Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 28: The Dawn of Humanity

The cycle of revenge and hatred has been the central theme of this season of Attack on Titan. What would it take to put an end to this toxic reality? Eren seems to have concluded that genocide would been the appropriate remedy. Obviously if he killed every opponent it would be but I think there will be survivors would likely perpetuate more violence. Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28, “The Dawn of Humanity,” is mostly a series of flashbacks exploring the moment Eren was set on this destructive course. Mikasa wonders what went wrong with Eren and recalls their initial trip to Marley. The Scouts are excited to see the world outside of the Walls, marveling at the wonders like cars and ice cream.

We witness the bigotry of the Marleyian people when a pickpocket steals Sasha’s purse. The surrounding crowd demands he be punished and the Scouts save him from potential death. This scene reinforces the fact that the Marleyan are afraid of the “Subjects of Ymir,” going so far as to use blood testing to expose them. Despite this there’s a group called the “Subjects of Ymir Protection,” this group argues that aid should given to them, especially because their “victims of the Eldian Empire’s forced interbreeding,” However, they advocacy group has no love for the Island of Paradis who they refer to as the “true enemy.” This is the moment Eren appeared to change course and accept Zeke’s plan.

Eren recalls the tragedy of his childhood in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28
Eren recalls the tragedy of his childhood in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28

Eren recalls meeting with Yelena, Floch, and Historia regarding Zeke’s euthanasia plan. It turns out that Floch wasn’t lying when he said Eren had confided in him. Historia is against his plan arguing that killing the rest of the world would make them just like his mother. We get a brief moment in the present as a global fleet of ship try to stop the approaching army of Wall Titans. I got to admit the appearance of the rumbling was epic. The fleet fire off a barrage of missiles as the Titans swim undersea. Several Wall Titans are destroyed but the remaining Titan swim past them, with stream of steam rising to the surface, the soldiers are incinerated. As the Titans reach land a grotesque Eren in his new Attack Titan form appears.

Attack on Titan will be getting another season or at least a third part to season 4. I speculated that the rest of this final arc would be a movie but another season would be fine. From this point on I think we’ll get a lot of action but I’m not sure what chance the New Alliance has against Eren and the Wall Titans. They’re out numbered (apparently there are millions of Wall Titans) and over powered (each Wall Titan is about the Colossal Titan’s height, can harden, and use steam). I have no Idea what this new Eren form can do but it looks deadly. I’m afraid Attack on Titan might go the “ass pull” route or “power of friendship” route. Personally, I would prefer Eren destroy the world and kill everyone including his friends, than for it to end in typical anime fashion. I am certain that the official final part will end with a bang though.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 27: Retrospective

As Armin Arlelt and Conny Springer come to grips about killing Daz and Samuel Linke-Jackson, Annie and Reiner continue to battle the Jaegerists. In Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 27 the new alliance hits another snag as the Azumabito reveal that it normally takes a full day to prepare the flying boat. They could manage this in half the time if they had the right equipment. However, that’s still too long for the alliance. Hange calculates that it will likely take “half a day the Wall Titans could cover 600 kilometers from the coast”, meaning Liberio is doomed. Kiyomi Azumabito suggests the head to the city of Odina, towing the flying boat while fixing it. It’s possible to get ahead of the rumbling. Hange informs Mikasa and Jean of the plan and they get the others ready.

Floch Forster witnesses the Azumabito’s rushing towards the ship and deduces their plan. He sends the Jaegerists to kill them. Annie’s Titan body loses an arm and Reiner’s takes several Thunder Spears to the face. Witnessing the fight turning against the alliance, Falco Grice offers to join the fight in his Jaw Titan form. Pieck Finger warns him that the “the first transformation never goes well.” She’ll join the fray when she gets the other to safety. Refusing to listen, Falco jumps off and heads towards the battlefield. When Jean eventually finds him, Falco his desperately trying to transform by cutting his hand with a nail.

Falco transforms into the new Jaw Titan in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 27
Falco transforms into the new Jaw Titan in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 27

Magath’s Noble Sacrifice

Falco transforms, while Jean, Conny, and Mikasa defend Annie and Reiner. Eventually Floch gets past the Titans and heads toward the ship armed with a Thunder Spear. Gabi shoots him sending the spear and Floch into the sea. Meanwhile, Falco goes on a rampage despite the Jaegerists dispersing. Aware of the situation, Magath asks Pieck to hold him down while he uses a blade to cut Falco out of the Jaw Titan. With that issue over, Magath prepares to defend the rear while allowing the alliance to flee. He’s joined by Keith Sadies and together they plan to destroy the remaining Marleyan cruiser. The two die, after blowing the ship up with Jaegerists onboard.

Personally I’m disconnected from the stakes in this arc. Eren is off committing genocide and I don’t really care. Sure genocide is wrong and Eren should be stopped, but the civilians he’s likely killing do feel real to me. When Hange acknowledges that Liberio needs to be sacrificed it should be a sad moment. It’s not. I believe that the characters, like Annie, do care what happens in Liberio (her father is going to die) but the series hasn’t successfully made me feel that sense of dread.

This problem extends to the sacrifice of Magath and Keith. While their sacrifice is noble, I don’t care about them and so their deaths had little impact on me. Finally, there’s no way the series can end with the next episode. According to the final episode will “take the story up until about Chapter 130 of the manga.” However, the series ends during chapter 139. What happens to the last nine? My best guess would be a movie. So are you feeling emotionally disconnected from the series? Do you think Attack on Titan will get a movie?


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 26: Traitor

In Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26: Traitor, the Alliance is handed their first test as the Jaegerist take over the port and kidnap the Azumabito family. The situation is delicate as they need the flying boat to get to Eren. Hange is afraid that the Jaegerists will destroy the boat upon learning that the alliance is present. Annie Leonhart argues they need to “take out all their enemies simultaneously in order to avoid the destruction of the flying boat.” However, Mikasa Ackermann points out they need to avoid endangering the Azumabito family. The Scouts want to hold off the Jaegerists, while rescuing the Azumabito family without killing any of the Jaegerists. Annie and Pieck don’t think a plan like that is possible.

Annie concludes that it’s “too much” to ask of the Scouts. Reiner suggests they remain behind, however, Hange returns to tell them must fight. The Wall Titans have likely reached Marley already, they need to move fast. Armin and Conny arrive outside of the port building on horseback. They claim to be chasing the Cart and Armored Titan’s. They need the Azumabito family to ready the flying boats so they can give chase. When the move closer they’re stopped by Daz and the interestingly named Samuel Linke-Jackson. They confront Armin with rumors of the alliance. The flying boat is armed with explosives and before they can be removed, Floch becomes suspicious.

Conny hard lessons

If they were in a hurry, why use horses instead of a faster means of travel? He prepares to shoot the engineers. In the commotion, Mikasa crashes through the window. Floch flees from the room ordering the killing of Mikasa, Armin, and Conny. Mikasa rushes the Hizuru engineers and Kiyomi into the basement. At the dock, Armin and Conny come into violent conflict with Daz and Samuel. Daz tries to reconnect the detonator and blow up the flying boat. Samuel shoots Armin. As Reiner and Annie transform into their Titan forms, Conny is forced to kill Samuel and Daz.

If anything can bring the alliance together it’s fighting together. Sharing a common foe can reinforce a sense of shared purpose and strengthen the weak bonds between the two sides. I wasn’t really buying the “friendship” between the Scouts and the Jaegerists. It’s convincing regarding a potential conflict with Eren but I didn’t even remember Samuel or Daz. Regardless, killing them especially after his reluctance will endear Conny to the Marleyans. Conny specifically seems to be learning hard lessons in these recent episodes. I wonder how he’ll deal with killing his friends and leaving his mother to be a Titan.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 25: Night of the End

In Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 25, “Night of the End,” the new alliance between the Scout Regiment and the Marleyans Warriors gets off to a rocky start. The very recent violence and the animosity it created hasn’t disappeared and Yelena attempts to use that to her advantage. Hange’s plan to stop Eren requires more allies. Jean Kirsentein is concerned that even if they are successfully stop Eren his action will cause the world to continue to “hate Eldians“, and Eren will “retain the Founding Titan for another four years”. Hange agrees but believes genocide isn’t the answer.

The Marleyan military and the Scouts gather around a campfire and Theo Magath doesn’t seem convinced that the Eldians will stop Eren. He’s still prejudice and doesn’t think they’re capable of “justice.” Jean is insulted. He asks Magath why they should be considered “devils,” for simply protecting themselves from Titans. Magath notes that people feared the “rumbling” and Eren has now proved that they were justified. Magath makes a good point, however, he ignores the role Marley has played in Eldian oppression and Eren’s appropriate hatred of them. Annie Leonhart asks the most pressing question, can the Scouts kill Eren?

The new alliance shares a meal Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 25
The new alliance shares a meal Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 25

Mikasa and Armin argue that they will attempt to use diplomacy. Annie’s doesn’t trust Mikasa and Armin to do what may need to be necessary. She fears the alliance will devolve into a fight if the Marleyans attempt to kill Eren. Mikasa’s feels attacked and assumes a combative stance proving Annie correct. If Mikasa and Armin cannot resign themselves to having to kill Eren then it’s likely they will fail. Despite this, Annie expresses a similar desire to save her father, and will be accepting of a peaceful resolution. It’s implausible that Attack on Titan will end with diplomacy willing out. I think there’s too much bad blood between the Marleyans and Eldians for this alliance to last.

The episode pivots to the backstory of Yelena. Turns out she’s a Marleyan. Yelena quickly seeks to sow more discord by reminding everyone of the crimes both sides have committed. She reminds Reiner Braun of his Wall Maria assault and Armin’s destruction of Liberio when he turned into the Colossal Titan. This doesn’t seem to work until she brings up Marco Bodt’s death. Reiner is remorseful but Jean doesn’t care and attacks him. In the chaos, Jean hits Gabi when she tries to defend her cousin. Regardless, everything calms down the following morning. Jean apologizes (only to Gabi) and tells her he will help. The path of the alliance is blocked by the Jaegerists armed with anti-Titan gear. Floch Forster has taken Kiyomi Azumabito hostage. If the alliance wants to get to Eren they’ll have to fight together.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 24: Pride

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 24, “Pride” opens with Hange Zoe treating a severely injured Levi Ackermann. She concludes that the only reason he’s survives is due to “being an Ackermann.” Hange wonders if they might end up imprisoned. When Eren sends his message, Levi awakens. Hange explains the situation to Levi, who’s still reeling from his failure to defeat Zeke Jaeger. At the end of the last episode Levi and Hange encountered Theo Magath and Pieck Finger. Their both searching for Zeke. Hange assumes Eren has him to make use of his “royal blood.” Conny Springer continues to manipulate Falco Grice as they camp in the woods. As I predicted, Conny is starting to feel guilty for deceiving Falco, who trusts him.

It all falls apart when Falco remembers Conny from when Gabi Braun murdered Sasha Braus. Conny reveals his mother, still trapped in the house for what’s likely been years now. He tries to trick Falco into getting close to his mother by suggesting they “clean her teeth.” It’s all so awkward. Suddenly, Gabi and Armin Arlelt appear and warn Falco. Desperate, Conny takes him hostage, holding a blade to Falco’s throat. Armin decides to risk his life by climbing on the a beam and preparing to feed himself to the Titan’s mouth. Conny drops Falco and saves Armin. When Conny asks Armin “what his backup plan would have been” he responds “Conny’s mother becoming human.” I wasn’t prepared for such a touching answer. This arc ending with the result I expected but not in the way I expected.

Jean’s great escape

Yelena and Onyankopon are set to be executed for opposing the Eldian Empire. Yelena seems ready to die but Onyankopon is more talkative. Onyankopon is a interesting character in Attack on Titan. He’s thinly drawn but innocent in a way that everyone else isn’t. He genuinely wanted to save his homeland and aid the Eldian people at the same time. Other characters notice this, even Floch. I don’t feel bad for most of the characters in Attack on Titan at this point, especially now that their all been indicted in someway. Personally, I would have been fine if Yelena got killed but not Onyankopon. Regardless, Jean and Mikasa have a plan. They collude with the Cart Titan to rescue Yelena and Onyankopon and escape with supplies. Hange, Armin, Mikasa, Levi, and Annie all join forces with the Marley to save the world.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 23: Sunset

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23, “Sunset,” opens with the destruction Eren Jaeger’s rumbling has already caused. A woman is injured after her house collapses after the falling of the walls. Civilians in the Trost District begin to discuss whether Eren’s actions were justified. Attack on Titan reintroduces a minor character, Hitch Dreyse. She was first introduced during the Wall Sina Goodbye OVA. Hitch was the roommate of Annie. When she notices wet footprints coming from the basement and follows them, she’s ambushed by Annie. The female Titan threatens to transform if she doesn’t get what she wants. However, Hitch says Annie’s “too weak” to transform. Hitch folds and help Annie. We learn that Annie was conscious while inside the crystal and could hear her.

As the two rid out of town they marvel at the destruction the Titans have left behind. Hitch takes this opportunity to ask Annie “how she feels seeing all the bodies crushed in pursuit of her mission.” Annie says that the Warriors were praised for “killing outsiders,” regardless of whether they were civilians or soldiers. Annie was abandoned by her birth parents and adopted by a “foreign Eldian who wanted a child to become a Warrior and earn a better life for himself.” To this end he trained her to become a warrior. Their relationship was toxic and when Annie became strong enough she “beat him so badly he would not be able to walk straight anymore.” Her terrible upbringing resulted in a amoral worldview. Despite this Annie hopes to see her father again.

The New Eldian Empire

Armin decides to chase after Conny and try to stop him. He seeks to gain Gabi Braun’s trust by saving Falco and hopes it will lead to Reiner Braun and Pieck Finger trusting them as well. Armin fears that as long as the Nine Titans exists their will be war over gaining control over them. Elsewhere, Floch is mad with power, claiming Eren confided in him. It’s unlikely Eren was that comfortable with Floch considering the fact he didn’t share that information with Armin and Mikasa. Since there’s no way to confirm that however, Floch can use his position to gain more power. He tells everyone that their homelands will be destroyed but they could help build the “new Eldian Empire.” When a man refuses to join Floch kills him suggesting the type of leader he’d be.

Falco has lost his memory and doesn’t know the kind of danger he’s in. The situation with Conny and Falco has me conflicted. While I like Conny he’s not a significant enough of a character for me to instantly side with him. Killing Falco is wrong but the morals in this series is so backwards at this point I don’t really care. I’m still under the impression that Conny loses out on this one. On top of all this Conny now has to lie and manipulate Falco, making his position seem even worst. I curious how this plays out. I don’t think Armin can catch up to them but I can see Conny deciding to sacrifice his mother because he views Falco as an innocent.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 22: Thaw

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 22,” Thaw,” opens with Eren telling the Subjects of Ymir that he “will use the Titans to trample all life in the outside world in order to protect the people of Paradis Island.” Annie’s father back in Liberio realizes this spells doom for the Eldians. In the Shiganshina District, Reiner Braun tells Gabi that Falco was taken by Jean Kirschtein and Conny Springer now that he’s a Titan. Reiner tells Gabi she needs to escape. Reiner has no hope of stopping Eren, whereas, Gabi still thinks she can. Her first step is to find Falco. With Falco in their custody, Jean and Conny meet up with Mikasa and Armin. They discuss Eren’s plan and consider feeding Falco to Dot Pyxis or Conny’s mother.

This suggestion leads to conflict between Conny and Armin. Conny accuses Armin of not only hypocrisy, he’s only alive because he ate Bertholdt Hoover, but not caring about his mother. Armin tries to argue that killing Falco would “invite more conflict,” between them and the Warriors. While Armin has a point, I think it’s makes more sense to feed Falco to Conny’s mother or at least Pyxis. Before they can decided, a Titan interrupts and Conny escapes with Falco. Considering the fact that this is Attack on Titan, Conny is more likely to have to kill his mother, be killed by his mother, or by Gabi than save her. I have no hope for his plan.

Annie returns

Elsewhere, Jean, Misaka, and Armin regroup with others outside the fort. They collect Thunder Spears to slay the remaining Titans, including Pyxis. When the battle ends, all the Pure Titans are exterminated and so are the Marleyan forces. Floch Forster, Onyankopon, and Yelena are dejected after Eren’s betrayal and Zeke’s defeat. Gabi learns of Falco’s kidnapping from Armin and Mikasa, and begs Armin to asks Eren to focus only on the military. When she mentions that Eren stripped Reiner of his Titan armor, Armin realizes something. Suddenly, in a basement, Annie Leonhart is freed from her Titan hardening.

It should have been obvious that Annie was going to be apart of this episode once her father appeared. Despite that I was surprised that she woke up. Earlier in this season, Eren accused Armin of falling in love with Annie due to Bertholdt feelings towards her and Armin eating him. Considering he was lying during this moment I don’t know how much truth there is to it. Regardless, Annie was fond of Armin, famously allowing him to live when she was seeking Eren. She’s not trustworthy, but she could end up on any side of this conflict. I can’t image Armin, Mikasa, and the others allowing Eren to conduct a mass genocide. However, like I said before this is Attack on Titan.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 20: The power of the Attack Titan

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20, ends with a major reveal. Zeke takes Eren through the memories of their father, Grisha Jaeger. Zeke has one goal to show Eren how his father’s ideology is manipulating him. Zeke is clearly bitter for being “abandoned,” accusing Grisha of forgetting he “had a first son.” Zeke tells Eren that their father of using his position as a doctor to “cozy up to those in power,” so he can “hunt down the king,” and “steal the Founding Titan.” If Grisha fails his wife and son (Eren) would suffer as well. It’s Zeke not Eren that is shocked early in this episode. Eren and Zeke learn that Grisha found the King’s hideout years before they expected. Grisha appears to have stopped the pursuit of the King at this point. Zeke assumed that Grisha never loved any of his children, but he realizes that he did love Eren.

Eren gets more intense in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20
Eren gets more intense in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20

After travelling through several more memories, Eren tells Zeke that the reason he betrayed him wasn’t because Grisha manipulated. He’s always destroyed those that tired to “steal his freedom.” We also learn that Eren wanted to join the Survey Corps since childhood. Eren doesn’t want to remain ignorant of the outside world. His father is terrified at the revelation. He goes to beg the royal family to stop the Titans and save his wife, daughter, and son. Eren begins to rage in the background as Grisha explains the significance of the Attack Titan, to “defy self-righteous kings.” Furthermore, Grisha claims that the Attack Titan “allows its holder to glimpse the memories of its future inheritors.”

The past can’t be changed

Grisha removes a scalpel from his jacket and prepares to eliminate the royal line. However, he can’t bring himself to do it. Grisha is a doctor. He can’t bring himself to take lives especially children. While he hesitates, the royal family beg their sister Frieda to kill Grisha. Eren tells his father to stand up and remember what he’s fighting for. To avenge his sister, comrades, Dina, and, Kruger. It turns out Grisha killed the Reiss family on the orders of Eren. With the Attack Titan’s ability to see the future, Grisha tells Zeke his dreams are dead. He’s seen the future, Eren wins, and it’s horrible. He tells Zeke, he have to “stop Eren.” Suddenly, Zeke returns to the Paths, with Eren looking down on him.

I will admit, I find the fact Eren is responsible for everything to be confusing. Time travel always has the potential to confuse. Eren is given more agency that everyone else and turns out to be the manipulator of events. It’s farfetched. Attack on Titan also rewrites it’s own story. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Regardless, I’m excited to see how this series ends. Eren violent behavior is getting worst. I guess he’s still the “good” guy, but I’m not sure what that even means in this series.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 19: The Scream

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 opens as Zeke (Beast Titan) collapses, Eren hammers into Porto Galliard’s Jaw Titan. Meanwhile, Armin and the others battle the Marleyan’s. Zeke awakens. With Eren in sight he announces that it’s “time to call the Titans.” He inhales, preparing to scream, before he does, Colt and Falco arrive. He makes a plea to allow Falco to get out of his scream’s range. I think we all know what Zeke’s answer would be. Colt, Gabi, and Falco should have tried to escape Zeke’s scream instead of wasting so much time. Actually, if Colt went alone to reason with Zeke, while Gabi and Falco left it would have been a better plan. Regardless, Zeke while sympathetic screams anyway.

Falco eats Porco

Beams of light erupt through the Shiganshina District. The military transforms into Titans and immediately begins attacking the Marleyan army. Falco appears as a Titan with a elongated neck. Zeke orders him to attack a horrified Reiner. Despite pinning both Eren and Falco down, Reiner cannot bare to kill Falco. His hesitation allows Eren to escape, leaving him open for Falco to bite at his nape. Reiner has been suicidal for a while now, only fighting to save those he loved. With Falco transformed, Reiner considers allowing Falco to eat him. However, Galliard appears claiming to no longer “have the strength to heal his body.” Dying anyway, he is the better sacrifice than Reiner. Falco eats him instead.

This moment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Aren’t pure titans basically mindless. If they’re in the presence of one of the Nine Titans they will try to kill them but why would Falco abandon Reiner to eat Porco? He literal had Reiner’s nape in his mouth. Obviously, from a narrative standpoint this is better for everyone. The audience cares more for Reiner anyway, and if we’re being honest Porco was a terrible Jaw Titan, always getting beaten. It’s possible I missed something but it doesn’t make sense right now.

Eren’s premature betrayal

Poor Gabi. At this point she so damaged it’s hard to imagine how she manages. Although you could say that most characters in Attack on Titan. Gabi traumatized, picks up a weapon. When Eren flees from the Attack Titan’s body, she’s prepared. Taking aim, Gabi decapitates Eren sending his head flying in a violent spiral of blood. It was a shocking moment but maybe too dramatic? I kinda thought it was weirdly funny moment, especially with Zeke catching his head. With the introduction of the Paths, Eren’s “death” isn’t going to permanent. Inside the Path, Eren betrays Zeke. He asks Ymir to “lend him her power.” She walks past him and directly towards Zeke.

Eren revealed his hand too early. You should wait until you have the power then stab Zeke in the back. Zeke reveals that Ymir is nothing but a slave, “accept those of royal blood as her master.” Therefore, Zeke has all the powers of the Founder, Eren was just a key. Zeke isn’t upset that Eren betrayed him. Beside he can use the Founder’s power to “fix” Eren. The Path and Ymir’s ability to restore Zeke and likely Eren, has undermine what makes Attack on Titan such a dramatic series, the stakes. If Eren can’t die then there’s no need to fear for his safety. While other characters might still be fair game, I’m starting to get the impression that Armin, Levi, and Mikasa might get plot armor as well. I don’t actually want them to die but I want to feel like they can.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 18: The Brothers Unite

Armin maintains his belief that Eren is faking in order to gain control of the Founding Titan. His goal is to “protect Paradis Island with the rumbling.” Despite remaining skeptical, Jean and Conny agree to save Eren. Outside, Eren is pinned down by Reiner Braun. Eren continues to struggle against Reiner, summoning more War Hammer spikes. Reiner wants to end everyone’s suffering. He wonders why Eren continues to fight. He doesn’t see why he and Eren are so similar but they’re both fighting desperately for those they care about. Suddenly, The Beast Titan hurls a bolder at Reiner, sending him flying. For the first time in the series I was happy to see Zeke. Attack on Titan Season 4 has successfully blurred the lines between friend and foe. I’m still bias in favor of Misaka and Armin. I’m uncertain which side Eren actually is on but I don’t want him to died.

Zeke turns the tables in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 18
Zeke turns the tables in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 18

Zeke’s arrival dramatically turns the battle. His trademark pitching, overwhelms the Marleyian forces. He takes down the Marleyian airships down as the creepy Yelena enjoys the destruction. Armin, Jean, Mikasa, and Conny finally reach the roof. Jean notices Zeke and concludes correctly that something happened to Levi and Hange. Elsewhere, Colt and Gabi find Falco. Gabi releases that they were wrong about the Eldians. They aren’t devils just “people.” Both Falco and Gabi accept their roles in the current cycle of violence.

Yelena is just so creepy

Death of the Beast Titan?

With the introduction of the mysterious girl in the previous episode, it’s difficult to determine if Zeke will die or not. So when he’s shot through the nape by Pieck’s cannon I was shocked but not concerned. Maybe I should be. Attack on Titan has no issue killing off characters but the series haven’t killed any major ones in a while (Sasha wasn’t a major character, just a beloved one). Zeke is only useful for his ability to create Titans with his scream. If Eren eats him then the plan still worked. It’s unlikely he doesn’t turn at least some people into Titans. Considering Falco, Colt, and Gabi are rushing to stop Zeke. It seems obvious to me that Falco gets transformed, especially since he poured his heart out to Gabi. Zeke’s will probably die at some point but I don’t think it’s now.