Fire Force 2, Episode 1: Recap and Review

Company 8

Fire Force Returns

The Fire Force Season 2 begins with an episode titled, A Fire Soldier’s Fight. Company 8 is enjoying ice cream meanwhile Shinra is considering the tasks he needs to accomplish to save society. He wants to find a way to “turn infernals back into people,” unravel the “mystery of the Evangelist and Adolla Bursts,” and end “spontaneous human combustion.” Early on the episode focuses on changing the style of the Lieutenant. I found this moment boring and I think it went on for too long. Regardless, an explosion erupts and Shinra springs into action. 

Shinra encounters a massive infernal. He’s rescued by Arthur Boyle. The rest of Company 8 arrive to take down the huge infernal. Captain Obi sends Viktor Licht and Vulcan Joseph to locate the infernal’s core. Iris, Maki, Tamaki, and Hinawa join with Shinra to battle. Vulcan and Licht discover that the infernal has multiple cores. Five in all, one in each arm and leg, with a main core in the chest. The arms and legs need to be destroyed first. Lieutenant Hinawa shoots the first core causing the wrist and hand of the infernal to turn to ash, falling off. 

Arthur arrives

A new infernal arrives

Temaki uses her Nekomata to bind the infernal, while, Maki uses her powers to pulverize the core with Sput-Flare Rush. Next up is Arthur, who easily destroys the leg core with Violet Flash. Obi takes the second leg core, leaving the rest up to Shinra. With the Rapin-Man kick, he destroys the massive infernal. After a new OP, we return to the Company 8 headquarters. Obi is outraged by Hinawa’s new wardrobe. Particularly his hat the reads “Nudist Bitch.” Hinawa lies a claims that he bought the clothing, however, Obi knows who’s responsible. What’s next for Company 8, Fire Force Nude Calendar. 

I have criticized Fire Force for its female fanservice, so male fanservice is refreshing. Company 8 hopes to become the most popular as they are currently last. Meanwhile, Captain Hibana is obsessing over the possibility that Shinra is seen naked. All the Captains seem to be eager to appear to accept Captain Shinmon, who was secretly photographed in the bathhouse. This year Company 8 hopes to rise in the ranking. It’s silly but I found it more interesting than the earlier shopping spree. I stopped watching the series in the middle last season, hopefully, they can keep my interest for Fire Force Season 2. 

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