My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 12: Recap and Review

Midoriya, Nighteye and Eraser Head arrive to save Eri and Mirio.
Midoriya, Nighteye and Eraser Head arrive to save Eri and Mirio.

Midoriya, Nighteye and Eraserhead burst through the wall. Deku quickly strikes Overhaul, while Eraserhead stops his power. Nighteye takes an assessment of the battle so far. Three of Chisaki’s inner circle are knocked out and Overhaul is “on his last legs.” It dawns on me that Mirio did this single handled. Regardless, while Nighteye praises Mirio, Chrono’s awakens. He strikes Eraserhead with his hair, stopping Eraserhead in his tracks. Chrono’s Quirk: Chronostasis allows ” him to slow down the movements of anything he hits with his clock hand-like hair.” Once Eraserhead blinks, Overhaul powers releases.

Nemoto falls in front of Overhaul. He then uses his Quirk on himself and Nemoto, fusing them together. It appears that he killed Nemoto in the process as well. This behavior is alarming, but typical for a villain. Regardless, he develops two more arms in his new monstrous form. Deku attacks Overhaul with spikes but it isn’t effective. Overhaul isn’t impressed with Deku, considering his attacks to be limited and linear. Sir Nighteye attacks Overhaul, ordering Deku to help Eri and Mirio. Overhaul uses his ability to peer into the future of Overhaul to determine the outcome of the mission.

Nighteye get's impaled by Spikes
Nighteye get’s impaled by Spikes

He ends up impaled by Overhaul’s spike through his back and arm. When Deku returns he uses 20% of One for All. It’s clear that Deku is out of his element. Mirio and Nighteye are superior heroes at this point. Overhaul is right when he says that Deku is predictable. Of course this won’t stop Deku from trying. Deku learns that by using his power in conjunction with his boots, he can create a shock-wave that stops the pillars. Meanwhile, Overhaul convinces Eri to return. She agrees if he’s willing to heal everyone. Deku announces that “no one will die today,” and he “will” save Eri. Suddenly, Ryukyu group falls through the ceiling.

It’s good that Deku is going to get some help. I think that he’ll probably do most of the fighting but he’s seems in over his head. Nighteye is certain not long for this world. Sadly I don’t think his death will have too much impact. I wonder if Eri can fix the damage Overhaul has done. The fight is just beginning, but I’m excited for what’s to come.

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