Deca-Dence Episode 6: Recap and Review

Kaburagi is sent to prison in episode 6 of Deca-Dence.
Kaburagi is sent to prison

Kaburagi is sent to the correctional facility

In Deca-Dence episode 6, Kaburagi’s punishment is handed out. Kaburagi is to be scrapped by Hugin. He is unrepentant and willing to accept his punishment. However, before Hugin can scrap Kaburagi, the company intervenes, instead choosing to send Kaburagi to a “correctional facility.” The corrupted “bugs” are injected with special oxyone and examined, by being electrocuted, then left to “chop up Gadoll feces.” The Gadoll feces is a source of energy for the facility. If Kaburagi and the other “bugs” are supposed to be re-educated here, I’m not sure how chopping up feces will do that. Furthermore, the environment is so dangerous that it’s implausible that change is possible. 

The correction facility is a prison and Kaburagi and the others are displaying the effects of solitary confinement. Kaburagi takes initiative, which gets the attention of a prisoner named Sarkozy. He explains that over time everyone “gets used to imprisonment.” Escaping is impossible and the company just works you until you break. Inspired by Natsume, Kaburagi continues to “push his limits.” Sarkozy reveals that some of the prisoners can still plug into the game and this allows him to gather info regarding the outside world. Deca-Dence episode 6 exposes the company, even more, revealing that the Gadoll are produced. 

Kaburagi verses Donatello

Sarkozy takes Kaburagi to meet with the bugs that have access to the Deca-Dence. Unlike the other bugs that have confused facial expressions, these bugs appear angry or feral. The head bug is Donatello, a massive purple figure with a dog-like face. He asks why Kaburagi is in “a place like this.” Donatello is willing to help Kaburagi if the later is willing to risk his life in a game of Death Dive. The game is simple, armed with a shovel the combatants, Donatello and Kaburagi, must knock the other into the tank below. Despite his large size, Donatello is swift and agile. 

Kaburagi is overwhelmed by the barrage coming from Donatello. After losing his shovel, Kaburagi lunges at Donatello, tearing the blade off his head. Defeated, Donatello grabs Kaburagi by the leg dragging both into the pit below. However, Kaburagi uses his rockets to save them. Proving himself, Kaburagi is permitted to access the Deca-Dence and see Natsume again. Deca-Dence has always made a critique of capitalism. This episode feels like it’s a commentary on both the prison system and the tendencies of capitalism. Going a step further by suggesting that they function the same. Prison is supposed to remove someone from society and rehabilitate them. However, it often dehumanizes them making it harder for the prison to reintegrate into life. This critique isn’t particularly new, but it is told in a new way, especially considering the colorful cyborgs. The question is how the system will fall if it does at all. 

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