My Hero Academia Season 4 – Episode 17: Recap and Review

The children of Masegaki Municipal Elementary School attack Katsuki, Inasa, Shoto, and Camie. Bakugo dodges the binging ball from Tamashiro. There are attacked by a variety of Quirk’s. Present Mic notes that he couldn’t produce the same “kind of power,” that the children can. Seiji suggests that the reason for their power is possibly due to the “Quirk Singularity.” The hypothesis suggests that over the years Quirks gets stronger as the merge and become more complicated as new generations are born. He believes that Quirks can “become too hard to control.” I think the theory is reasonable but doesn’t include what the Quirk user chooses to do with them. If Quirks get so powerful that they have negative effects on a planetary scale that would be a problem.

The “leader” of the students realizes that his classmates are trouble. He believes that they are better than adults. Inasa, Shoto, and Camie use their powers together to create a playground for the kids. Showing how much skill they have with their Quirks but not using them against the kids, they are able to finally win the kids over.

Yuga Aoyama’s support

As I’ve mentioned before, My Hero Academia has a large list of characters to balance. Yuga Aoyama is one of the students that gets the least attention. His Quirk isn’t the most effective, at least for combat. He often uses for comic relief but is usually outshined by Mineta. In this episode, he sets his sights on Izuku. He acts weirdly. At one point glaring at Izuku through his window while he slept. He then leaves a message staying “I know.” Understandably, Midoriya is freaked out. However, the following day they are able to have a conversation. Yuga explains that he’s aware that Midoriya’s Quirk isn’t suited to his body.

He reveals that he too has a Quirk that’s not suited to his body. Yuga must wear his belt at all times to prevent his powers from leaking out. They have a heart to heart. Izuku is happy that Yuga wanted to encourage him and they become friends. While this moment is touching it doesn’t make sense. The secret Izuku has is that he is in possession of All Might’s Quirk. The damage that does to him is well documented and can’t possibly have been a secret. Furthermore, Yuga’s Quirk’s side effect wasn’t a secret either. This undermines the moment. It would have made more sense for Yuga to focus on how his Quirks limitations make him feel.

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