Attack on Titan Final Season: Hange’s Last Stand

The Final Season of Attack on Titan will be split into two one hour long episode. The second hour will be released in the fall. The decision seems ridiculous and I think it would have been better to have four episodes or at least two week to week. In Marely, Ramzi a character that was introduced in the episode, “Two Brothers,” shows his friend Halil his hidden stash of coins. Ramzi needed to steal in order to provide for his family. He would occasionally get caught and at some point his had was cut off as punishment.

In the past, Eren had rescued Ramzi from thugs beating him up in an alley. In the present, Ramzi and Halil flee with their families from the Rumbling. While trying to escape Halil is crushed by debris and Ramzi is crushed by a Titan. Attack on Titan attempts to use Ramzi to show Eren horrible acts. It mostly works but I find that I was more appalled by the way Ramzi was killed than the fact that he was. Regardless, the Rumbling and it’s genocidal result is obviously horrific.

Hange’s worthy end

Annie decides she wants nothing to do with saving the “humanity,” she’s tired of fighting and won’t be traveling further. It implied that Annie has fallen in love with Armin. Mikasa notices Annie staring at him. I makes since considering Armin was the only one who spoke to her during her imprisonment, although I don’t know if it will matter considering the series is ending. The Scouts prepare to face Eren when Floch Forster opens fire damaging the plane, specifically puncturing the boat’s fuel tank.

With the Titans approaching, the scouts are in danger of being killed. This is the most interesting part of the episode. Hange volunteers to slow down the Rumbling, hoping to grant the Scouts time. Before she does anything she makes Armin the new Commander. Hange fights the Titans alone. It’s one of Attack on Titans best moments and I would recommend watching it rather than have me recap it. Hange was one of the most beloved characters and was a source of much of the humor this series needed. As anime mad scientists go Hange was among the best.

The end is near

The rest of the episode is kinda boring. At least after the Hange moment. It feels rushed or set up for the finale. Eren tells the Scouts that there will be no compromise and they mush come to fight. Of course Armin and Mikasa hope to save him before it comes to that. First thing they need to do is stop the Rumbling. Armin notes that if they kill Zeke then the Rumbling would stop. Levi is eager to finally kill his nemesis and asks the others to help him do so. As Eren approaches the fort in Marley, the plane carrying the Scouts arrives.

All the Scouts fly out and approach Zeke’s Beast Titan who’s using his trademark throwing debris at the oncoming Scouts. The Armored Titan crashes into the Beast Titan, as they prepare to fight Eren, Armin asks “in what way is Eren free.”

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