Top 5 Anime Tropes I Hate

The Sailor Scouts
The Sailor Scouts

Parental Abandonment

It’s common for heroes to have no parents. They’re either dead, strangely not mentioned, or abusive. Everyone is “conveniently an orphan.” This often avoids the question of why would someone allow their child to leave home alone? Even if the parent didn’t care it would still be parental neglect. Furthermore, if the main protagonists is a super-powered demon slayer or an actual demon, it would be necessary to explain why their parents didn’t know or didn’t tell them. It’s an understandable trope but one that’s overused. 

  1. Sailor Moon. Rei lives with her grandfather. Her mother died and her father abandoned her, leaving her to be raised by his mother. Ami’s parents are divorced. Makoto’s and Mamoru’s parents both die in tragic accidents. 
  2. Naruto. Sasuke’s parents were slaughtered by his brother. Naruto’s parents died fighting the Nine-Tails. Gaara’s mother died during childbirth. Asuma dies before his child is born.
  3. Bleach. Orhimes parents abandoned her, shes lived alone since she was 12. Chad’s parents died, then his grandfather leaving him to take care of himself since the age of 15. Uryuu’s mother died and his father is estranged. 

Instant Expert

Every once in a while a character must learn something that is conveniently helpful. Not only that the user can master the new power instantly. If you think too hard you will realize that it probably would take years if not decades for the character to learn the new skill. Of course, that’s why writers grant their characters instant abilities in the first place.

  1. Kamehameha. It took Master Roshi almost a century to learn it, Goku does it after seeing Master Roshi do it once. 
  2. Rasengan. Naruto’s father Minato learned the Rasengan after years. Naruto learns it in a week, although he didn’t master it.
  3. Bankai. Normally it takes decades to learn the Bankai. Ichigo learns his Bankai in three days. 

Calling Your Attacks

In anime, long-winded names given to attacks are the norm. Whether its the name of a punch, weapon, or magical attack these names are important to their coolness. The origin of this behavior can be connected to the ancient concept that “special words can invoke control over the supernatural.” The use of a spell’s name can sometimes be part of an incantation. The Kido in Bleach require long incantations that seem to be a random collection of words, however, a user can avoid saying the entire spell, but must sacrifice some power. These names use to be limited to special moves, now every attack has to have a title. 

  1. Bleach. Ultimate Technique: Stunning Charlotte Chuhlhourne’s Miracle Sweet Ultra-Funky Fantastic Dramatic Romantic Sadistic Erotic Exotic Athletic Guillotine Attack. 
  2. Fairy Tail. Metsuryuu Ougi Guren Bakuenjin (Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade)
  3. Kenshin. Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ougi Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki

The Power of Friendship

The villain in many series often mock friendship. Why would you rely on others when you can do everything yourself? Of course, these villains generally have massive group followers that fight for them. However, they’re not friends so it’s different right. What the villain doesn’t know is that these friends are also a secret power. The hero will reach a new level of power to protect his friends or they will work together to defeat the villain. 

  1. Fairy Tail. Wizards gain power based on the strength of their friendships.
  2. Naruto. Like most Shonen heroes Naruto can get stronger to save his friends. Also known as Friendship no Jutsu. 
  3. One Piece. Basic this series runs on the power of friendship or Nakama. 

Explaining Your Power to the Enemy

The villain monologue has become a trope and is now mocked often. The practical reason for it is to inform the audience, however, this info could be gained without telling the villain. Like having the character think about the effect of their attack or its power. The explanation can range from what an ability does to how to counter it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what they explain as their too powerful to lose, although, they usually make their lives harder. 

  1. Berserk. A demon tells Guts that he can’t regenerate if his head cut off. Gut’s immediately cuts his head off. 
  2. Bleach. Hirako Shinji does this twice the time. First, he tells Aizen how his Shikai works. (its powers reverse his opponents’ senses and movements). He then does it again when fighting Bambietta. 
  3. Dragon Ball Z. Gohan explains that his true power only comes out when he’s angry. So Cell tries to kill his father and his friends. 

Top Five Amoral Groups or Races in Anime


Top Five Amoral Groups or Races in Anime

The shinigami from Death Note
The shinigami from Death Note

The Shinigami (Death Note)

The Shinigami in Death Note exists to kill humans. It’s required for them to survive. Ryuk deliberately drops his Death Note into the human world out of boredom. He takes joy in Light Yagami’s mass-murdering but largely doesn’t care about their death because it’s all part of nature. Since all humans are going to die anyway, why be concerned with premature deaths. 

The Zoldyk family (Hunter X Hunter)

The Zoldyk family is a family of assassins. The family is highly pragmatic that practice tough love. They have a strict approach to their profession and a love of violence. However, they have a strict rule against killing the innocent. Their cold demeanor extends to each other. It works when assassinating people, not so much when relating to the family. 

The Pillar Men (JoJo Bizarre Adventure)

The Pillar Men are an ancient humanoid race. They’re almost extinct, but use to live thousand of years ago. Highly intelligent, powerful, and capable of manipulating the bodies to a high degree. Due to being such an elite and old race, they have very little regard for humanity. They view humanity the way humans tend to view insects. They even killed a character without noticing. However, the Pillar Men seem to value non-human life, going out of their ways to avoid destroying things like flowers. 

The Angels (Evangelion)

Angels in Evangelion refer to the fifteen children of Adam. Exactly what Angels are can be confusing. Supposedly, Angel’s are a variation of the human race. At first, they appear as humanoid entities, then they “reject” the human form. Angel’s have unique forms. The motives of the Angel’s are left ambiguous. One theory is that they’re trying to “return to Adam,” that’s located deep underground. They may want to “access Lilith and reset all life.” Angel’s don’t seem to communicate and often have no expression. Overall, the Angel’s seem to function on some sort of autopilot. What motivates hem is unknown but it appears that they only fight out of instinct. 

The Saiyans (DBZ)

According to Akira Toriyama Saiyans are considered amoral. They are a warrior race that loves battle and strength above all else. Goku often displays the amorality and its possible consequence. He often spares the life of a villain so they could get stronger a fight again. During the Cell Games, he gives Cell a Senzu bean so he could have a “fair fight” against Gohan. He does this although it would have benefited Earth and increase Gohan’s chances. Also, the Saiyans have an odd view of romantic relationships. Saiyan form sexual relationships for procreation and not for love. Most Saiyans don’t have romantic or parental love for spouses or children. It’s the primary reason Goku and Vegeta don’t have the best relationship with their wives and children. 

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Top 5 Anime Characters with Scars

Guts with his Scar against his nose

Guts (Berserk)

Guts have numerous scars after many battles. However, his most distinct scar is the one across his nose. Guts received this scar during a training session with his former father figure Gambino. During this session, Gambino becomes frustrated after Guts manages to cut his cheek. In his rage, he gives Guts the cut across his nose. 

Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)

Shoto has a large burn scar across his left side of his face. He received this scar from his abused mother. Todoroki’s father Endeavor abused his mother resulting in her developing an intense hatred of Endeavor. In a fit of insanity, she burned Shoto by pouring a kettle of boiling water. She immediately tried to soothe Shoto’s pain with her ice Quirk, however, Shoto seem to be permanently scarred. 

Shanks (One Piece)

Shanks’s trademark scar across his left eye was given to him by Blackbeard. When and why he received this scar is currently unknown. The scar is a set of three vertically linear lines that cross over his left eye. However, the eye itself isn’t harmed. 

Kenpachi (Bleach)

Kenpachi has many distinctive traits. His eye patch, long black hair, and his hairless eyebrows. In addition to all that he has a long, thin scar that runs down his face. Located on the left side, the scar doesn’t cut across the eye. It was given to him by the former Kenpachi and Gotei 13 Captain, Retsu Unohana. He was just a child when she gave it to him. 

Vast the Stampede (Trigun)

Vast the Stampede has too many scars to detail. The series doesn’t necessarily tell us when they all happen. Vast’s body is full of deep scars, metal plates that appear to be bolted on, and cuts. In the anime, it is suggested that these scars are all the result if Vast’s unwillingness to kill his opponents. 

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The Top 5 Bald Anime Characters

Anyone that watches anime knows that one of the trademarks of the genre is the hair. In anime, a character’s hair is very important. Often weird-looking, physics-defying, oddly shaped, and/or strangely colored, hair allows characters to stand out. Anime feature all kinds of hairstyles and even hair effects. For example, there’s the Ahoge or Idiot Hair, which is the “noticeable slim forelock of hair that sticks straight up from a character’s head.” There’s “expressive hair” when a character’s hair seems to move independently. Naruto’s mother, Kushina’s, hair is expressive, floating wildly in the air when angry. If you want more examples check out TV Trope

Regardless, I here to list those that lack this magnificent hair. It’s rare but there are several bald characters in anime. I created a list of my five favs.

Dot Pixis (Attack on Titan)

The commanding officer from Attack on Titan, Pixis is responsible for the safety of the southern territory within Wall Rose. He organized the mission to reclaim the Trost. As General, he is responsible for the defense of the military. Pixis baldness seems to be related to his age, but he’s got a kickass mustache. 

Gluttony the Voracious (FullMetal Alchemist)

One of the homunculi in the Fullmetal Alchemist, Gluttony is simple and childlike. He can and will eat anything. Despite his size, he’s extremely fast. A lot of Gluttony’s behavior can be easily characterized as evil, however, he has shown kindness. His sibling relationship with Lust often shows this kindness. Anyone that harms her will certainly be eaten and when she dies he’s deeply hurt. 

Krillin (Dragon Ball Z)

Krillin is probably the most famous of the bald anime characters. Initially, he was an awesome fighter, being able to learn the Kamehameha simply by watching Goku and Yamcha do it. Unfortunately, he’s mostly used for comic relief particularly in the movies. Krillin’s been peed on by Gohan, rubble falling on him, and getting punched in the face by the villain. Krillin is bald by choice, having shaved his head since childhood to emulate what he thought martial artist looked like. 

Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach)

Ikkaku in my opinion is an undervalued character in Bleach. This is in part because he hides his power to remain in Squad 11. He’s currently the vice-captain of Squad 11. His baldness is a running gag throughout the series. When he’s teased for his baldness he erupts in anger. Ikkaku takes hiding his Bankai so far that he will throw a fight to avoid using it. However, everyone already knows he’s achieved Bankai. 

Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama may have surpassed Krillin in terms of public recognition at this point. A former salaryman, Saitama trained for three years to gain his power. According to Saitama, “if you don’t train so hard that all your hair falls out then you won’t be able to One-Hit Kill any opponent you face.” He used to have a full head of hair that fell out due to the intensity of the training. This is also true for Superalloy Darkshine who apparently “deliberately” trained until his hair fell out. It seems that One Punch Man believes that baldness is correlated with strength. 

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My Top Five Anime Announcers

Image of one of my My Top Five Anime Announcers, Juri during the Dark Tournament
Juri during the Dark Tournament

The tournament arc is common in anime. An arc that generally puts several characters in direct competition, the tournament arc can consists of anything from fighting to cooking. Sometimes the tournament arc is used as filler or used to give unknown characters some development. If your series has a large amount of characters, a tournament arc is good to introduce them. These arcs can be used for fanservice, by pitting two or more characters against each other, as they generally won’t fight in the normal story. The tournament themselves tend to be single elimination. The last opponent is almost always a Big Bad.

The most overlooked aspect of the tournament arc is the announcer. The hype men and women provide color commentary for the tournaments are often considered background noise. The are tasked with explaining what occurs during a “match.” Some series pay more attention to the announcers than others. I have collected my top five favorites.

5. Marian (Pokemon)

It should surprise no one that Pokemon needs announcers. The series is of course built around tournaments. Marian is the master of ceremonies in the Sinnoh region. Marian made her debut during the Jubilife City Pokemon Contest. Since that moment she was featured in several Pokemon Contests. Like most announcers on the list, Marian has a lot of energy. As a announcer she comments on battles and performances, then rewards the winner after the Judges decide.

4. Gatz (One Piece)

Gatz is the announcer at the Corrida Colosseum. He debut in chapter 702 of One Piece. Despite being expected to be neutral during the competition, Gatz showed some bias. He favored Hack from B block and was cheering for Lucy (Luffy/Sabo). He also admired the strong. Gatz was sympathetic toward Luffy and Sabo, even though they broke the rules by switching places. Gatz shows that he’s honorable as he is unwilling to force anyone to fight if they can’t and even put himself in danger to protect Rebecca and Viola from Doflamingo.

3. Koto and Juri (Yu Yu Hakusho)

I’ve watched and re-watched the Dark Tournament arc so many times I can conjure Koto’s voice in my head. A ‘D’ level demon, Koto was the referee then commentator for the Dark Tournament and later the Demon World Tournament. Cheerful and fair, Koto is surprisingly bloodthirsty. She enjoys witnessing the murder and mayhem in the tournaments. However, she has standards, disapproving of Bakken’s cheating.

This honor got her demoted to commentator. She was replaced by Juri. Also a ‘D’ level demon, Juri was less dedicated to her job. She lacks Koto’s sadism and often shows fear of what occurs in the ring. Koto and Juri both escape together, later becoming idols in the demon and human worlds.

2. Present Mic (My Hero Academia)

Present Mic (Hizashi Yamada) is the Voice Hero and English teacher at U.A. He’s eccentric and always talks at a high level. His Quirk, “Voice” allows him to “to increase the volume of his voice, giving him an ability that is similar to a sonic scream.” Mic was the announcer (along with Shota) of the U.A. Sports Festival. Midnight explained the rules and was the ref.

1. Worlds Martial Arts Tournament Announcer

Making his debut in Dragon Ball episode 21, Worlds Martial Arts Tournament Announcer (his “name”) is the energetic referee. He’s a common fixture in the Martial Arts world, having hosted every Tournament from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball GT. He often is seen with his eyes bulging out of his head when watching Goku and his friends fight. He’s often so distracted that he fails to start the count on time. He has some understanding of Ki and is well aware that Goku and his friends defeated Cell, not Mr. Satan.

My Top Five Sports Anime

My Top Five Sports Anime

I uses to wonder why anyone watched sports anime. Why not just play it or watch on tv? It can’t be more entertaining than real thing, right? Turns out it can be or at least sports anime is a different kind of entertainment. Regardless, I learned to love some anime sports. The best sports anime create drama through the characters and matches, while explaining the rules of the sport. I prefer series that allow the protagonists to lose from time to time. Even if the main character is a prodigy, even body loses in sport. At least sometimes. My top five are:

5. Air Gear

Air Gear is the least realistic of the anime on this list. Air Gear is an in-universe invention that is based on inline skates. Itsuki Minami “Crow” is the main character. Air Gear focuses on Ikki and his friends as the try to climb to the top of Trophaeum Tower. Personally, I preferred the manga to the anime because of the amazing art of Ito “Oh Great” Ogure. The anime isn’t true to the manga series leaving out some story aspects. Overall, Air Gear is fun, high action comedy anime.

4. Prince of Tennis

The Prince of Tennis series from Takeshi Konomi. Adapted from the manga in 2001, the series featured several OVA’s, 178 episodes and a movie. I love Tennis. It’s my favorite sport, so seeing it get the anime treatment was exciting. The animation in this series isn’t great, but the dramatic matches, and the dynamic presentation of tennis is entertaining.

3. Ping Pong the Animation

The first thing you notice when watching Ping Pong the Animation is the animation style. Rather innovative the art style is fluid in motion and the line work is phenomenal. That said, its unique styling isn’t going to work for everyone. Some characters can look deformed at times, but I didn’t find it of putting. The series focuses more on the characters than you would expect. Ping Pong the Animation is a complex series, with electrifying animation, and good character building.

2. Yuri on Ice

I only pay attention to Ice Skating during the winter Olympics. So when I kept hearing about Yuri on Ice I wasn’t convinced I would like it. After the first episode I was hooked. The ice skating was well done. With great music, camera angles, choreography, and animation Yuri on Ice stands out. However, it’s the characters that makes the series great. The main characters Yuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky, and Victor Nikiforov all feel real. At the same time the secondary characters all have interesting stories. You hope they skate the best routine, and are heart broken when they fall.

1. Haikyuu

Volleyball is one of those sports that everyone thinks they can play. It was one of the sports I was required to play in basic gym class. Most of the class was uninterested in the game, but if you grade depends on participating you better try. It was surprisingly fun to play once everyone got involved. Haikyuu reminded me of this moment. Turns out real volleyball isn’t that easy. Haikyuu explains the strategies to the audience. Like Yuri on Ice, this series has amazing animation that works well with the action. Centered around the short Hinata and his antagonist/best friend Kageyama, Haikyuu is awesome. Balancing emotion, with dramatic action, and the occasional loss, Haikyuu is the best sports anime in my opinion.

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Five Top Anime Series that use Child Soldiers

Itachi as a child
Itachi as a child

Child soldiers are real and it’s always been a tragic reality. Like many aspects of real life, child soldiers are depicted in anime and manga. Depending on the series, the fact that their are children in war may be presented as tragic or its so common that it doesn’t matter. In some series characters look like children but technically aren’t (by age). Generally, anime child soldiers are tragic victims of circumstance or really talented for their age. My top 5 are:

5. FullMetal Alchemist

The State Military in FullMetal Alchemist doesn’t often permit child soldiers. Edward Elric became a member of the military at the age of twelve. With the aid of Colonel Mustang, Edward is able to gain a place among the military. During the Ishvalan War some child soldiers were used. Colonel Mustang was traumatized after having to kill a boy that attempted to kill him.

4. Gundam

The Gundam series uses too many child soldiers to count. There’s 16 year old, Amuro Ray, all the main pilots in Gundam Wing were 15 at the series start. Setsuna F. Seiei from Gundam 00 was 16. He was forced to kill his own parents and watch fellow child soldiers die. Usso Eving in Victory Gundam was the youngest at 13. Well you get the point.

3. Dragon Ball Z

Gohan was forced to fight Raditz at the age of 4. When Vegeta and Nappa arrived to destroy the Earth he and the other Z fighters were prepared to die. Gohan was 5. Later, Gohan saved the world from Cell (and was the most powerful being on Earth) at age 11. Freiza enslaved Vegeta when he was 5, Goku was sent to concur Earth as an infant. Goten and Trunks battle Majin Buu as 7 and 8 year olds.

2. Naruto

Basically every ninja in Naruto was a child soldier at some point. It’s normal for the average ninja to graduate the academy at twelve. From there they join a four man team that engage in missions. While many early missions aren’t life threatening, there’s always a chance. Some exceptional ninja begin earlier. Kakashi graduated at age 5, became Chunin at 6, and became a Jonin at 13. Itachi graduated at 7, Chunin at 10, became a member of the ANBU at 11. At the age of 13 he was ordered to kill his clan, including his parents. Gaara was turned into a Jinchūriki to become a child soldier. Finally, when the Fourth Shinobi War begins most of the Konoha 12 were under 17 years old.

1. Attack on Titan

With the incredibly high mortality rate and three years of training, soldiers are allowed to enlists as twelve year olds. When the main characters Eren, Armin, and Misaka begin fighting their about 16. In the Marley Warrior Program, children as young as 5 are enlisted. They are promised full citizenship and better living conditions. Some are chosen to become one of the Nine Titans.

The Top 5 My Hero Academia Heroes or Villains I want to know more about

The Top 5 My Hero Academia Heroes or Villains I want to know more about

Mr. Purple in all his glory

5. His Purple Highness

When first laying eyes on His Purple Highness or Mr. Purple he resembles the late great Prince. Not only does he look like the Prince, he also shares his birthday. That can’t be a coincendence right? A Pro Hero from My Hero Academia Vigilantes series, Mr. Purple is overdramatic hero. Setting his style and personality aside, I really want to know about his weird Quirk, Chest Hair.

4. Hiryu Rin

Rin is known as Dragon Shroud. A student in Class 1-B, he’s a highly intellingent student. His Quirk is Scales. He can “sprout strong, durable reptilian scales from his skin.” Rin’s Quirk is versatile, allowing him to use his scales as shields and projectiles. During the Joint Training Battle he was shoiwn using these scales to destroy Denki Kaminari’s pointers with great accuracy. He has quick reflexes, and good tactical skills. Rin is one of two foreign students, immagrating from China.

3. Godzillo

A Pro Hero that appeared in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Godzillo looks like the famous Kaiju. His Quirk, Toho, is named after the company that owns Godzilla, produces, and distributes the My Hero Academia series. His Quirk gives him the attributes of the Godzilla Kaiju and the ability to “produce nutriets” via Photosynthesis. He could be just a form of product placement, but I find this character interesting. Also, will My Hero Academia have a hero or villain for each Kaiju?

Jurota in his beast form

2. Jurota Shishida

Jurota looks like a beast from the outset. He is covered with fur and has two lower cannines sticking up between his lips. During the Joint Training Arc he reveals his versitity of his Quirk, Beast. He can change into a Beast-Man, increasing his senses, strength, speed, and duribilty. Jurota is higly intellegent, and clearly one of the strongests students in U.A. Finally, he’s clearly model after Beast from X-Men, and I love that character.

1. Kuin Hachisuka

Kuin is a villain from My Hero Academia Vigilantes. She a student and part time villain. She a member of Villain Factory, a criminal orgination that hopes to create a villain to rival All Might. They engage in terriosm and human experiments. The agents of this group use the drug Trigger to enhance their Quirks. Kuin’s Quirk is Queen Bee. She uses he worker bees to swarm and gain information. Each bee can transport small quantities of a substance and they have stingers that fucntion like syringes.

Each bee can control other people. The Quirk uses a parasitic bee like creature that implants into a host. Kuin is connected to each bee, so when they die or are injured she feels the pain. Kuin is one of three revealed characters that are “animals” with Quirks, the others being Monster Cat and Nezu. If the Queen is killed, one of the other bees will replace the Queen.

My Top 5 ‘Ms. Fanservice’ Anime characters

My Top 5 ‘Ms. Fanservice’ Anime characters

Rangiku Matsumoto and her Bankai

Ms. Fanservice character is a female that provides a lot of Fanservice. They’re generally for the male viewer’s enjoyment. Often showing cleavage, midriff or curvy hips. She’s usually dressed in clothing that makes these “assets” more prominent. Even when dressed head to toe, a Ms. fanservice character always wears something skin tight. The camera often focuses on her body. Sometimes the anime itself will even create an in-story reason for her scantily clad clothing.

5. Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

In Bleach, three characters tend to get the “Ms. Fanservice” treatment. Rangiku, Orihime, and Shihoin. I think Rangiku because of her body type and outfit embodies this trope the most. The lieutenant of the 10th Division of the Gotei 13. Rangiku is very busty and her cleavage is always on display. Her Shinigami robes hang in such a way that she reveals her chest.

4. Midnight (My Hero Academia)

Nemuri Kayama is a hero that goes by the name of Midnight. She’s a tall curvaceous woman that wears a dominatrix outfit. Her white bodysuit is actually supposed to be flesh-colored in the manga. The suit has no support for her breast, which results in her breasts jiggling all the time. In My Hero Academia, Midnight’s Quirk is the reason for her outfit. Her suit is “easily rippable so she can more easily use her Quirk.” In addition to this Midnight is a playful and flirtatious person. In the story, Midnight is accused by Mt. Lady of using her “Qurik” as an excuse to dress in revealing costumes.

3. Tsunade (Naruto)

Tsunade is one of the legendary Sannin. The only female of the three, she is considered to be the greatest medical ninja ever. As a child, she was often teased by Jiraiya for being “flat-chested.” When she grew up her breast grew as well. According to Jiraiya, they reach 106 centimeters. In Naruto, she is considered to be “the most beautiful kunoichi in the world.” Overall, Naruto rarely indulges in fanservice as much as other series. However, Tsunade is supposed to the series Ms. Fanservice.

2. Fujiko (Lupin)

Fujiko Mine is a burglar in the Lupin series. She was once a lover of Lupin, but claim to have ended the relationship. She’s often willing to double-cross anyone she works with. Fujiko was intended to be a “Bond Girl” for the series. She is manipulative and uses Lupin’s love for her to her advantage. Fujiko is a criminal that needs various costumes to obscure her identity. She is usually depicted wearing revealing outfits. Fujiko fanservice is on full display in her series, Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Mine Fujiko. Fujiko’s fanservice is not subtle. She is naked in almost every episode.

1. Lust (FullMetal Alchemist)

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the greatest anime and manga series ever. Lust is one of the most striking characters. A Homunculus, Lust is a slender and voluptuous woman. She has large breasts, a thin waist, and curvy hips or an hourglass figure. Unlike her namesake, Lust wasn’t really that lustful. Instead, she was an object of lust from others. Lust was often was seductive, using her attractiveness to gain favors from people. Lust is always wearing a form-fitting, little black dress.

My Top 5 Anime Perverts

Brock finally gets a girlfriend
Brock finally gets a girlfriend

5. Brock

Brock is the Pewter City Gym Leader. He raises his 9 siblings after his parent abandon them. Brock hopes to become a Pokemon Doctor. As anime perverts go, Brock is G rated. He’s obsessed with woman, although he’s always ends up heartbroken. He particularly “loves” Nurse Joys and Office Jenny’s. The running gag in Pokemon is when Brock sees a beautiful woman he over reacts and is dragged away by someone in the group. It was originally Misty, but in Advanced Generation Max did it, followed by Croagunk in Diamond & Pearl.

4. Mineta

Minora Mineta is the short hero named Grape Juice. He has the Quirk, Pop Off. It allows him to “produce and pluck ball-shaped objects from his head; the balls grow back just as fast as they’re plucked. The balls are incredibly sticky and will stick to any surface.” Mineta is infamous for his perverted behavior. Almost no one finds this behavior appealing, except Denki. Mineta’s mind often wanders off as he thinks of lewd thoughts. He’s not beyond peeping at unsuspecting girls and is often depicted drooling. His main reason for becoming a hero is to be popular among women.

3. Master Roshi

Master Roshi is the hermit, pervert, and martial arts master in the Dragon Ball series. He trained Gohan, Goku, Ox-King, Krillin, and Yamcha. He’s over 300 years old and spends most of his time reading, watching t.v., and using the internet to search for porn. He really enjoys watching “Wide Thigh Aerobics,” and has a fondness for Dirty Magazines. Roshi once gave Bulma a dragon ball after she offers to show her “panties.” (She’s not wearing any). He often lusts after any woman in his presence.

Even if it kills me, I refuse to kick a woman!!!!


2. Sanji

Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. A chivalrous perv, he has earned the name “ero-cook.” He constantly flirts with any woman he sees. He claimed that Nami was “98.72% of the reason he joined Luffy’s crew in the first place.” His perversion increases after being trapped on Momoiro Island. Sanji often lusts after his crewmates Nami and Robin. His amorous feelings don’t just stop at humans but extend to mermaids and minks. Sanji can get caught up in what he calls his ” hurricane of love.” His chivalry results in Sanji being unwilling to fight women. Sanji has sworn to “never let women be insulted or injured while he can still stand, regardless of how attractive (or unattractive) they are, even in life-or-death situations.”

1. Jiraiya

Jiraiya is one of the legendary three Sannin. He’s generally light-hearted and over the top. He considers himself to be “super-pervert with no equal.” He loved spying on woman bathing. Jiraiya even wrote an adult novel series called Icha Icha. Based on his experiences with love, the series is comical and highly successful. He is occasionally punished for his perversion. When he was younger he spied on Tsunade and was caught. She “broke both of his arms, six of his ribs, and ruptured a number of organs as punishment.” As anime perverts go, Jiraiya is by far the most complicated.

My Top 5 Anime Arcs