Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 12: Recap and Review

Dot Pyxis suggests giving up in episode 12 of Attack on Titan.
Dot Pyxis suggests giving up


Attack on Titan season 4, episode 12, “Guides” introduces the emergence of the Jaegerists. They accuse the Paradis Military using Eren to “cling to power.” As the public turns on the military, protesters demand Eren’s freedom. Dot Pyxis and Yelena have a discussion when she admits she encouraged Eren to act without military approval. However, she didn’t specifically tell him to invade Marley. They kept her meeting with Eren a secret even from the other Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. Meanwhile, Hange Zoe and Onyankopon play cards. He’s upset that the volunteers are treated poorly despite aiding Paradis after three years. There’s so much distrusts between everyone the only logical conclusion is for those groups to separate. Onyankopon accuses Yelena of killing those that “doubted” Zeke Jaeger.

Dhalis Zachary

Give your hearts

Elsewhere, Dhalis Zachary tells Mikasa and Armin that they can’t visit Eren, and the military isn’t certain that he’s not being manipulated by Zeke. Armin suspects the military is planning on finding a new Founding Titan. Suddenly, Zachary’s office explodes. His death excites the protestors outside who begin chanting the slogan “Give your hearts!” The culprit is unknown, and the volunteers are under house arrest. Armin expects some Scouts are responsible. A MP emerges from a meeting to announce that Eren had escaped. The following day, it’s revealed that hundred soldiers have defected forming a group Nile Dawk calls the “Jaegerists.” Hange suspects that their goal is to “reunite Eren and Zeke and then reform the military with Eren as its head.”

Pyxis takes over. He demands that Hange bring three soldiers that deliver supplies to Levi’s camp. He believes Eren will try to reach both Zeke and Historia. Armin asks Pyxis what they should do? He responds, “surrender to Eren.” From his perspective, finding the traitors would be too costly. He hopes they can use Zeke’s location to negotiate with Jaegerists. Hange suspects that Zeke and Yelena are in on the situation. With the new fractions, Paradis Island is vulnerable to Marley’s impending attack. The Titan and military power are now fractured. Are the factions going to clash? How far is Eren will to go? I’ve been predicting that Eren might become the new villain. Although, that probably is too black and white for this series. Attack on Titan has entered uncharted territory. Eren is now on the opposite side of Armin and Mikasa, at least for now.

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