Dorohedoro Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2 of Dorohedoro, In the Bag, focuses on the “cleaners” revealed at the end of the first episode. Shin wears a mask that resembles a human heart. He also wears it backwards, so the mouth is on the back of his head. Underneath the mask, he’s white guy with blond hair, blue eyes that wears glasses. He has stitches that run along his arms and hands. His loves to kill with a hammer. His magic allows him to “cut people up without killing them.” His partner is Noi, wears a blue gimp mask. She is often mistaken for a man due to her large size. However, underneath the mask is a beautiful white haired woman. Her magic allows her to heal.

It’s in the bag

While at work, Kaiman is told to by his boss Vaux to “incinerate a bag.” That bag starts moving. Inside is a sorcerer that was “killed” by Shin, put in a bag and dumped in the Hole. The moment is quite creepy as we are unaware what the guy in the bag looks like. Regardless, the sorcerer begs for Kaiman to kill him. He does by tossing the bag into the incinerator. Despite his hatred for sorcerers, Kaiman feels badly for killing this sorcerer. Meanwhile, Shin and Noi are returning with the body of the leader of the Crosseyes. In her excitement, Noi raises her arms causing the bag to burst. The head of the leader rolls out scream and blood is splashed everywhere. This series has a weird dark sense of humor that I like. Earlier, Shin and Noi bantered over not being able to find his favorite bag brand. The mess Noi accidentally makes is the result of using a cheaper brand.

Eat Quietly During Meals

En talks on the phone with a restaurant, getting reservations while he interrogates the leader of the Crosseyes. Hanging from the ceiling the leader refuses to answer En’s question, responding that so “many people want to kill him.” En decides to turn him into food. En’s magic allows him to turn anything into mushrooms. Elsewhere, Ebisu and Fujita head to a clothing store to look for formal wear. Now disfigured and seemingly mentally deficient, Ebisu cannot talk or dress herself. Fujita has to help her. However, the dress is a self-assembled puzzle that he fails to complete, leaving Ebisu’s breast exposed. The moment is played more for laughs than fanservice, as her breast a so small they’re barely noticeable.

The conversation at the dinner centers on the fact that Shin and Noi are tasked with killing Kaiman and Nikaido. During the dinner, Aitake and Maitake enter to perform a show. They turn into Kaiman and Nikaido. They are actually hit-men and try to kill En. He turns them into mushrooms and orders the waiter to take them into the kitchen. When Noi and Shin releases that they were eating former people the are disgusted.

My Neighbor the Sorcerer

Nikaido and Kaiman ride motorcycles to Migimaru-Hole in search of the “the acupuncturists.” The run into a clerk with and incest head and a gross tendency to spit. He was a victim of a sorcerer’s experiment years ago. He tells them where they can find the acupuncturists, who has the ability to change peoples faces. Of course this doesn’t work on Kaiman because he’s immune to magic. He does leave Nikaido with a ominous fortune, she will “have trouble because of a heart.” This is obviously talking about Shin. Who along with Noi arrives in the Hole.

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