My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21

The fight between Lady Nagant and Deku concludes in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21. Deku attempts to escape Lady Nagant’s line of sight. He uses the sixth’s smokescreen Quirk to buy himself time. While hidden he activates the third users Fa Jin Quirk, which allows him to build kinetic energy by performing repetitive actions. Using his clothing Deku distracts Lady Nagant surprising her by attacking from a building. Lady Nagant retracts her rifle and strikes Deku in the chest sending him crashing down.

The secrets of the Commission

They discuss why she left the heroes and she reveals that “he’s been seeing is the manufactured sense of order and couldn’t possibly understand the real truth.” Suffering from the after effects from Fa Jin, Deku must avoid Nagant’s bullets. She manages to graze him but by using his intellect Deku is able to determine her location. Nagant tells Deku that she was used to kill on behave of the heroes. The constant violence and living in the shadows she started to feel dehumanized. She starts to question what she doing as her mental health deteriorated.

When she confronts the President he threatens her and she kills him. It’s a surprisingly brutal scene for a series that is often this violent but I think it’s appropriate tone if we’re going to believe Lady Nagant felt traumatized. The Safety Commission simply covers up her murder to maintain as Nagant puts it an “illusion.” It’s too late now but I think it would have been interesting if the Safety Commission took more of a role earlier in My Hero Academia. If they were capable of murder then they could have added another complex aspect to the series.

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