Dorohedoro Episode 9 Recap and Review

In episode 9 of Dorohedoro Noi and Shin are eating a meal together
Noi (left) and Shin (right) eating a meal together

Hate at first sight

Dorohedoro episode 9 begins by telling us the story of how Shin and Noi became friends. The last episode left us with this big question. It answers it quickly. En tells Fujita the story. En opened a very successful Noodle Soup Franchise called “Flower Smoke.” Noi was the bouncer there. One day a theft (Shin) dine and dashed. Noi gave chase. After noticing Shin’s rotting arms she heals them. Shin hits her with a hammer and escapes. However, he says that he will repay her someday. Shin eventually gets hired as a hitman by En. During all of this Noi is training to become a devil. The final stage of the training is to stop using magic for a year until Blue Night. She manages to make it within three days.

However, they’re attacked by two magic users. They destroy the shop, intending on capturing Shin and Noi for Blue Night. Shin and Noi fight them with the later crushing the head of Baku with a huge boulder. It’s this magic user that manages to get one last shot off. Aimed at Noi, Shin takes the explosive shot. His body is maimed. Noi heals him violating her training. Noi and Shin become partners during the Blue Night.

Kaiman gutting Baku

The Wonderful Meat Pie

Yaku seals Shin in a body bag as the later is asleep. Meanwhile, Kaiman chases the guy that hit him over the head. President Tanba catches Kaiman and berates him for leaving the shop. He’s fired. Fukuyama arrives and asks Kaiman “why are you here?” Kaiman vaguely responds that he’s “looking for someone.” He asks Fukuyama if he “found a partner?” Fukuyama hasn’t had any luck. Kaiman asks him about his magic. Fukuyama’s magic is for food creation. Kaiman is excited and asks for some food. This exchange suggests that Kaiman may have softened on his prejudice towards magic users. That said, I instantly assumed that Fukuyama was going to get killed.

Baku and Yaku meet up. Yaku is carrying Shin and Baku confirms that he has Noi. Yaku knocks Kaiman’s “precious gyoza” to the ground. He threatens to kill both Yaku and Baku. Witnessing Baku attacking Kaiman, Tanba attacks them. Grabbing a knife, Kaiman cuts Baku’s arm and then guts him. Baku explodes. Yaku tries to attack Kaiman from the behind. Fukuyama uses his magic and turns Yaku into a giant pie. Elsewhere, Risu searches for more magic smoke. He finds Noi’s body in a locker. Still alive she emits her magic smoke, healing herself and restoring Risu’s body.

The mushroom monster that escape from the back of Nikaido

Blue Night Day 2

Risu finds a disguise and searches for Aikawa. Kaiman and Risu walk right past each other. Fujita continues to be humiliated. His potential partner didn’t show. He was left waiting in the same spot for two days. Anyway, Noi arrives looking for Shin with En’s dog Gura-Gura. The find the “pie,” that Ebisu and Gura-Gura start eating and Noi sits on the body bag that Shin is in. She is happy to find Shin and the head to sign the contracts. Fujita admits that he sent one of the two applications that he received. Turns out that the other one was sent by Ebisu. This “twist” was obvious, but I was happy to see Fujita get a partner.

En learns that Nikaido is the killer of the shopkeeper and she has time magic. He creates a doll of her and puts a small mushroom inside it. Back at the Hole, Nikaido and the others are having a birthday party for Vaux. Dr. Kauskabe reveals to Nikaido that they know she’s a sorcerer. Suddenly, a mushroom monster sprouts out of Nikaido’s back. En can see through its eyes. Nikaido is in danger but she’s not going to be killed. En wants her magic. The question is how is he going to get it? He would probably have to take it from her, as she definitely won’t work for him. Dorohedoro continues to impress. I really liked how they solve Risu’s mechanical body limitation and Noi begin trapped in a locker at the same time. It was well done.

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