My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

Deku continues to overwork himself in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20, “Hired Gun.” Deku rescues a innocent woman with a mutant Quirk from an angry mob. Deku continues to surveille the city but they have no idea where Tomura and the other villains are. The second and third One For All users finally begin to speak. The third user claims that they lived in “the worst era in their history, when All For One’s control was at its peak, and that it was their leader,”

The second user tried to gather allies and defeat All For One but he failed miserably. He’s skeptical of Deku’s ability to stop Tomura especially since Deku claims he wishes to “save” Tomura. Yoichi tells the second user that he has no choice but to support Deku because he’s their only chance.

Hero Scum

Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks continue to suffer attacks from civilians, who accuse them of being “scum.” They’re blamed for the current state of affairs. While being afraid of the villains is understandable, blaming heroes for villains action isn’t. Regardless, Hero and Endeavor seem to agree that Deku’s involvement with them should be hidden from the media. While the villains lay low, the heroes are falling apart.

Best Jeanist and Hawks discuss All For One’s goals and speculate that he intends to steal Tomura’s body since his is destroyed. Suddenly, Deku’s GPS signal cuts off. All Might’s car is hit with a grenade. We find out that Deku’s GPS signal was cut after Lady Nagant shot his phone. In a flashback, we see that Hawks tells Deku to be weary of Lady Nagant, and if he see her “run.”

Lady Nagant attacks

Deku investigates the bullet and notices that its made out of pink and blue fibers. He attempts to flee but Lady Nagant won’t allow him forcing Deku to use Danger Sense and Blackwhip to escape her assault. However, the shot from Lady Nagant follows him and he can’t avoid it.

Snipe who’s Quirk, Homing allows him to “shoot anything within six hundred meters,” but Lady Nagant’s ability to use her hair as ammunition and she can “shoot from a range of three kilometers.” In another flashback, we see that All For One wanted Lady Nagant to capture Deku and gave her the Air Walk Quirk.

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  1. It’s definitely nice to be in the Deku vigilante arc at last! They’ve definitely been doing a good job with the animation and I thought this was a really fun part in the adventure. The series is still going strong 6 seasons in!

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