Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 19: The Scream

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 opens as Zeke (Beast Titan) collapses, Eren hammers into Porto Galliard’s Jaw Titan. Meanwhile, Armin and the others battle the Marleyan’s. Zeke awakens. With Eren in sight he announces that it’s “time to call the Titans.” He inhales, preparing to scream, before he does, Colt and Falco arrive. He makes a plea to allow Falco to get out of his scream’s range. I think we all know what Zeke’s answer would be. Colt, Gabi, and Falco should have tried to escape Zeke’s scream instead of wasting so much time. Actually, if Colt went alone to reason with Zeke, while Gabi and Falco left it would have been a better plan. Regardless, Zeke while sympathetic screams anyway.

Falco eats Porco

Beams of light erupt through the Shiganshina District. The military transforms into Titans and immediately begins attacking the Marleyan army. Falco appears as a Titan with a elongated neck. Zeke orders him to attack a horrified Reiner. Despite pinning both Eren and Falco down, Reiner cannot bare to kill Falco. His hesitation allows Eren to escape, leaving him open for Falco to bite at his nape. Reiner has been suicidal for a while now, only fighting to save those he loved. With Falco transformed, Reiner considers allowing Falco to eat him. However, Galliard appears claiming to no longer “have the strength to heal his body.” Dying anyway, he is the better sacrifice than Reiner. Falco eats him instead.

This moment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Aren’t pure titans basically mindless. If they’re in the presence of one of the Nine Titans they will try to kill them but why would Falco abandon Reiner to eat Porco? He literal had Reiner’s nape in his mouth. Obviously, from a narrative standpoint this is better for everyone. The audience cares more for Reiner anyway, and if we’re being honest Porco was a terrible Jaw Titan, always getting beaten. It’s possible I missed something but it doesn’t make sense right now.

Eren’s premature betrayal

Poor Gabi. At this point she so damaged it’s hard to imagine how she manages. Although you could say that most characters in Attack on Titan. Gabi traumatized, picks up a weapon. When Eren flees from the Attack Titan’s body, she’s prepared. Taking aim, Gabi decapitates Eren sending his head flying in a violent spiral of blood. It was a shocking moment but maybe too dramatic? I kinda thought it was weirdly funny moment, especially with Zeke catching his head. With the introduction of the Paths, Eren’s “death” isn’t going to permanent. Inside the Path, Eren betrays Zeke. He asks Ymir to “lend him her power.” She walks past him and directly towards Zeke.

Eren revealed his hand too early. You should wait until you have the power then stab Zeke in the back. Zeke reveals that Ymir is nothing but a slave, “accept those of royal blood as her master.” Therefore, Zeke has all the powers of the Founder, Eren was just a key. Zeke isn’t upset that Eren betrayed him. Beside he can use the Founder’s power to “fix” Eren. The Path and Ymir’s ability to restore Zeke and likely Eren, has undermine what makes Attack on Titan such a dramatic series, the stakes. If Eren can’t die then there’s no need to fear for his safety. While other characters might still be fair game, I’m starting to get the impression that Armin, Levi, and Mikasa might get plot armor as well. I don’t actually want them to die but I want to feel like they can.

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