Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 28: The Dawn of Humanity

The cycle of revenge and hatred has been the central theme of this season of Attack on Titan. What would it take to put an end to this toxic reality? Eren seems to have concluded that genocide would been the appropriate remedy. Obviously if he killed every opponent it would be but I think there will be survivors would likely perpetuate more violence. Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28, “The Dawn of Humanity,” is mostly a series of flashbacks exploring the moment Eren was set on this destructive course. Mikasa wonders what went wrong with Eren and recalls their initial trip to Marley. The Scouts are excited to see the world outside of the Walls, marveling at the wonders like cars and ice cream.

We witness the bigotry of the Marleyian people when a pickpocket steals Sasha’s purse. The surrounding crowd demands he be punished and the Scouts save him from potential death. This scene reinforces the fact that the Marleyan are afraid of the “Subjects of Ymir,” going so far as to use blood testing to expose them. Despite this there’s a group called the “Subjects of Ymir Protection,” this group argues that aid should given to them, especially because their “victims of the Eldian Empire’s forced interbreeding,” However, they advocacy group has no love for the Island of Paradis who they refer to as the “true enemy.” This is the moment Eren appeared to change course and accept Zeke’s plan.

Eren recalls the tragedy of his childhood in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28
Eren recalls the tragedy of his childhood in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28

Eren recalls meeting with Yelena, Floch, and Historia regarding Zeke’s euthanasia plan. It turns out that Floch wasn’t lying when he said Eren had confided in him. Historia is against his plan arguing that killing the rest of the world would make them just like his mother. We get a brief moment in the present as a global fleet of ship try to stop the approaching army of Wall Titans. I got to admit the appearance of the rumbling was epic. The fleet fire off a barrage of missiles as the Titans swim undersea. Several Wall Titans are destroyed but the remaining Titan swim past them, with stream of steam rising to the surface, the soldiers are incinerated. As the Titans reach land a grotesque Eren in his new Attack Titan form appears.

Attack on Titan will be getting another season or at least a third part to season 4. I speculated that the rest of this final arc would be a movie but another season would be fine. From this point on I think we’ll get a lot of action but I’m not sure what chance the New Alliance has against Eren and the Wall Titans. They’re out numbered (apparently there are millions of Wall Titans) and over powered (each Wall Titan is about the Colossal Titan’s height, can harden, and use steam). I have no Idea what this new Eren form can do but it looks deadly. I’m afraid Attack on Titan might go the “ass pull” route or “power of friendship” route. Personally, I would prefer Eren destroy the world and kill everyone including his friends, than for it to end in typical anime fashion. I am certain that the official final part will end with a bang though.

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  1. When I heard that they were going to extend to a part 3; I was kind of upset. Because rather than go for the obvious “Movie” route to capitalize on the brand a final time; we’re going to have to wait ANOTHER year to see the ending animated. BULL. CR@P.
    Why make ANOTHER part to the “Final Season” when you could make the most bank on a movie. “Demon Slayer” did it!! I just……. I feel like this is a bit too much work just to have this series around longer than it should It’s what I so dislike about “Demon Slayer;” the manga ended YEARS ago; why do a movie retelling and extend the story? I’m not saying put out a “Rushed Product-” just don’t make me wait 6 years for a finale that……… I don’t know if you read the manga; I don’t want to spoil you on it, or dampen your hopes for the series. So I’l just say that it’s a disservice to fans of both the Anime and Manga that want to see the story end.

    1. I would imagine making a movie might have taken longer or cost more money (probably the latter). I think they were undecisive otherwise we would have been told there was going to be another season sooner. That said I’m fine with the decision they made. However, it does feel ridiculous to have a “final season” for three seasons. LOL. 😀

  2. If it goes the route of the manga, you definitely won’t be needing to worry about any “power of friendship” happy ending.

    1. LOL. Good.

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