Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 13: Recap and Review

Children of the Forest (Mori no Kora)

I have to be honest at this point in Attack on Titan I do not know who to root for. The hatred between Eldians and Marley’s is getting confusing. I can’t keep track of who’s an Eldian, who’s a Marlyean, who’s a Marlyean who betrayed Marley, and half of them are Eldians who wish to be Marleyan’s. This on top of all the conspiracy. It’s a lot to take in and keep straight. I’m not sure any of this is bad. The characters aren’t aware who’s on their side, why would the audience. It concerns me that there’s only three episodes left of the anime series. How will this series stick the landing? Attack on Titan episode 13, Children of the Forest, begins with the revelation that Zeke used his spinal fluid to transform the villagers of Ragako. Levi questions Zeke’s sincerity, when the latter claims that he “did not want to do it, but it was to provide cover while he was working for Marley

Keep children out of the forest

As I predicted, the Gabi and Braus storyline was going to end in disaster. After enjoying some excellent food, Falco fakes an illness. They find Nicolo in the wine cellar and during the conversation Gabi gleefully admits to killing Sascha. Nicolo snaps and attacks her with a wine bottle. Falco once again takes the brunt of the assault for Gabi. Nicolo brings an unconscious Falco and a bloody Gabi into the dinning room. He reveals to the Braus family that Gabi killed Sascha. Artur Braus forgives Gabi and hopes to spare children from fighting. Nicolo puts Falco down. Artur asks Gabi “if she is okay.” It shocks Gabi that they don’t hate her. However, Kaya is different. She charges at Gabi with a knife. After Mikasa stops her, she breaks down crying with the rest of the Braus family.

Zeke’s spinal fluid

After the chaos dies down, Nicolo tells Hange to wash Falco’s mouth out because the wine has Zeke’s spinal fluid in it. He’s speculating, but recalls that Zeke used wine to transform enemies into Titans. Yelena appears to be responsible for this plot. In the other room, Armin notices that Gabi only thinks about killing. She can’t believe that they don’t want her dead. Suddenly, Eren appears, waving his bloody hand. The Jaegerists take everyone hostage. Floch Forster stands out. He was once an irrelevant character, now he has become more consequential. Floch also seems deranged. Floch and the Jaegerists knew about Zeke’s plan. Eren, Gabi, Armin, and Mikasa sit around the table, as Eren says he “wants to talk.”

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  1. I saw a scene on Youtube that I think might be from this episode- a girl asking why her mom was killed when their lineage had nothing to do with them, and making Gabi question everything in her life. I like scenes like that; ones that make the bad guys question themselves.
    Yeah; it’s curious how this series will end. The final chapter coming out next month, plus the amount of content they have to work with- I think we might be in for a movie or something. Turning an arc into a movie at the end of the manga worked for “Demon Slayer;” why not “Attack On Titan?”

    1. I think that was Kaya. I have mention how anime movies are moving from being non cannon “filler” to being an entire arcs. I prefer this trend and makes the movies more important and enjoyable. Of course they get to maske all that money. LOL.

      1. I also like this format, but I miss when the movie was just a movie. Anything could happen, and you don’t have to think of the logistics of abilities that appear in the movie, or how what you see in the movie effects the main story. “Cooler’s Revenge,” the first “Broly” movie, a few Nartuo movies- I just miss the random, crazy fun. But it’s not like I dislike this trend any at all.

      2. I think the problem was continuity. If I remember correctly in Dragon Ball Z there was only suppose to be one Super Saiyan (Goku), then Vegeta became one and they made the Broly movie (the first one), changing the story to one “legendary” Super Saiyan. Most fans treat anime movies like canon so it becomes confusing.

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