Dorohedoro Episode 5 Recap and Review

Kaiman and Nikaido prepare to enter the Magic-User World. Kaiman puts on an all-white outfit with rabbit ears. Nikaido wears a biker outfit with rabbit ears. While in the Sourcer’s world they are offered a ride on a magic carpet by a magic-user. Meanwhile, Fujita and Ebisu are beaten up by two sorcerers. While one is breaking the hand of Fujita, Noi cuts him in half. Shin then rips the heart out of the other one. It’s a brutal scene, but the two had it coming. They go for ice cream. Fujita begs Noi and Shin to train him, but they decline.

Elsewhere, Nikaido and Kaiman are enjoying the magic carpet ride. Kaiman says that he “won’t leave until he gets his face back.” However, Nikaido points out that they have no money. Which then begs the question, how are they going to pay for the carpet ride? Kaiman decides that killing the driver would solve the problem. However, with no one to drive, they fall into some ruins. Meanwhile, the En family surrounds the now conscious severed head. One of En’s men arrives to tell him about a hideout. He sends Noi and Shin.

Shin and Noi kill the cross-eyed

Nikaido and Kaiman head to a restaurant. While there Nikaido searches for some direction. She is approached by a “devil” that gives her a piece of paper. Meanwhile, Kaiman passes out in the bathroom. The severed head starts talking, revealing that his name is Risu. Kaiman and Nikaido regroup. They follow a man that has crosses on his eyes but lost sight of him. On the other side of the building Shin, Noi, Fujita, and Ebisu arrive to find the boss of the men inside. As bloody shoot out ensues, Noi takes a bullet in the head for Shin. However, she quickly heals herself and Shin defeats the others.

Kaiman and Nikaido notice the commotion and find the aftermath of the fight. Kaiman begins to get his memories back, remembering the name Risu. The next morning Nikaido begins to hate being in the sorcerer world. She suggests that they separate to find Risu quicker. Meanwhile, En uses his smoke to power a robot body for Risu. En is recognized by Risu and the later quickly begs for his life. During tea, En questions Risu. He doesn’t remember who liked him or how he died. He hasn’t seen the leader of the cross-eye, as his face is rarely seen.

Nikaido searches on her own

Nikaido goes to a smoke shop to pawn her magical smoke. After her smoke is examined the shop keeper is excited to see such rare magic. He gives her massive amounts of money for it. She then murders the shop keeper to keep her magic a secret. She takes the money to pay for a 30 min meeting with a devil, Asu. Former friends, Asu is excited to she Nikaido. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know who curse Kaimon. He does reveal the whereabouts of Risu and offers to create a door to En’s mansion. He informs Nikaido that the “Cross-Eyes, lame sorcerers unable to produce smoke.”

At the mansion, Risu is starting to raise En’s suspicious. He is unsure that Risu’s behavior is an act or not. However, their meeting is interrupted by the news that Nikaido has entered the mansion. Noi rushes to fight the intruder, clashing with Nikaido. This series is slowly starting to unravel the mysteries of the cross-eye and who cursed Kaiman. I suspect that either Risu or Kaiman is the leader of the cross-eyes. Somehow they are connected. One thing I noticed is how brutal Nikaido and Kaiman are. They both murder innocent (I’m assuming) civilians in the sorcerer world. Those killings come so easily to them that it’s troubling.

However, I think that this series is intentionally playing with morality. Regardless, Nikaido and her murder are caught on tape. That’s going to be a problem in the future. The revelation that her magic is rare and she aims to never use it means that she will have to use it at some point. It thinks that the moment may come in the next episode when she faces off against Noi. I think it’s foolish of her to enter the mansion alone, I highly doubt she will be successful.

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