Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 7: The Battlefield changes a man

Ketil’s farm is besieged by a food theft in Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 6, “Iron Fist Ketil.” Fox and Snake have a difficult time determining the culprits due to the unclear evidence. Einar gets a chance to flirt with Arnheid. They discuss the fact that Sverkel has been helping Einar and Thorfinn, who’s crop have begun to grow. Einar wonders if it will be enough to buy his freedom. Thorfinn ask “what they should do now,” and Einar tells them they should “pray.”

Ketil returns with his other son Thorgil, who was at war. Thorgil seems like the type of warrior Olmar wishes to become. He even believes Olmar heading to battle would “change him,” for the better. At lunch, Thorgil recounts stories from his battles. He ask Olmar if he would join the fight in England and Olmar says he will. Thorgil the hands his brother a souvenir, a necklace made of human ears. The moment is telling. Thorgil is a brutal warmonger that enjoys the violence he can find on the battlefield. To make something that intended to be worn out human flesh implies how he views his enemies as non-humans.

Olmar on the other hand is disgusted by the “gift.” Thorgil reminds him that they’re the sons of “Iron Fist Ketil,” the name their father was given in his youth. Apparently, he was so strong that he would shatter his own weapon due to force he produced, forcing him to fight barehanded.

Cut one arm from each

Snake captures the thieves Sture and Thora, to children whose father has been missing for a year, and their mother is bedridden. It’s up to Ketil to determine their punishments and the dynamics between Ketil, Thorgil, Pater, and Snake are interesting. Ketil is hesitant to do anything and has sympathy for the children. Going so far as to become teary eyed thinking about their struggles. Thorgil has been presented as a brute. He suggests cutting a arm off of each of the children.

Pater and Snake are stern but not cruel. They agree punishment is necessary but not Thorgil’s harsh plan. Pater seems more focused on money and offers to train the children and make them into workers. Regardless, a more reasonable punishment is determine. The children are suppose to be hit with the stick ten times each but Sture decides to take all 20. Ketil does it (even though he doesn’t want to) especially because Thorgil almost killed Sture. Later, Ketil reveals that the “Iron Fist,” story is a lie. He hates war and violence.

The reveal that Arnheid and Ketil are in a sexual relationship setting Einar for potential heartbreak. I suspect if Thorgil knew his father was more peaceful he might threaten to take over. At the same time I don’t think he would want to run a boring farm so I could be wrong. Turns out Olmar is more like his father and Thorgil is the black sheep. Still, Thorgil is a wild card and I think they might all be better off if he went back to war.

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