My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 18: Recap and Review

Izuku and Yuga learning to dance in episode 18 of My Hero Academia
Izuku and Yuga learning to dance

Episode 18 of My Hero Academia starts with Mina Ashido showing off her dance moves. Izuku assuming that her dancing helps with her fighting tries to learn along with Yuga Aoyama. He’s not great. While I found this episode to be mildly funny, I’m not the least bit excited about the “school festival.” However, the explanation of why it’s important from Shota makes since. I get the impression that Kohei was predicting that narrow-minded fans like might not love this arc. Anyway, Shota points out that the festival is not really for the heroes but the other departments like general and business. Class 1-A decides that they will dance with live music.

Eri is a girl that has only known abuse. It’s reasonable that she wouldn’t have much to smile about. Izuku and Mirio see her at the hospital. With her energy level’s low her Quirk won’t function so she’s not a threat. She apologizes for the trouble she caused them. Eri remains ignorant of Sir Nighteye’s death. To cheer her up Izuku invites her to the School Festival.

It is I, Gentle

The police watch a surveillance video of a convenience store robbery. The new villain is Gentle. Dressed in fancy clothes, slicked-back hair, and a handlebar mustache. He seems polite and well manner for a villain. He has a subordinate, La Brava, but it was unclear where she was. Before he escapes with the money he’s stopped by five heroes. He defeats them off-camera. The goal of La Brava and Gentle is to become infamous through social media.

Robbing the store didn’t get many views. Gentle decides that attacking the School Festival will get him his fame. I like Gentle and La Brava. They’re weird in a good way. I doubt the two of them can take on all the heroes at U.A., even though he defeated five heroes single handly.

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