Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 23: Sunset

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23, “Sunset,” opens with the destruction Eren Jaeger’s rumbling has already caused. A woman is injured after her house collapses after the falling of the walls. Civilians in the Trost District begin to discuss whether Eren’s actions were justified. Attack on Titan reintroduces a minor character, Hitch Dreyse. She was first introduced during the Wall Sina Goodbye OVA. Hitch was the roommate of Annie. When she notices wet footprints coming from the basement and follows them, she’s ambushed by Annie. The female Titan threatens to transform if she doesn’t get what she wants. However, Hitch says Annie’s “too weak” to transform. Hitch folds and help Annie. We learn that Annie was conscious while inside the crystal and could hear her.

As the two rid out of town they marvel at the destruction the Titans have left behind. Hitch takes this opportunity to ask Annie “how she feels seeing all the bodies crushed in pursuit of her mission.” Annie says that the Warriors were praised for “killing outsiders,” regardless of whether they were civilians or soldiers. Annie was abandoned by her birth parents and adopted by a “foreign Eldian who wanted a child to become a Warrior and earn a better life for himself.” To this end he trained her to become a warrior. Their relationship was toxic and when Annie became strong enough she “beat him so badly he would not be able to walk straight anymore.” Her terrible upbringing resulted in a amoral worldview. Despite this Annie hopes to see her father again.

The New Eldian Empire

Armin decides to chase after Conny and try to stop him. He seeks to gain Gabi Braun’s trust by saving Falco and hopes it will lead to Reiner Braun and Pieck Finger trusting them as well. Armin fears that as long as the Nine Titans exists their will be war over gaining control over them. Elsewhere, Floch is mad with power, claiming Eren confided in him. It’s unlikely Eren was that comfortable with Floch considering the fact he didn’t share that information with Armin and Mikasa. Since there’s no way to confirm that however, Floch can use his position to gain more power. He tells everyone that their homelands will be destroyed but they could help build the “new Eldian Empire.” When a man refuses to join Floch kills him suggesting the type of leader he’d be.

Falco has lost his memory and doesn’t know the kind of danger he’s in. The situation with Conny and Falco has me conflicted. While I like Conny he’s not a significant enough of a character for me to instantly side with him. Killing Falco is wrong but the morals in this series is so backwards at this point I don’t really care. I’m still under the impression that Conny loses out on this one. On top of all this Conny now has to lie and manipulate Falco, making his position seem even worst. I curious how this plays out. I don’t think Armin can catch up to them but I can see Conny deciding to sacrifice his mother because he views Falco as an innocent.

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