My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 19: Recap and Review

Deku attempting to learn to control his power in Season 4 Episode 19 of My Hero Academia.
Deku attempting to learn to control his power

Gentle presents his argument for why he’s a villain. He’s more like a modern-day robin-hood or as he puts it a “Gentleman Thief.” Despite working for six years to get his message out, Gentle has been surpassed by the likes of Hero Killer: Stain. As a result, the League of Villians has become the standard for what people assume villains are. Meanwhile, the other classes are resentful of Class 1-A performing for “them.” Regardless, Class 1-A needs to pick a song and find a drummer. Apparently Bakugo took music classes as a child. After some manipulation from Denki, he demonstrates that he can play the drums. However, he’s uninterested in playing. Having overheard the other classes talk about Class 1-A, he doesn’t think that the other classes would want to hear them play.

In a surprising twist. Or maybe not. Bakugo is upset that Class 1-A feels the need to care about the other class’s feelings. It wasn’t their fault that they were attacked by villains. He instead encourages his classmates to “kill everyone in U.A with their sound.” I completely agree with Bakugo here. The other classes seem to be jealous of Class 1-A and as a consequence blamed them for being victims of the villains. It’s really a selfish take considering the fact that the villain was willing to kill many of the students. Bakugo’s argument goes over well, as it should.

Gentle’s plan of attack

Gentle plans on sneaking into U.A during the festival. It’s going to be difficult for him because of all the added security. Meanwhile, Deku and All Might train his quirk. All Might has him using Full Cowling at 20 percent. He then has Deku send out one attack after another from a single spot. Deku jumps up and kicks the air causing a torrent of wind. All Might goes through the six stages that Deku has gone through so far. Without much prompting Deku realizes that if he uses number 2 and number 6 at the same time, he can draw out power at his limit instantly. As I mentioned previously I don’t really care about the performance from Class 1-A, even though I strongly agreed with Bakugo’s sentiments. The breakthrough for Deku is more interesting and I’m excited to see what comes of it.

My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 18: Recap and Review


My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 18: Recap and Review

Izuku and Yuga learning to dance in episode 18 of My Hero Academia
Izuku and Yuga learning to dance

Episode 18 of My Hero Academia starts with Mina Ashido showing off her dance moves. Izuku assuming that her dancing helps with her fighting tries to learn along with Yuga Aoyama. He’s not great. While I found this episode to be mildly funny, I’m not the least bit excited about the “school festival.” However, the explanation of why it’s important from Shota makes since. I get the impression that Kohei was predicting that narrow-minded fans like might not love this arc. Anyway, Shota points out that the festival is not really for the heroes but the other departments like general and business. Class 1-A decides that they will dance with live music.

Eri is a girl that has only known abuse. It’s reasonable that she wouldn’t have much to smile about. Izuku and Mirio see her at the hospital. With her energy level’s low her Quirk won’t function so she’s not a threat. She apologizes for the trouble she caused them. Eri remains ignorant of Sir Nighteye’s death. To cheer her up Izuku invites her to the School Festival.

It is I, Gentle

The police watch a surveillance video of a convenience store robbery. The new villain is Gentle. Dressed in fancy clothes, slicked-back hair, and a handlebar mustache. He seems polite and well manner for a villain. He has a subordinate, La Brava, but it was unclear where she was. Before he escapes with the money he’s stopped by five heroes. He defeats them off-camera. The goal of La Brava and Gentle is to become infamous through social media.

Robbing the store didn’t get many views. Gentle decides that attacking the School Festival will get him his fame. I like Gentle and La Brava. They’re weird in a good way. I doubt the two of them can take on all the heroes at U.A., even though he defeated five heroes single handly.

My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 17: Recap and Review

My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 17: Recap and Review

The children of Masegaki Municipal Elementary School attack Katsuki, Inasa, Shoto, and Camie. Bakugo dodges the binging ball from Tamashiro. There are attacked by a variety of Quirk’s. Present Mic notes that he couldn’t produce the same “kind of power,” that the children can. Seiji suggests that the reason for their power is possibly due to the “Quirk Singularity.” The hypothesis suggests that over the years Quirks gets stronger as the merge and become more complicated as new generations are born. He believes that Quirks can “become too hard to control.” I think the theory is reasonable but doesn’t include what the Quirk user chooses to do with them. If Quirks get so powerful that they have negative effects on a planetary scale that would be a problem.

The “leader” of the students realizes that his classmates are trouble. He believes that they are better than adults. Inasa, Shoto, and Camie use their powers together to create a playground for the kids. Showing how much skill they have with their Quirks but not using them against the kids, they are able to finally win the kids over.

Yuga Aoyama’s support

As I’ve mentioned before, My Hero Academia has a large list of characters to balance. Yuga Aoyama is one of the students that gets the least attention. His Quirk isn’t the most effective, at least for combat. He often uses for comic relief but is usually outshined by Mineta. In this episode, he sets his sights on Izuku. He acts weirdly. At one point glaring at Izuku through his window while he slept. He then leaves a message staying “I know.” Understandably, Midoriya is freaked out. However, the following day they are able to have a conversation. Yuga explains that he’s aware that Midoriya’s Quirk isn’t suited to his body.

He reveals that he too has a Quirk that’s not suited to his body. Yuga must wear his belt at all times to prevent his powers from leaking out. They have a heart to heart. Izuku is happy that Yuga wanted to encourage him and they become friends. While this moment is touching it doesn’t make sense. The secret Izuku has is that he is in possession of All Might’s Quirk. The damage that does to him is well documented and can’t possibly have been a secret. Furthermore, Yuga’s Quirk’s side effect wasn’t a secret either. This undermines the moment. It would have made more sense for Yuga to focus on how his Quirks limitations make him feel.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 16 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 243 Recap & Review

Onward! To Endeavor’s Office

It’s New Year’s , the students are finally able to visit their parents, but they need to be accompanied by pro heroes. Hawks continues his undercover mission with the Liberation Front. Skeptic criticizes Slidin’ Go for his claim that he’s Hawks “superior.” He says that he doesn’t have “the influence to spread the doctrine,” and get information from “key figures in the hero system.” He placed twenty micro devices on the wings of Hawks, to collect “location data, communication records, real time conversations and visuals.” Slidin’ Go is also a hero like Hawks, but has far fewer connections. We see that Hawks has been in contact with the heroes and warned them that he will be monitored.

Midoriya, Bakugo and Shoto arrive at Endeavor’s office. He greets them with a smile, but quickly warns them that they shouldn’t expect kindness from him. He makes it clear that he only really cares about training Shoto, Bakugo calls him a “hard ass.” Endeavor is surprised that Shoto is friends with Bakugo. All Might is supportive of them interning at Endeavor’s. He suggests that Bakugo is very similar to Endeavor and it might benefit him the most. Meanwhile, Endeavor tells Midoriya that he’s only interested in his son, but they could learn from him by watching. He springs into action as the trio follow.

A villain appears and begins to attack the civilians. Hawks is also present and prepares to fight. I think that Endeavor will warm up to Bakugo and Midoriya. He could solidify his legacy if he was the trainer of what I think will be the top three heroes at some point. I wonder if he starts to show some more favoritism toward Midoriya and Bakugo, if Shoto would have an issue. I think that Hawks will get caught at some point, however, I think it will only happen after he becomes important to the young heroes like Midoriya. This next chapter will probably be the start of their relationship. His death will need to have some impact on the main characters right now they don’t really know him.

Shonen Manga Round Up – August 6, 2019

Samurai 8 #13 – Seeing Courage

Ata states that Hachimaru has “potential,” but lacks “strength and ability.” Hachimaru calls Hayatarou to help. They create a second arm to strike Ata, who is impressed by the communication between Hachimaru and Hayatarou. Ata says that Hachimaru “wasn’t suppose to exists.” Regardless, Ata tries to finish Hachimaru off. Master Daruma finally returns. Daruma acknowledges that Hachimaru “has courage.” Daruma attacks Ata with Vajrayaksa Style Dog Paddle, then Vajrayaksa Atmospheric Blade.

This results in a devastating attack that appears to defeat Ata. While Hachimaru’s father is stable, he’s likely to die. It turns out that Ata wasn’t actually present, he sent a replica of himself. I don’t know how I feel about that. It feels like a cop out. As my usual complaints about this series, is the fighting system. The final attack by Daruma was impressive, but how did he do it. He was wet afterward, is it a water based attack, does it matter? The final surprise is that Hachimaru has “brothers.” That has really pique my interest regarding the series.

My Hero Academia #238 – Liberation

Tomura Shigaraki decides that he no longer needs the hands of his family. This symbolizes his growth as a character. He has accepted that he killed his family and the fact that he wanted their death. Re-Destro tries to end his conflict with Tomura by using 100 % of his “Stress” ability. However, Tomura easily disintegrates Re-Destro’s ability. In doing so he almost destroys Deika City. Desperate, Re-Destro summons his “support item” to increase his quirk ability. Now his power is increase to 150%, but Tomura doesn’t seem to care. Compress and Daruma get into a conflict over how the organization functions.

Gigantomachia destroys the city, as Geten heads towards Re-Destro. When Gigantomachia finally reaches Tomura, he stops as he witnesses Tomura embracing evil. Tomura releases a his power creating a devastating attack. The Meta Liberation Army is likely to lose to the League of Villains at this point. They have served their purpose, by having other villains to fight and kill is different from killing heroes. The MLA are new characters that we don’t have any attachment to. If anything we are attached to the League. Tomura is becoming a truly powerful villain, I wonder how Midoriya will respond.

One Piece #951 – Rampage

One Piece is transitioning or I should say building up to the fight between the Strawhat, allies and Kiado’s crew. The Flower capital is on lockdown, as the alliance become wanted criminals. Shinobu and Sanji discuss the situation on a nearby rooftop. Nami comes into contact with Law’s crewmates, Bepo, Shachi and Penguin. It’s revealed that they were freed in exchanged for Law. He makes it clear to them that they’re not to tell Luffy that he’s been captured. Kanjuro intents to give Yasuie a proper burial, while, Ashura Doji show Kin’emon and Inuarashi the ships that they can use. Finally, on Onigashima, the Beast Pirates rush to make sweets for Big Mom. King is criticized for failing to kill Big Mom at the waterfall.

She asks King to join her crew, as he’s one of three races she doesn’t yet have. He quickly refuses. Big Mom demands that her cuff be removed. Kiado arrives and tells them to unchain her. She uses Napoleon, as she and Kiado clash. Like the previous conflict between Yonko, they spite the sky. I won’t be getting my hopes for Big Mom vs Kiado, as it will most likely happen off screen. However, the effects of the battle could handicap Kiado for any battle with Luffy. There seems to be too much going on for the battle that’s suppose to take place in a few days. This leads me to assume that many characters probably won’t participate, like Usopp or Nami. Instead they will do smaller things like freeing Law from prison.