Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 12

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 12 ends the village arc, as Faputa gets revenge for her mother and completes her purpose. Faputa lets out a powerful scream resulting in Juroimoh appearing next to her. Faputa commands Juroimoh to “drive” the wild creatures away. In a flashback, we see when Faputa meet Gaburoon, when she invaded Rika’s, Reg’s, and Nanachi’s campsite, and stole Prushka from Rika. She notes that “Rika has a weird soul,” and wonders where she got it. In the present, Rika awakens to see Maaa and the other Narehate. She’s happy to see Nanachi and Reg are with her. Moogie tells her that they have resign themselves to their fate.

They encounter Wazukyan. Dying, the Sage asks Rika if “she’s glad she came.” Rika lights up, telling him that she never could have imagined the village and all the Narehate she’s meet. This scene reminds us that Rika’s goal is to experience new this and she remains as excited as ever. I wonder if she’ll ever lose that enthusiasm in the future. Made in Abyss is a harsh series and I’m certain Rika and the others will suffer more in the future. Nanachi asks Wazukyan what his goal was and he responds that “they wanted to become something beyond human.” He says in order to explore the Abyss one must “surpass being human.” He encourages them to “realize their dreams,” and withers away.

Faputa completes her purpose

Faputa screams again. Calling the other Narehate to come to her. Meanwhile, Vueko begins to lose her humanity as the boundary begins to vanish. It’s a gruesome scene as her skin starts to melt away and she starts to turn into a hollow. She collapse in a pool of blood but she’s rescued by Pakkoyan who disappears due to the curse. Nanachi finds Vueko. As Faputa prepares to reengage in battle, Reg appears. He apologizes to her and tells her to go talk to the Narehate. With the help of Rika and her White Whistle, Reg powers up and fight two Turbinid-Dragons himself.

Faputa confronts the remaining Narehate. She tells them she won’t forgive but she will give them all “roles to play.” She begins to destroy the village. While doing so she tells Maaa and Majikaja to take the trio outside the village. As she falls Reg rescues her. Rika gives Maaa an unfinished doll and Majikaja breaks down. Unable to move Majikaja feeds itself to a passed out Faputa. Sadly Maaa disappears as the trio get outside the village and Vueko dies. Faputa gives her a proper burial. Reg asks Faputa to join them, she says “she think about it.” Personally I hope she joins, she’s pretty cool, and the team could use her power. I’m sad to see Maaa go but glad it didn’t ripped to pieces, and got to “die” peacefully. Made in Abyss continues to be an interesting, heartbreaking and depressing series. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for the next season.

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