My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1

Episode: A Quiet Beginning

Adapted from: Chapter 258, 259, 260

Arc: Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The goal of the PLF

My Hero Academia Season 6 first episode titled A Quiet Beginning, continues the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Hawks went undercover to reveal the secrets of the Paranormal Liberation Front (PLF) now headed by Tomura Shigaraki. The heroes gather to prepare to confront the PLF directly. We get a flashback to one month prior when Twice and Hawks discuss his “credo.” Twice wonders what he can do to get the “troops” to trust him. Hawks explains (to the audience) that the PLF is split into regiments. Each unit is led by a single League or Liberation member based on their skills. 

Within each regiment, the top three members serve as aides to the lieutenants. Twice leads “Black”, the Vanguard Action Tactics Regiment, which provides support to the other regiments, Dabi and Geten lead  “Violet” the raid regiment which is responsible for “supervises the positions of everyone around the country”, “Carmine”, the intelligence regiment is led by Himiko Toga and Skeptic, and finally “Brown”, that is led by Mr. Compress and Spinner. Hawks gives Twice some advice he’s more concerned with the goals of PLF. They want to “annihilate” the current system of heroes. 

By attacking the major cities  at the same time overwhelming them, preventing them from functioning, resulting in a “lawless district.” Then the “Hearts and Mind Party”, led by Re-Destro will influence Japan politically. By distributing weapons and preaching about the “freedoms of self defense”, Tomura plans on creating a world of chaos, replicating the era when All For One ruled.

The Raid on Jaku General Hospital

The heroes Endeavor, EraserHead, Present Mic, Mirko, Gran Torino, Ryukyu, Crust, Wash, the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Rock Lock, Manual, Thirteen, and Ectoplasm all gather to debrief with Naomasa Tsukauchi. He informs them of “Dr. Kyudai Garaki,” the creator of Nomu, is the founder of Jaku General Hospital. At the hospital, Dr. Garaki is blissfully unaware he’s been found out. Suddenly, Endeavor calls his name from behind, telling him he needed to “accept your fate”, and he was a “pawn of the devil”. 

Eraserhead uses his Quirk on him and he instantly ages. While Mirko heads for the morgue, the other heroes evacuate the hospital preparing for the inevitable conflict with the Nomu. Meanwhile, Edge Shot leads the rest of the heroes to Gunga Mountain Villa, waiting for the villain’s counterattack. At the hospital, Dr. Garaki turns out to be a clone and is impaled by a Nomu as they begin to attack the heroes. With a hallway full of Nomu, Mirko gets excited. She flexes her muscles and charges head first towards them. She quickly defeats them, then smashes through the massive doors of Garaki’s lab, crushing the small Nomu, and terrifying Dr. Garaki. 

I’m glad My Hero Academia didn’t start with filler like some of the previous seasons. Getting right into the war is the best decision. Personally, I’m excited to see Mirko in action. She’s become one of my favorite heroes from the series. I love her design, her personality, and her fighting style. The dynamic between Hawks and Twice is sad. I’ve stated elsewhere that the villains being granted complexity (at least some of them) is one of the things this series does well. Regardless, My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 was a blast. 

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