Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 6: The most important man on the farm

In Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 6, Einar and Thorfinn struggle to pull trees trunks from the roots. They stop to dig more and cut the roots. The amount of effort in only removing one tree trunk is too much. They need a horse. The retainers continue to hog the horses. Einar decides their only chance is to tell the master but Thorfinn is concerned about backlash from the retainers. Einar becomes frustrated with Thorfinn’s lack of dedication and accuses him of being “unmotivated.” Einar wants his freedom and he won’t let the retainers stop him.

Were sleeping Snake lies

Suddenly, a old man working in a field calls them over. He asks their names and offers to lend them a horse. Mister Sverkel wants Einar and Thorfinn’s help picking up rocks, chopping wood, and drawing water. These are the terms of the agreement, Mr. Sverkel provides a horse and they do chores. Einar is excited after seeing the results of the horse. In not time, Einar and Thorfinn have a pill of uprooted trunks and a clear field. On their way back the retainers asks Einar and Thorfinn where they got the horse? When Einar says Mr. Sverkel they’re surprised.

According to the retainers, Mr. Sverkel is the “most important man on this farm,” and Ketil’s father. Einar and Thorfinn continue to improve the farmland. When they return to Mr. Sverkel farm house they overhear Ketil and Sverkel argue over his continuing to work in the field despite his age. Sverkel tells Ketil to mind his business and Ketil leaves. Thorfinn and Einar are invited in to wash their clothing. While inside the see a sleeping Snake. He jumps up after smelling the soup Sverkel was preparing. The dynamic between the two is interesting.

If you work you eat

Sverkel seems offended that Snake is lazy and just sleeps and eats. Snake claims that he and the others do work by “patrolling,” but Sverkel doesn’t buy it. Sverkel clearing values work and doesn’t seem to care who does it. If you work your good in his book. Snake and Sverkel continue to bicker while Snake explains the potential dangers that exists. This conversation is likely foreshadowing of a future threat we’ll see in this series. Sverkel claims that because Ketil sends tribute to King Harald they don’t get more dangerous threats.

Sverkel thinks the pursuit of wealth only leads to more obsession with it. He thinks its pointless but his son hasn’t realized it yet. Sverkel tells Snake not to come back, but Snake ignores him. Sverkel is an interesting character he seems to have the opposite world view than his son. He values work so much I think he might have more respect for Thorfinn and Einar than his son.

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