My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 19

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 19, Deku write his rationale for leaving U.A. and Class 1A is shocked by his departure. After the rampaging from many villains many cities have been destroyed, sending civilians into hiding. Third Years Ketsubutsu Academy High, Yo Shindo (Grand) and Tatami Nakagame (Turtle Neck) patrol the city looking for villains. They come across some civilians who dismiss them as “just children.” Shindo tells them that the Academy has food and shelter for them. Regardless, the civilians aren’t interested in their aid.

Rejected, Grand and Turtle Neck leave and they receive a call warning them that Goto Imatsuji is heading there way. Goto was imprisoned after Deku was defeated him way back in the Forest Training Camp Arc. Goto is obsessed with fighting, constantly looking for strong opponents. His Quirk, Muscle Augmentation, allows him to “greatly amplify and manipulate his own muscle layers.” Goto challenges Shindo, who’s no match. His Quirk, Vibrate is ineffective against Goto’s 12,000 layer thick armor.

Deku arrives

In predicable fashion, Deku arrives to save the day. Hearing Deku’s voice excites Goto, he grabs a rock and uses it for his eye. He lunges at Deku, grabbing a part of a building and breaking it in half. Deku, still carrying Shindo, avoids Goto attack. He leaves Shindo with Tatami. Deku is trying to master the various Quirks from the previous holders of One For All. The fight between Goto and Deku is suppose to show one thing, Deku’s growth.

To this point Deku easily defeats Goto mostly off camera showing that he’s grown significantly from the Forest Training Arc. Deku arrests Goto and hands him to the authorities. It turns out that he’s not working alone but directly with All Might. In a flashback, Deku promises that he’s going to get better and stronger. His mother isn’t so eager to see him risk his life. All Might feeling guilty offers to risk everything to help Deku. He’s joined by Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks. Together they have decided to take the fight to the villains.

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