Fire Force 2, Episode 2: Recap and Review

The First Pillar manipulates Shinra in Episode 2 of Fire Force
The First Pillar manipulates Shinra

Shinra is heading to the Special Fire Force Company 4 headquarters to have a meeting with their Captain. Shinra saw Captain Hague during an Adolla Link. The Fire Defense agency is in charge of the regular firefighters, the Academy, and the Fire Force Company 4, which it uses to run the academy. In Fire Force episode 2, Flames of Madness, we are introduced to Ogun Montgomery the only friend that Shinra had while at the academy. He’s also the friend of Arthur, he seems to play peacemaker between others. The promotion of Season 2 of Fire Force implies that Ogun will at least partner with Company 8. I look forward to seeing more of him and his powers. Shinra finally meets with Captain Hague a strange and creepy man. His office is dimly lit and he immediately asks Shinra to “burn him.” 

Captain Hague is an old man with black-rimmed glasses, a buzz cut, and a scar across his face. During this strange encounter, the first pillar, a naked blonde woman, begins to manipulate Shinra. At first, he’s able to dismiss her. In conversation with Hague, Shinra learns that in a moment of despair he experienced the Adolla Link. Fire Force has always had an explicit religious tone to it. Hague seems to have been “converted” by his experience. To him, Adolla was a “truth” that needs to be shared with the World. Suddenly, Shinra’s old classmate attacks while in the mascot suits. The first pillar manages to push Shinra over the edge. He gives in and becomes possessed by the first pillar. Shinra has always flirted with his dark side. Having experienced tragedy and rejection, Shinra often felt alone. Despite this, I found the dramatic shift in Shinra this episode to be too sudden. The main hero given into a dark power is common in anime, such as Naruto and Bleach. However, the transformation felt earned. 

Captain Hague moves the battle outside. Along with Pan Ko Paat, who buffs Hague, the battle a rampaging Shinra. Initially, Shinra flames prove overwhelming for Captain Hague to handle. However, he does find his exposure to the Adolla flame to be pleasant. Ogun and Arthur arrive to stop Shinra’a rampage. Arthur directly battles Shinra, giving him three chances to stop. Arthur goes into his inner world and we learn why he’s the way he is. Living in poverty, Arthur’s parents encourage him to lose himself into his imaginary world. I also appear that his parents abandoned him, but the episode doesn’t elaborate. The flashback is oddly placed and becomes a distraction. I would like to know more about his childhood but this episode doesn’t feel like the right time. 

The fight largely ends predictably, Shinra remembers that he wishes to be a hero. He rejects the first pillar and as she leaves she tells him that another child with the Adolla Link will be born. She excited to see which group, the Evangelist or Company 8 will reach the child first. The pacing of this episode was to fast. Arthur’s backstory doesn’t feel like it belongs, and Ogun is underused. Furthermore, the battle is between Captain Hague and Shinra could have been left out, he didn’t do anything. Overall, Fire Force episode 2 introduced us to many new characters and storylines, but that made it feel bloated. 

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