Dorohedoro Episode 5 Recap and Review

Kaiman and Nikaido prepare to enter the Magic-User World. Kaiman puts on an all-white outfit with rabbit ears. Nikaido wears a biker outfit with rabbit ears. While in the Sourcer’s world they are offered a ride on a magic carpet by a magic-user. Meanwhile, Fujita and Ebisu are beaten up by two sorcerers. While one is breaking the hand of Fujita, Noi cuts him in half. Shin then rips the heart out of the other one. It’s a brutal scene, but the two had it coming. They go for ice cream. Fujita begs Noi and Shin to train him, but they decline.

Elsewhere, Nikaido and Kaiman are enjoying the magic carpet ride. Kaiman says that he “won’t leave until he gets his face back.” However, Nikaido points out that they have no money. Which then begs the question, how are they going to pay for the carpet ride? Kaiman decides that killing the driver would solve the problem. However, with no one to drive, they fall into some ruins. Meanwhile, the En family surrounds the now conscious severed head. One of En’s men arrives to tell him about a hideout. He sends Noi and Shin.

Shin and Noi kill the cross-eyed

Nikaido and Kaiman head to a restaurant. While there Nikaido searches for some direction. She is approached by a “devil” that gives her a piece of paper. Meanwhile, Kaiman passes out in the bathroom. The severed head starts talking, revealing that his name is Risu. Kaiman and Nikaido regroup. They follow a man that has crosses on his eyes but lost sight of him. On the other side of the building Shin, Noi, Fujita, and Ebisu arrive to find the boss of the men inside. As bloody shoot out ensues, Noi takes a bullet in the head for Shin. However, she quickly heals herself and Shin defeats the others.

Kaiman and Nikaido notice the commotion and find the aftermath of the fight. Kaiman begins to get his memories back, remembering the name Risu. The next morning Nikaido begins to hate being in the sorcerer world. She suggests that they separate to find Risu quicker. Meanwhile, En uses his smoke to power a robot body for Risu. En is recognized by Risu and the later quickly begs for his life. During tea, En questions Risu. He doesn’t remember who liked him or how he died. He hasn’t seen the leader of the cross-eye, as his face is rarely seen.

Nikaido searches on her own

Nikaido goes to a smoke shop to pawn her magical smoke. After her smoke is examined the shop keeper is excited to see such rare magic. He gives her massive amounts of money for it. She then murders the shop keeper to keep her magic a secret. She takes the money to pay for a 30 min meeting with a devil, Asu. Former friends, Asu is excited to she Nikaido. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know who curse Kaimon. He does reveal the whereabouts of Risu and offers to create a door to En’s mansion. He informs Nikaido that the “Cross-Eyes, lame sorcerers unable to produce smoke.”

At the mansion, Risu is starting to raise En’s suspicious. He is unsure that Risu’s behavior is an act or not. However, their meeting is interrupted by the news that Nikaido has entered the mansion. Noi rushes to fight the intruder, clashing with Nikaido. This series is slowly starting to unravel the mysteries of the cross-eye and who cursed Kaiman. I suspect that either Risu or Kaiman is the leader of the cross-eyes. Somehow they are connected. One thing I noticed is how brutal Nikaido and Kaiman are. They both murder innocent (I’m assuming) civilians in the sorcerer world. Those killings come so easily to them that it’s troubling.

However, I think that this series is intentionally playing with morality. Regardless, Nikaido and her murder are caught on tape. That’s going to be a problem in the future. The revelation that her magic is rare and she aims to never use it means that she will have to use it at some point. It thinks that the moment may come in the next episode when she faces off against Noi. I think it’s foolish of her to enter the mansion alone, I highly doubt she will be successful.

Dorohedoro Episode 4 Recap and Review


Dorohedoro Episode 4 Recap and Review

In episode 4 of Dorohedoro, the En family searches for clues regarding who Kaiman and Nikaido are. En and Shin discuss the conflict with Kaiman. Shin remarks on the man inside Kaiman’s mouth featuring “cross-marks” on their eyes. En plans to look into Nikaido and seek the aid of a man named Turkey. He’s hopeful that Turkey can use his “dolls” to deal with Kaiman. Turkey has a well Turkey on his head. He demonstrates his power. His living dolls are living and are able to “imitate the habits and behavior of the original.” Turkey creates a doll that’s exactly like Noi.

Shin fights the “Duck” Doll

Roast Duck with a Sorcerer

Turkey explains with more depth how he creates his dolls. He mixes up finely chop onions and celery. Then he adds “cognac, port wine, salt, and pepper.” Finally, he cooks “flattened duck.” This time he reveals a doll of the man inside Kaiman. En doesn’t recognize the man. However, the doll’s that Turkey makes are “drawn to the original” They follow him into a cheap clothing store, then an expensive restaurant and finally an apartment.

Shin and Noi ask the landlord about the tenant. However, he hasn’t seen him in a year, doesn’t know the man’s name or what he looks like. When Ebisu finds a safe, the doll attacks them. Shin and Noi arrive. Shin punches the doll and takes the safe. However, the doll gets up and attacks with a stake. Impatient, Shin destroys the doll with a punch in to the chest. Shin disintegrates the safe revealing the head of a man. Noi using her healing is able to restore it. It turns out that it’s the man inside Kaiman’s mouths head.

In episode 4 of Dorohedoro, the En family attends a corpse party.
It’s a corpse party

Please Attend the Dance in Formal Attire

Noi, Shin and En arrive at a “party.” En gives the nose plugs. Inside, is a party with a corpse hanging from the ceiling. While Shin and Noi eat, En explains that a sorcerer that can revive the dead will soon arrive. A cross-eyed man notices Ebisu who has been to the party before. The woman reveals that theirs a “Devil Tumor” inside a sorcerer. She revives one and it returns to the brain of the corpse resurrecting it. En is pleased. He reveals that the woman will be his “partner.” He orders Shin and Noi to murder the woman partner.

Meanwhile, Ebisu follows a talking balloon. The cross-eyed man offers her some black powder in a drink. She reacts badly and kills the man. Elsewhere, Shin and Noi encounter the male partner. He attacks them after ingesting black powder. His power creates acid. Shin is excited to finally be able to use the combination with Noi. He attacks head-on and the man melts Shin’s arm. However, Noi uses her magic to restore it. Shin kills the man. When En is holding the woman he becomes enraged when he sees that she’s used black powder. He kills her. However, a weird creature escapes from under her dress. En takes it in and names it Kikurage.

The devil tumor

The years come and go in Hole

In Hole, Kaiman and Nikaido head to a Doctor that’s an expert in sorcerers. When they arrive there’s no response and the door is open. Inside the lab, they find a number of dissected corpses of sorcerers. Dr. Kasukabe was used as an experiment by a sorcerer and turned into a child. He looks young but is actually sixty. He shows them a door made out of the remains of sorcerers that leads to the sorcerer’s world.

This episode is a little more grotesque than previous episodes. That’s not offensive to me (but I could have done without pooper scooper.) This series in interesting which characters it focuses on. The En family was the majority of this episode. It’s not clear which side is actually “good” or “evil.” Or at least it’s not so obvious. En is cruel but so is Dr. Kasukabe. Our bias are in favor of Nikadio and Kaiman. However, there’s friendship on both sides (Shina/Noi and Nikaido/Kaiman), as well as humor. There’s violence on both sides. However, there’s one mystery that connects everyone. Who is Kaiman and who is the man inside his mouth.

Dorohedoro episode 3 recap and review

Dorohedoro Episode 3 Recap and Review

Dorohedoro episode 3, The Night of The Living Dead, begins with Kaiman, Nikaido and Dr. Vaux prepare for the event. Elsewhere, En demands that Shin and Noi heal the still faceless Ebisu. Noi restores her face and fingers. Shin is eager to get the mission started. He summons his door and leave with Noi. Meanwhile, in the cemetery, Kaiman and Nikaido look for prizes that they may want. Nikaido shows interest in a food mill that will help her make gyozas. When midnight strikes all the dead reanimate and attack the citizens. Kaiman and Nikaido attack the zombies with weapons, then the monks spray salt on them. Shin, Noi, Ebisu and Fujita arrive. They’re immediately attacked by zombies. Kaiman and Nikaido continue to collect the plates from the bodies of the zombies. Dr. Vaux gets separated from them. He’s surprised by a zombie and gets cornered.

Shin and Noi preparing to go to Hole in episode 3 of Dorohedoro.
Shin and Noi preparing to go to Hole

Kaiman and Nikaido vs Shin and Noi

In the shopping centre, Kaiman and Nikaido are eating noodles. The En Family appear. Nikaido warns Kaiman that Shin and Noi are “cleaners,” and he needs to be more careful. However, he doesn’t think he needs to worry as “magic doesn’t work on him.” Noi approaches Nikaido, claiming that she doesn’t want to be too rough with a woman. Nikaido responds by kicking her in the stomach. She staggers. Impressed, Noi reveals that she “shook up her internal organs.” She then spits out lots of blood, alarming Nikaido. They have a brief scuffle, but Noi best Nikaido, knocking her toward Kaiman. Enraged at Nikaido being injured, Kaiman attacks Shin in a fury. His knife get broken by Shin, then he’s hit in the head with the back end of a hammer. After Shin removes his hammer, blood squirts out of Kaiman’s head. He collapses.

As it starts to rain, Shin (assuming Kaiman’s dead) wants to leave. Surprisingly, Kaiman is still alive and he stabs Shin through the chest and eats his head. The man inside his states that he’s not the one. When Shin recovers, he decapitates Kaiman with his hammer. However, Nikaido recovers and shockingly uses her magic and conjures a door. She escapes with Kaiman. Dr. Vaux finds them unconscious in an alley. Kaiman’s head grows back and Dr. Vaux informs him that Nikaido is a sorcerer. Back at the Hungry Bug, Nikaido assumes that her friendship with Kaiman is now over. Kaiman brings the food mill to Nikaido and asks for some gyozas.

What’s in the head

Dr. Vaux brings Kaiman’s head in a jar, hoping to do some experiments on it. Meanwhile, Noi is tasked with curing Ebisu who’s now a zombie. Nikaido tells Kaiman that when they meet she was a cleaner, she found Kaiman headless body. She thought that he was dead. Kaiman decides that it’s time to dissect his head. Dr. Vaux cuts into it, removing the brain, as Nikaido records. When they try to open the mouth the power goes out. As they go to investigate, a strange man shroud in darkness, appears to leave with the head. They review the footage from the camera but the video is still too dark. Kaiman and Nikaido return to Hungry Bug to eat gyozas, like nothing happened.

I’m not sure what this episode was going for with all the transitions, but I found it a little annoying. It only really added suspense when Dr. Vaux was cornered by the zombie. He’s not the most important character, so I did think he might die. The Ebisu being a zombie was played for laughs but I just didn’t land with me. The revelation that Shin was from the Hole and Nikaido was a cleaner where unexpected. I was surprised how quickly the series resolved whether Kaiman would have a bad reaction to Nikaido being a sorcerer. I’m relieved that he didn’t care. The mystery regarding the head of Kaiman is homecoming more intriguing. I would guess that the man inside his head simply walked out with it. Question remain whether he’s a sentient man or a spells creation that is tasked with protecting some secret.

Dorohedoro Episode 2 Review

Dorohedoro Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2 of Dorohedoro, In the Bag, focuses on the “cleaners” revealed at the end of the first episode. Shin wears a mask that resembles a human heart. He also wears it backwards, so the mouth is on the back of his head. Underneath the mask, he’s white guy with blond hair, blue eyes that wears glasses. He has stitches that run along his arms and hands. His loves to kill with a hammer. His magic allows him to “cut people up without killing them.” His partner is Noi, wears a blue gimp mask. She is often mistaken for a man due to her large size. However, underneath the mask is a beautiful white haired woman. Her magic allows her to heal.

It’s in the bag

While at work, Kaiman is told to by his boss Vaux to “incinerate a bag.” That bag starts moving. Inside is a sorcerer that was “killed” by Shin, put in a bag and dumped in the Hole. The moment is quite creepy as we are unaware what the guy in the bag looks like. Regardless, the sorcerer begs for Kaiman to kill him. He does by tossing the bag into the incinerator. Despite his hatred for sorcerers, Kaiman feels badly for killing this sorcerer. Meanwhile, Shin and Noi are returning with the body of the leader of the Crosseyes. In her excitement, Noi raises her arms causing the bag to burst. The head of the leader rolls out scream and blood is splashed everywhere. This series has a weird dark sense of humor that I like. Earlier, Shin and Noi bantered over not being able to find his favorite bag brand. The mess Noi accidentally makes is the result of using a cheaper brand.

Eat Quietly During Meals

En talks on the phone with a restaurant, getting reservations while he interrogates the leader of the Crosseyes. Hanging from the ceiling the leader refuses to answer En’s question, responding that so “many people want to kill him.” En decides to turn him into food. En’s magic allows him to turn anything into mushrooms. Elsewhere, Ebisu and Fujita head to a clothing store to look for formal wear. Now disfigured and seemingly mentally deficient, Ebisu cannot talk or dress herself. Fujita has to help her. However, the dress is a self-assembled puzzle that he fails to complete, leaving Ebisu’s breast exposed. The moment is played more for laughs than fanservice, as her breast a so small they’re barely noticeable.

The conversation at the dinner centers on the fact that Shin and Noi are tasked with killing Kaiman and Nikaido. During the dinner, Aitake and Maitake enter to perform a show. They turn into Kaiman and Nikaido. They are actually hit-men and try to kill En. He turns them into mushrooms and orders the waiter to take them into the kitchen. When Noi and Shin releases that they were eating former people the are disgusted.

My Neighbor the Sorcerer

Nikaido and Kaiman ride motorcycles to Migimaru-Hole in search of the “the acupuncturists.” The run into a clerk with and incest head and a gross tendency to spit. He was a victim of a sorcerer’s experiment years ago. He tells them where they can find the acupuncturists, who has the ability to change peoples faces. Of course this doesn’t work on Kaiman because he’s immune to magic. He does leave Nikaido with a ominous fortune, she will “have trouble because of a heart.” This is obviously talking about Shin. Who along with Noi arrives in the Hole.

Dorohedoro Episode 1 Recap & Review

Kaiman and Matsumura in Episode 1 of Dorohedoro
Kaiman and Matsumura in Episode 1 of Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is an anime adaptation of a manga series created by Q Hayashida. The story follows Kaiman, an man with a lizard head, as he tries to find the one magic user that cursed him. Kaiman also has amnesia making his search even more difficult. Episode 1 of Dorohedoro opens inside the mouth of Kaiman. There’s someone inside of Kaiman’s mouth. He looks at Matsumura and determines that “he’s not the one.” Once outside his mouth, Kaiman asks Matsumura “what did the guy inside say to you?” When he repeats what was said, Kaiman concludes that “he’s no longer needed,” and slicing him into pieces. In his last act, Matsumura uses magic to create a door to save his comrade.

The hole and the World of sorcerers

The two criminals in the previous scene were “sorcerers.” They use magic to conjure doors that connect their world to the town called “Hole.” A ghetto, with a lot of powerless people, the sorcerers use the citizens of the Hole as lab rat’s of sorts. Kaiman’s part time job at a hospital exposes the horrors that these experiments can render. Several patient’s have had parts of their bodies turn into insect parts. The partial transformation causes them to bleed and spasm. Elsewhere, Nikaido returns to her dinner. A hot spot for sorcerers, the area where it’s located is sparsely populated. She encounters the unnamed sorcerer outside. While feeding him she comments on the “shitty magic” that he was using (unaware that it’s him). He attacks her while her backs turned.

Kaiman still living a normal life

Kaiman is a new threat

For whatever reason, Kaiman is immune to magic. Suspected to be due to the curse placed on him, this makes him a major threat to sorcerers. He and Nikaido have killed several sorcerers. This has resulted in the head Sorcerer, En, banning sorcerers form entering Hole. Lucky for Nikaido, when a sorcerer is killed their magic is dispersed. This also sets up a simple goal for Kaiman and Nikaido. If they want to reverse the curse, kill all the sorcerers. Dorohedoro doesn’t appear to complicate it’s morality until the introduction of Ebisu. At first she appears as a menacing, wearing a skull mask. However, when it gets ripped off, the fear on he face suggests that she somewhat innocent.

In a struggle between Kaiman and Fujita, he face gets ripped off. What effect this has on her and how she feels about Kaiman remains to be seen. However, I would imagine she would hate the man that tore her face off. We are introduced to two “cleaners,” Shin and Noi as they kill people in Hole. Dorohedoro is a series that is best described as quirky. This can only be a good thing. It can be difficult to stand out in this industry, but Dorohedoro has managed at least that. Kaiman is a perfect protagonist for this series, as he’s also a bit quirky. Brutal when interacting with sorcerers, he also has a childish side. The animation from MAPPA isn’t particularly revolutionary. However, the CG wasn’t overused or terribly rendered. The storytelling and plot might be too weird for some but the first episode of Dorohedoro has me captivated. I’m in.