Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 15: Recap and Review

Eren agrees to Zeke's plan in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15
Eren agrees to Zeke’s plan

Sole Salvation

Attack on Titan season 4, episode 15, “Sole Salvation” focused on Zeke Jaeger. Since he told Eren that he would return to save him, his motives have been in question. We find out what his end goal is. Saving the world with his “Eldian Euthanization Plan.” Attack on Titan has given most of its characters more sophisticated portrayals this season. It makes sense that Zeke would get this treatment as well. All we knew before this episode was that Zeke turned his parents in to the Marleyian authorities. In “Sole Salvation” we find out why. Zeke’s parents pressured him to become the perfect warrior to save the entire Eldian race. In the effort to mold him into a freedom fighter, they destroyed the innocent boy Zeke was. Feeling distance between himself and his parents, Zeke finds a father figure, Tom Ksaver.

Ksaver was an Eldian researcher and warrior that possessed the Beast Titan before Zeke. He mentions to Zeke that he became a Titan researcher to cure his curiosity. Ksaver hated being a warrior. He considered it “stupid to shorten one’s lifespan just to invade other countries.” He suffered a personal tragedy. After his wife learns of his Eldian heritage, she kills their son and then herself. This made him into a bitter man that joined the warrior program as a “means of suicide.” This relationship filled the void in both Zeke and Ksaver’s lives. Zeke got the father he didn’t have, and Ksaver got the son. Ksaver treats him like a child and the two play catch. We know Zeke has a love of baseball because of his tendency to “pitch” when he’s killing enemies in Titan form. What at first appeared to be a strange behavior is actually a sentimental habit.

Eldian Euthanization Plan

Ksaver influence isn’t just fatherly. He encourages Zeke to turn in his parents and unintentionally leads Zeke to his master plan. After Ksaver tells him that “the Founding Titan doesn’t just have the power to change the Eldians’ memories; it can alter their physiology, too.” Zeke wonders if the Founding Titan can sterilize the Eldian. Sterilizing is far more preferable than genocide, but it’s still a shocking plan. That both Eren and Zeke have concluded that Eldian should be eliminated, despite being Eldian themselves, is interesting. Especially, if you consider even the Marleyian want to keep the Eldian’s alive, at least to use the Titan powers. That said, this plan would at least end the oppression between the Marley and Eldians. Despite that, war between nation would remain.

In the present, Levi overhears Zeke recalling his memories of Ksaver. He tells Zeke that “eaten by a Titan seems to be a merciful fate for him after killing so many of his comrades.” Zeke claims he saved “children from being born into this cruel world.” Suddenly, he jerks his head, pulling the trigger on the Thunder Spear. The resulting explosion sends Levi flying and splits Zeke in two. Levi and Zeke aren’t likely to be in excellent condition after the explosion, however, Zeke can heal. Would Attack on Titan kill Levi? I would say yes, but in a more epic way. I would guess that he survives.

With Levi unable to battle for a while, this will probably allow Eren and the others to succeed easier. With only one episode left, it’s difficult to imagine this season will end neatly. Despite the thrilling climax, the last episode can only leave us disappointed it wasn’t a longer season. Regardless, I can’t wait to see how it ends.

9 responses to “Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 15: Recap and Review”

  1. Save people from being born into this world? That’s bull in my opinion. Yeah, the world sucks a lot. Its filled war, death, hatred, and all Manner of awful stuff. But it’s also filled with just as much joy and happiness.

    And the euthanasia plan is wrong. One person has no right to unilaterally decide that his entire people should slowly die out for something they can’t even help . None of them asked to be able to turn into giant monsters, you idiot. And just because you have a death wish doesn’t mean you get to decide for all Eldians.

    Give me a break. If I were Zeke, then instead i would use the Founding Titan to take away the Eldians ability to become Titans. Bam, they’re normal like everyone else. And while it would take generations to get over, maybe the rest of the world would move on from the Titans.

    Honestly, I am hoping that that’s Isayama’s endgame for the manga.

  2. Man- this series is INCREDIBLY messed up. He thinks he’s “sparing children from being into a cruel world?” All he’s doing is committing long term genocide. Although he probably doesn’t see it that way, huh?
    As for Levi………..No……….Nah; probably not Levi.

  3. Attack on Titan really is a dark series even though I’ve only seen clips of it. That’s just sick with all the plans of overt genocide of covert genocide with the sterilization with these characters.

    1. No matter how you look at it, Zeke’s plan is genocide. He may frame it differently and his way would prevent Eldians from reproducing instead of killing the currently living Eldians, but it’s still genocide.

      1. Sure thing. It’s like how actual genocidaires have made excuses for their atrocities even if it’s not always an obvious action. It was even revealed in the documentary Cold Case Hammerskjold for example that an Apartheid officer admitted to have sterilized people and used tainted vaccines with HIV/AIDS against South Africans decades ago for example. There are other horrific actions like enforced starvation and mass gentrification to name a few that have been done to others. I do agree with what you said with what Zeke planned on doing. I was just adding to your point.

      2. Your making an excellent point. I wonder if the series (manga) makes it clear that Zeke is wrong or at least some of the other characters. I’m going to start reading the manga after the final episode next week.

      3. Thank you. I sure hope that would be the case with the series and the manga because this is a subject that certainly needs to be shown as a bad thing lest it be shown as horrific protagonist centered morality. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you with me repeating a certain low-key example of it being portrayed as being heroic act from an overrated Hollywood animated film. So you’ll be reviewing the manga, too?

      4. I’ll probably do a review by manga volume.

      5. That sounds like a good idea.

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