Top 5 Anime Afros

Anime characters often sport wild hairstyles. However, most hairstyles are usually long or spikey. Some characters wear Afros. Generally, this style is a large, rounded style created by combing one’s hair from the scalp with a pix. The hairstyle is more common with characters of African descent, however, in anime hair texture doesn’t matter. Here’s the top 5:

5. Atsuko Jackson

The outlaw vigilante from the Michiko to Hatchin series, Atsuko a black Brazilian protagonist. She has a massive blond Afro that contrasts beautifully with her dark brown skin. 

2. Favaro Leone

A self-proclaimed “ladies man,” Favaro is a selfish (at least at first) main character in the Shingeki no Bahamut series. He’s a bounty hunter that ends up transporting a demon named Amira. Favaro has several distinct qualities like his facial scar, and demon tail but his orange Afro stands out. 

3. Mr. Satan

Mr. Satan or Hercule Satan is the World Martial Arts Champion from Dragon Ball Z. His real name is Mark. He won his Championship without going through Goku or the Z Fighters. Mr. Satan is known for his personality, handlebar mustache, sideburns, and Afro. Later in the series, his trademark Afro features a natural bald spot. 

2. Brook

The musician from the Straw Hat Pirates, Brook is the Yomi Yomi no Mi devil fruit user. Before his death, Brook was a skinny man with a goatee and sideburns. After head died, the only hair that remained on the head was his Afro. Brook resembles rockers, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendriks, and Slash. 

1. Afro Samurai

The main protagonists of the Afro Samurai series is named Afro. A super serious and quiet character, Afro’s most exciting characteristic is his large flowing Afro. His fro isn’t round but long and messy, coupled with his extremely long headband it’s almost another character. 

8 responses to “Top 5 Anime Afros”

  1. Afro definitely popped into my head first, which I feel it probably would for a lot of people lol. Canary from HxH is another one that popped into my mind.

    1. I forgot about Canary, although many might suggest that her hairstyle isn’t technically an Afro.

      1. I always thought of it as an afro but with small braids? My best friend in high school had hair like that and they always called it a ‘fro haha. I miss them. But thanks for the list. I’ve found some new shows to check out because of it. 🙂

      2. Thanks, glad to hear it you found some new anime to watch.

  2. Fun post! Afro Samurai is one of those animes that I still haven’t gotten around too (I know right, that’s horrible). This serves as a good reminder for that one though 😊

    1. Thank you. I wish there was more Afro Samurai movies or at least an anime series. There’s still time though.

  3. Afro Samurai was the first name to pop up in my head….nice list

    1. Thank you.

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