Deca-Dence Episode 7: Recap and Review

Episode 7 of Deca-Dence begins with Kaburagi realizing that the fighting hasn’t stopped. The Gadoll has managed to breach the walls of Deca-Dence. Despite the best efforts of the Gears, five Gadoll enter and begin attacking civilians. With a new avatar, Kaburagi springs into action. However, one Gadoll slips past him, leaving Natsume to come to the rescue. Natsume and the rest of her team head outside to prevent more Gadoll from entering. Kaburagi meets with Minato and questions why there’s a hole in the tank. Minato tells him that the Tankers population has become to large and must be “culled.” He warns Kaburagi not to make to much noise, later Jill warns him not to stay logged in for too long. 

Kaburagi wants to destroy all Gadoll

The tankers want to close the hole in the wall but they need the help of the civilians. With the amount of work required and the threat of Gadoll attacking they don’t seem to be willing to help. Determined Natsume manages to convince them to aid her. Kaburagi and Natsume finally meet. However, she doesn’t recognize him in his new avatar. She does notice some “similarities” between Kaburagi’s new avatar and his old one. Natsume cries as she concludes that Kaburagi will “never return” and the fighting will never stop. Angered, Kaburagi decides that he will “tear it all down.” During the credits, Kaburagi, back in the prison, tells Donatello that he’s going to “wipe out the Gadoll,” by destroying the factory.

I like Natsume’s character development. She hasn’t become the infallible hero that dominates the Gadoll single handily. She is determined and works hard but it costs her emotionally. Natsume isn’t sure of herself yet and she may never be. She has hopes but doubts. She has courage but fears the worst. As for Kaburagi now that he’s been deemed a “bug” he now fully accepted that role. The system attempted to destroy him, instead, they have created the means of their destruction. 

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