My Top 5 Favorite Dragon Ball Z Characters

Kid Buu (Majin Buu)

Buu has multiple forms with different personalities and goals. They basically function as individuals and are given distinct names to represent the difference. Between Dragon Ball games and how Buu changes after absorbing someone, Majin Buu has about 14 different forms. Kid Buu is the best in my opinion. The best as in good of course. Kid Buu is Majin Buu in its purest form. The first thing I love about this character is his design. Sure, the Majin Buu’s aren’t that different from one another but there’s something about the simplicity and small stature of Kid Buu that’s appealing.

The second thing is his personality. Buu is reckless and unpredictable. He destroyed his own body while destroying Earth. He’s also the evilest in this form. Kid Buu’s childish demeanor makes him both funny and unsettling. During the battle with Goku he falls asleep and at another point imitates a monkey beating his chest and making monkey sounds. He has this hysterical laughter that can only be described as creepy. The combination of child-like innocence and a remorseless monster is oddly appealing to me. Who doesn’t love a powerful, deranged, and childlike alien?



There are two versions of Brolly, the DBZ version, and DBS. Since this a list about Dragon Ball Z, I limited it to the DBZ version but I do prefer the DBS one. However, the Brolly from the has more personality. Brolly seems to suffer from a split personality. In his powered down form he docile and silent. When he powers up (triggered by Goku) he loud and vocal. In this form, he exhibits the typical Saiyan bloodlust. However, Brolly’s mental state seems to be a tragic consequence of King Vegeta’s jealousy. Fearing the threat the infant could pose to his power (Brolly had a power level of 10,000 at birth), King Vegeta had Brolly and his father Paragus killed.

The movie would have us believe that Goku’s crying made Brolly go mad but I find that to be farfetched. Being stabbed in the chest seems like a more reasonable cause. Anyway, while I was rooting for the Z Fighters to win, I enjoyed Brolly’s beatdown of the heroes. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how Brolly’s a sad character. King Vegeta’s attempted murder, his uncontrollable power, and a father that loves him but wishes he was dead. Brolly is out of control because he was never given any security.



Growing up I hated Vegeta. He was the rival to my favorite character (at the time) Goku. Like Brolly, Vegeta is a tragic character. Despite his privileges, Vegeta became a slave to Frieza. Originally just another villain, Vegeta becomes more complex as he comes to accept (mostly) that being the Prince of a race that’s almost extinct doesn’t matter very much. Through his family, and his rivalry with Goku he finds a more substantial purpose. His character arc is the most important aspect of him.

Once a monstrous villain, Vegeta loves his family, especially Bulma. He remains a foil for Goku. He’s a prince where Goku is a soldier, he’s more tactical when fighting, and simply smarter. When fighting against enemies, Vegeta is more brutal and arrogant than Goku. This results in him being funny as he mocks his enemies. He calls Kid Buu a “gifted speaker” when they fight. This arrogance can cause Vegeta to make terrible choices, like when Cell convinces him to allow him to absorb Android 18. With his flaws, Vegeta remains an intriguing anime character.



As a child, I gravitated towards the main character (they were the coolest and most powerful). Goku certainly is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Goku is carefree and doesn’t possess any negative feelings or thoughts. Like all pure-blood Saiyans, Goku loves to fight and train to fight. This coupled with his personality can result in him allowing villains to go free or power-up. He permitted Vegeta to leave after he tried to destroy Earth and killed some of Goku’s friends.

Goku doesn’t pursue high-ranking positions. He rejected Whis offer of becoming the next Destruction God of Universe 7. If I’m being honest Goku’s lack of intelligence isn’t as funny as it was when I was a child. However, like all Shonen heroes he inspired, when it comes to battle he’s a genius. Because of his constant training, Goku is always getting stronger. This is why I love Goku. He’s always good for a fight and he’s usually the best at it.



Frieza is probably my favorite villain. He has it all power, arrogance, and a love of destruction. Frieza has dark humor and doesn’t hide from his brutal reputation. Unlike Kid Buu, Freiza is a talker. His mannerisms are polished and regal (except when he’s angry) and his ability to switch between them is hilarious. He’s smart. Frieza makes the perfect villain because he’s so sadistic. His flippant dismissal of anything resembling sentimentality, his smug attitude all make Frieza the most entertaining character in Dragon Ball Z. Frieza’s not complicated at all.

He demands perfection from everyone around him. Frieza doesn’t have loyalty towards anyone, can’t take criticism, and doesn’t value anyone’s life but his own. He has an over-the-top reaction to the destruction he creates, like when he destroys Planet Vegeta. His massive ego is only matched by his cruelty. Freiza assumes everyone is beneath him, this includes the all-powerful Zeno, who he refers to as “colorful brats.” There’s absolutely nothing redeemable about Freiza and that’s why I love him.


9 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Dragon Ball Z Characters

  1. As much as I like the new Nroly; I can’t deny how good the OG Broly movie is. It was just a really fun to watch this Big @$$ dude whoop some @$$. Although; I feel that that “He Hates Goku Because Of His Crying” was weird. I’ve heard the idea that Broly associates Baby Goku’s with the traumatic events he experienced that day. I feel like that’s 1 way to explain it- good or bad; it’s SOMETHING.
    That said; I do agree with all of these choices. Sure; the ending of the Moro arc may have really soured me on Goku’s character in the “Super” era, but Z Goku WAS pretty cool to watch. And Frieza’s wit; his “regal and refined articulation method” was just………I felt so DUMB whenever he was talking- which was the point.
    I’m definitely liking Vegeta more these days. And the more I rewatch Z; the more I love how he develops. This series is just so great and so important to me; I love it with all my heart.

    1. The reason Brolly hated Goku never made any sense. I made more sense that he hated Vegeta considering he looks exactly like his father, who ordered Brolly and his father executed.

  2. I’ve definitely got Broly and Vegeta up there too. In general I tend to love the Saiyans and DBZ has such a rich cast of characters. Not counting spinoffs I would probably put Android 17, Perfect Cell, and Frieza in there as well.

    Btw, quick note but for some reason the like/share buttons aren’t showing up when I load the page.I meant to mention that a little while back but it always appears as an empty loading bar for some reason. I’ve tried seeing if it works through other browsers but no luck there. Not sure if it’s just me though

    1. Thanks for the letting me know about the like/share buttons, I’ll look into it. DBZ has a lot of great characters but they don’t seem to focus on the mental aspects as much as the physical.

    1. Trunks like Gohan always felt overwhelmed by his father Vegeta. His purple hair is always iconic. The future when Gohan was killed by Android 17 and 18, then Trunks turned Super Saiyan was always sad.

  3. My favourites are Frieza and Vegeta. I like Vegeta’s character development a lot and Frieza is a great villain. Easily hateable lol

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