine out of EVA-02. They finally “kill” her by impaling her with several more Heavy Spears.

55. Naruto vs Sasuke

Naruto catches up with Sasuke at the “Valley of the End”. Sasuke is serious about killing Naruto. Naruto aims to ” beat Sasuke back to his old self”, and uses Shadow clone and Rasengan. Sasuke uses his Chidori and they clash like they previously did at the hospital. Sasuke uses his Chidori a second time piercing Naruto’s shoulder. Naruto becomes anger and his nine tails chakra is released. Naruto heals his injuries, Sasuke use his ” Great Fireball Technique” and Naruto counters with a scream that extinguishes the flame.

Sasuke’s Sharingan complete’s and he’s able to predict Naruto’s movements. Once it appears that Naruto has been defeated, his nine-tails Chakra envelopes him. Naruto’s chakra makes it difficult for Sasuke to predict his movements. He retreats and decides to use jutsu instead, but it fails. Sasuke finally activates his curse seal level 2. Naruto use his Rasengan and Sasuke use his Chidori and they clash in devastatingly dark energy. Naruto is knocked unconscious and Sasuke leaves.

54. Eren vs Female Titan

After Eren punches Annie into a church. She quickly begins to flee toward the wall. She is pursued by the survey corps. and Eren. When she finds a clearing with no buildings she stops and takes Eren head on. Annie attempts to capturing Eren, she fails. She decides to escape instead, Eren tries to stop her. She uses her ability to harden her skin and knock Eren’s limbs off, and smash his head in. Eren gets up and hops toward Annie tackling her to the ground, he then tries to rip her face off.

She knocks him off her and proceeds to climb the Wall. Eren bite’s her leg trying to prevent her from escaping. However, she manages to climb the wall despite his efforts. Mikasa reaches Anne and cuts off her fingers, knocking her to the ground. Eren tries to rip her out of Titan body with his teeth, she crystallizes herself for protection ending the confrontation.

53. Naruto, Kakashi, Guy vs Obito

Obito protects the demonic statue from Naruto, B, Guy, and Kakashi. Obito remain’s elusive, using his “time – space” technique to evade their attacks. However, “lightning-infused kunai” that Kakashi uses his Kamui on seems to scratch Obito masks. Kakashi notices this and decides to test a theory as to why. When Naruto hits Obito with his Rasengan, it passing through Obito. Kakashi uses his Kamui on it causing damage to Obito. Kakashi realizes how Obito’s “Space–Time Ninjutsu” works.

With Kakashi’s new knowledge he and Naruto, B, and Guy coordinate their attacks. Naruto’s shadow clone attacks Obito, but his clone disappears in Obito’s “space – time” jutsu. Naruto then uses his” Tailed Beast Ball”, forcing Obito to uses his jutsu. While in the other dimension, Obito is attacked by Naruto’s “shadow clone” . He is quickly hit in the face with a Rasengan, shattering his mask revealing his identity.

52. Levi vs Female Titan

This battle was short and featured in the beginning of the episode. The Female Titan attacks Levi, he quickly slices up her arm and stabs her in the eyes. He then continues to slice up the titan. Levi single handily subdues the female titan, and manages to save Eren. Leaving the female titan defeated and in tears.

51. Sho vs Shinra

The battle between brothers, Sho and Shinra was well animated and directed. Shinra’s speed isn’t effective against’s Sho’s ability to time. Shinra refuses to give up. No matter how much he tries, Shinra can’t seem to land a hit on his brother. Despite Shinra landing a mild hit, Sho manages to land a devastating one, Severed Universe. Desperate, Shinra continues to try to increase his speed until he disappears. Shinra continues to miss while he learns how to use his new found speed. Now evenly matched the clash, the battle isn’t completed, but it ends with Shinra bleeding from a sword through the chest.

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Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 15: Recap and Review

Sho Kusakabe learning about Shinra's Adolla Link
Sho Kusakabe learning about Shinra’s Adolla Link

Season 1, Episode 15: The Blacksmith’s Dream

Vulcan’s dream to return the animals to life

Episode 15 of Enen no Shouboutai, begins with Yona and Arrow, Knights of the Ashen Flame debriefing Sho Kusakabe on Shinra. They inform him that Haran has been “martyred.” Arrow notes that Shinra’s Adolla Link was connected to the demon. Sho claims that he “want’s it (Adolla Link) at any cost.” Sho says that next time her will go. Meanwhile, Oda deals with forensic scientists, Viktor Licht. He’s been assigned to Company 8’s lacking forensic team. We already know that Licht has a connection to Joker. Things get off to a rocky start when he fails to salute with the proper hand.

Licht creepy grabs Shinra’s feet, hoping to touch the feet that produce the Adolla Link. Top of his class, Viktor Licht, headed the “applied pyrokinesiology lab” at Haijima Heavy Industries. Viktor isn’t humble, admitting to his own “brilliance.” Princess Hibana questions why he’s at Company 8. Viktor begs to be allowed to join them. Besides, Company 8 doesn’t even have an engineer. The don’t but they have an idea who they should recruit, Vulcan. He’s been difficult to recruit so far. It seems unlikely that a small company like the eighth, right?

Yu and Lisa
Yu and Lisa

Who’s the crackerjack engineer, Vulcan?

A “God of Fire and the Forge,” Vulcan is profoundly skilled. He does have a hatred for Haijima and the Special Fire Force for their association. However, Oda is sure that Shinra, Arthur and Iris can get him to join. He tells them to go in street clothing but don’t mislead him. Hibana is certain that this is waste of everybody’s time. Vulcan lives in a junkyard. When Shinra and Arthur introduce themselves, Vulcan throws soda cans at them. Vulcan tells them that he won’t help Fire Soldiers. However, his apprentice, Yu agrees to listen to their pitch. Due to his disdain of Haijima, they used their influence to stop his suppliers. Yu notes that there’s a deeper reason for his hatred.

However, before he can tell them, Shinra vouches for Company 8’s difference. Yu allows them inside Vulcan’s home. There they meet Lisa and witness Vulcan in action. He swings his wrenches like drumsticks, beating on his machine. He then kicks it into a wall. Vulcan explains that “if a machine would break that easily . . . it’s no different than a defective unit.” After some hi-jinks as he realizes that Shinra, Arthur and Iris are inside, a guess arrives. Outside, Vulcan and the 3rd Company Captain Giovanni meet. Giovanni stopped the supply line to pressure Vulcan to join them. Vulcan accuses Giovanni of murdering his father and grandfather. Giovanni mocks Vulcan’s dream.

Vulcan’s machine the projected his dream

Vulcan’s dream to resurrect the animals

Shinra offers Company 8’s help. For some reason, Iris begins randomly pressing buttons. The incompetence of Shinra, Arthur and Iris has a charming effect on Vulcan. He offers to show them something to make their trip worth it. He shows them a machine that projects images of sea creatures in the ocean, elephants and birds. Vulcan’s dream is to bring the now extinct animals back to life. However, he doesn’t have the technology to do so. We learn that Lisa lost her parents to an Infernal. Homeless, Vulcan took her in. She informs them that Vulcan’s father and grandfather both turned into Infernals at the same time.

However, he doesn’t believe that it was random. He thinks that Giovanni has something to do with it. Formerly, an apprentice of Vulcan’s, Giovanni then went to work for Haijima. Vulcan’s family has always had a bad relationship with Haijima. As Lisa head inside, Shinra’s Adolla Link sense’s Giovanni’s intent to kill Vulcan. This episode exceeded my expectations. The end result, Vulcan joining Company 8, is obvious. However, Fire Force complicated the recruitment enough. Vulcan will certainly bring Yu and Lisa along. However, Company 8 is going to continue to prove to be a problem for Haijima. How will they react? I’m excited to see what Giovanni is capable of.

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Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 14: Recap and Review

Shinra saves Benimaru from falling
Shinra saves Benimaru

Season 1, Episode 14: For Whom The Flame Burn

Benimaru battles to save his town

As the civilians continue to bicker, Benimaru implores Konro to talk to the people. He believes that the town would listen to him. However, Konro doesn’t think that he’s the one to do it. Konro tells him that the people want to here from Benimaru. As a result, Benimaru decides he’s going to “smash things up.” Yona takes great pleasure in the chaos that he’s created. However, Benimaru gets the attention of the people. He explains the situation and tells his people to beat each other up. Meanwhile, Company 7 will put out the fires. Benimaru’s remedy is ridiculous. It reminds me of a similar situation in Naruto. However, Shikamaru decides that everyone should stand apart inside circles. This keeps everyone safe. However, Benimaru isn’t that smart.

However, the civilians are excited to have a “fight festival.” Yona is appalled. He considers the fighting “barbaric,” and “not art.” Elsewhere, Shinra and Arthur face off against Haran that has now become a horned Infernal. Shinra is reminded of the Infernal from his childhood. Haran overwhelms both Shinra and Arthur with his power. However, Benimaru interfere’s.

Shinra deflecting Arrow's arrow
Shinra deflecting Arrow’s arrow

Benimaru verses Haran

Haran fires massive flames at Benimaru. However, Benimaru redirects them at Haran with ease. Benimaru strikes Haran in the chest, but Haran skin is too hard. Benimaru grabs a matoi and launches Haran into the sky. He does this to avoid destroying the town. Meanwhile, the White Hood, Arrow, targets Benimaru. Konro attempts to stop her, but is in no shape to use his powers. He falls off the latter. Desperate, Konro calls to Shinra to intercept the arrow. Shinra launches towards the arrow and increasing speed. After a struggle, Shinra’s determination wins out. He deflects the arrow leaving Benimaru to defeat Haran.

Using several matoi, Benimaru is at first unable to “crack” Haran. He “borrows” a move from Konro. Crimson Moon. Shinra catches an exhausted Benimaru. Afterward, the Evangelists are able to burn all the evidence. Later, Benimaru and Obi share sake, seemingly sealing a friendship between the two companies. The animation in this episode was great. Particularly during the fighting, when it mattered the most. I think long term it’s going to be good that Benimaru comes to trust at least one company. He probably wouldn’t and shouldn’t trust the other companies. However, Company 8 now have another ally against the Evangelists.

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Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 13: Recap and Review

Benimaru and Konro butt heads in episode 13, the Trap is Set.
Benimaru is told that he’s the leader now

Season 1, Episode 13: The Trap is Set

Konro concludes his story. It’s the Solar Year 196, in Tokyo, Asakusa. Benimaru rushes to his side. He asks him “why he [Konro] didn’t let him fight.” The Special Fire Force, Company 4 arrives after all that happened. Soichiro Hague, the Captain of Company 4 greets them. Under orders fro the Emperor, he inducts Konro and Benimaru into Fire Force Company 7. Benimaru isn’t interested, however, Konro wants to know what they would get out of it. Hague tells them that they get, “financial support, equipment, supplies and top-notch personnel.” Konro asks for more time to consider their answer. Benimaru hates the idea of becoming a “dog” of the empire.

Everyone life has value

Meanwhile, in the Solar Year 198, Konro tells Company 8 that he has no regrets. He tells them that he would offer his “two-bit,” life, “as many times as needed.” Shinra asks him not to. He doesn’t believe anyone’s life is more important to anyone else. Elsewhere in the town, many civilians accuse each other of bad behavior. As a plan of the followers of the Evangelists, it dumb. They confirm that the 8th company is innocent. The culprit is Yona. A Knight of the Ashen Flame, Yona is able to use blood vessels to change the face of people. However, he accidentally kills one of the followers. As a result of the shape-shifting, the townspeople are distracted.

Company 8 verses the White hoods

As the White Hoods attack, Captain Obi tells Company 8 to wait. They don’t have the permission of Company 7. Obi orders them to evaluate the civilians, however, their attacked by a sniper. Shinra flies off to distract them, similarity, Arthur follows. Shinra attempts to triangulate the arrows. However, he and Arthur can’t seem to agree with each other. Meanwhile, Konro and Hinata search for Hikage. Shinra is attacked while flying. He and Arthur take on attempt to fight together but fail at first. However, sensing the danger their in the work together. One of the white hoods flee, as the other eats a Infernal bug. In short, the battle is just beginning.

Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 12: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 12: Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa

It’s been a few weeks since the last episode of Fire Force aired. This episode directly picks up right after that one. After the destruction of their homes, Shinmon and the villagers begin to rebuild. Sensing an opportunity to help and gain some trust among the 7th Fire Company, Fire Company 8 pitch in. We get a brief montage of the 8th helping, with Shinra using his ability to fly to carry lumber, Maki uses her strength to lift heavy steel pipe. Takehisa is an expert with a nail gun and Arthur uses his mini-Excalibur to help weld. All this goes appreciated by the civilians.We get a greater understanding of the relationship between Benimaru and his Konro. He believes that unlike the other Fire Companies, the 8th is nicer. Benimaru always looks like he’s miserable. It appears that he’s feels guilty. Konro has multiple wounds on both his arms.

At some point, Konro overused his pyrotechnics resulting in parts of his body turning to ash. Benimaru reveals that he never really wanted to be leader of the 7th, but he had no choice due to Konro’s injury. The agents of the Evangelists make a brief appearance in this episode. They are told to kill the 8th, who are investigating them. They decide to manipulate Shinmon into doing their dirty work for them.Transforming into Captain Obi, the agents tell Shinra that he wants to meet Benimaru. When he arrives to the meeting he see (a obvious fake) conversation where Obi and Hinawa loudly talks about the fact that they’re responsible for the Infernals. We know that this isn’t true, but Benimaru wouldn’t. On top of all this he inherently mistrustful of all the Companies including the 8th. This bias makes him even more susceptible to being manipulated.

The entire 8th ends up taking on Benimaru. He handles them without much difficulty. What is particularly interesting in the fight is how Obi fares. In Fire Force, Captain Obi rarely if ever engages in battle. He of course doesn’t have any powers. This left the question of how he could fight against fire users. He does impress. Considering the fact that Benimaru is considered the “strongest” of the Captains, the Obi’s strength must be tremendous. This episode concludes with Konro’s flashback of the moment that he developed tephrosis. I think that the flashback could have waited until the next episode. It seems like it won’t be too much longer. However, we could get to see how strong Konro’s use to be.

Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 11: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 11: The Formation of Special Fire Force 8/ The Mightiest Hikeshi

This episode is split into two. The first half, the Formation of Special Fire Force 8, focuses on Takehisa Hinawa’s time with the Tokyo Imperial Armed Forces. He’s actually even more cold and detached. We meet his friend, Toji. Hinawa isn’t religious and doesn’t believe in baptizing guns. Toji asks him, “Between a gun that was baptized and one that wasn’t, you’d rather be shot by the baptized one, right?” That night, Toji transforms into an infernal. He begs Hinawa to “kill him while he’s still conscious.” Hinawa can’t do it. After Toji’s death, Hinawa claims his baptized gun. Hinawa learns so empathy from this tragedy.

Obi, now a rookie fire fighter is standing by waiting for Fire Force members to end the suffering of two Infernal. The members of Company 3, have made a game of killing Infernals, assigning points to each one. Of course this causes Obi to get angry. They lack the concern necessary concern for the family of Infernal’s. Obi decides to take matters into his own hands. Hinawa recognizes the kind of man Obi is and offers to aid him. They decide to put the Infernal to rest. Unlike most of the recent scenes with Infernals this one is more reserved like the first episodes. Fire Force once again is reminding us of the costs. Killing Infernals aren’t fun and games, these are real people, that suffer. After this, Obi decides that he will create his own company, with Hinawa as his first hire.

The Mightiest Hikeshi

The second half of the episode introduces us to Shinmon Benimaru and Company 7. Located in Asakusa, the feels like the Edo era Japan. Benimaru is rude to the towns people that all seem to love him. When he returns to Company 7, it seems like there’s only four members. Their are the twins, Hikage and Hinata, along with Konro. As we saw in the previous episode, Benimaru doesn’t trust the Government or the Church. This includes Company 8. Before we get a conflict between Shinra and Benimaru, an Infernal emerges. Benimaru springs into action, beginning the “festival.” He has the ability of both the second and third generation. This makes him a unique fire fighter, able to create and control fire.

The battle scene is amazing, with Benimaru using matoi flags to destroy rows of homes. At first this is seems ridiculous, but it’s explained that the destruction of the homes are part of the ritual. This was the best episode of Fire Force in a while. Benimaru is a bit of an ass, but also a wildcard. Based on his attitude I don’t think that he’s corrupted. However, he may not care enough to be of any use. I do think that Shinra will likely convince him to join the fight. I’m uncertain if this is the start of more consistent writing from Fire Force, but this episode shows that this series is great without the unnecessary fanservice and with a touching story.

Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 10: Recap and Review

In episode 10 of Fire Force, Shinra, Tamaki and Obi are sitting in the car arriving to the meeting at  Amaterasu.
Shinra excited to see Amaterasu

Season 1, Episode 10: ‘The Promise’

The tenth episode of Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force), the Promise, introduces the Tokyo Imperial Emperor, Raffles III. He calls an emergency conference of all the Captains to discuss the threat of the Evangelist. It’s rare that all the Captains meet. They arrive at the thermal energy plant, Amaterasu. The plant produces all the energy for Tokyo. The conference begins. Along with Leonard Burns (1st), Princess Hibana (5th) and Akitaru Obi (8th), we are introduced to Gustav Honda (2nd), Dr. Giovanni (3rd), Soichiro Hague (4th), Kayoko Huang (6th) and finally Benimaru Shinmon (7th).

Obi notes that the 7th rarely shows up. Shinra states that Shinmon is considered to be the “mightiest Fire Soldier.” The Emperor begins by telling that the Captains that the Evangelist must be stopped as they are traitors. Shinmon is disrespectful when the Emperor suggests that they’re protected by the “Great Sol.” He states that his name is Shinmon Benimaru, which apparently suggests that he’s a “proto-nationalists.” It would have been helpful for Fire Force to explain what a “proto-nationalists” is, why his name is proto-nationalists” and why that’s a problem. Clearly it means that he doesn’t follow orders and he leaves.

In episode 10 of Fire Force, Sho Kusakabe sits on a throne while leaning on a sword.
Sho Kusakabe

Joker arrives and plans to see Shinra again. It is revealed to the Captains that Shinra has the Adolla Burst. This is the same as the flame of Amaterasu. Captain Obi and Company 8, take full responsibility for protecting Shinra. While watching Amaterasu, Joker interrupts him. Joker offers him a “reward,” and tells him that his brother, named Sho Kusakabe is now a Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. Tanaka tells Shinra that he wants him to trust them. At the end of the episode he finally tells them about what Joker told him about his brother. We get a brief look at the White Clad cult and Sho, who has the same smile as Shinra.

This episode largely serves as a recap episode, but there’s enough new information that it doesn’t matter. We are starting to get some clarity on the hierarchy of the Fire Force universe, but I still don’t understand which of the Companies can be trusted. The impression this episode in parts is that Company 3, lead by Dr. Giovanni is a possible threat to Shinra. Company 7, lead by Benimaru Shinmon seem like the most likely to fight against the Church and Government. However, what remains unclear is whether these organizations are evil at all. Joker’s loyalties are interesting. He clearly is obsessed with Shinra, but what he gains from instigating a conflict between brothers is uncertain.

Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 9: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 9: The Spreading Malice

In episode 9, Shinra faces off with Lieutenant Rekka. They engage in a battle, resulting in Shinra taking Rekka down with a devastating attack. Using his movement he’s able to take advantage and defeat Rekka. However, Shinra almost exhausts the oxygen in his body. During the battle, Rekka notices that a Infernal insect is reacting to Shinra’s flame. He states that Shinra must be the “third person” that the Evangelist was searching for. He claims that Shinra possesses the “undefiled flame, the Adolla Burst.” Rekka explains that the Evangelists hope to make Earth into a “second Sun.”

Rekka reveals that he will make the children look like “they died in a fire and teach them the teachings of the Evangelists.” Shinra flashes back to his childhood, realizing that the Evangelist may have taken his brother. Rekka begins to over use his flame, preparing to die in the process. Karim uses his abilities to seal Rekka in ice. Suddenly, Rekka is shot through the chest, killing him instantly. Two white cloaked assassins succeed in their mission to silence Rekka. They then turn their sights on the others. Attacking Karim, Li intervenes losing his arm in the process.

Karim tells Shinra to create a “smokescreen,” and uses Tamaki to create a distraction. The two assassins retreat, unwilling to risk their lives further. Karim offers to join forces with Company 8 to expose the Evangelists. Tamaki is suspended by Company 1 and joins Company 8. The conspiracy is getting more interesting. The Evangelists and his followers are clearly an extreme religious organization. It also seems clear that the Evangelist took Shinra’s brother. I hope that the series teases out the investigation into the Evangelist because so far it seems that their rushing.